• Gman
    it's trapped for sure both in and with other particles, so the larger ones the water traps can contains enough THC to notice. This test has been done more than once, so I'll take their word for it.
  • Gman
    It also doesn't have to be water soluble to be trapped by water or I wouldn't be able to enjoy all the great bubble I post here so often :)
  • Baron23
    Like I said...suspension, not in solution. I don't think we are disagreeing here.

  • ChlorophyllMan
    Did you get to examine it more closely, or was it too disgusting to approach?
    Hey, seeing as you are our vaping guinea pig, why not revape it and see?! :vomit:
  • Gman
    many, many many people have captured this reclaim in the past to make oil from. It's fairly common and can be very potent.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    it doesn't have the translucent look of regular reclaim though?
  • Gman
    reclaim chunks up like that often, it normally clings to the glass at corners etc. The color is dependent on the material and how to heated it.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I getcha, the image made it look more fibrous than perhaps it actually was.
  • BobCat
    Just break some glass or throw some water around and tell us about it. To the other friendly members, I don't use water at all.
    1) I smoked cigs for a few decades so my throat is made of adamantium. (lungs like flower petals)
    3) For me vaping is such low temps compared to combustion, the cooling of water is negligible
    2) I get the Gold medal in breaking glass. Bud wins Silver. Two glass stems in 2 sessions last week.
    3) my wife is a severe asthmatic, and vapor irritates her so I exclusively vape outside.
    4) Lastly, my job is data analysis. I am dubious of most mj studies. The sample data sets, particularly in relation to the variables and outliers, are simply too small. I do put some stock in Israeli studies- they've been doing research since the 70s.
    5) Certain aspects are self-evident. i.e. @Baron23 noting THC is not water soluble.
  • Gman
    it does not have to be water soluble to be trapped and suspended in water. I know people that make a living on this principal.

    You also don't trust a person's analysis based on their location? wow ok. I've been a data analyst in the past, and you don't need large data sets to find viable extrapolations. The fact that they found ANY should be sufficient, but they found quantifiable amounts.
  • welshman
    Okay so,

    Personally I use water when theres a lot of hot air moving through the device quickly i.e... FlowerPot or Evo otherwise stay dry for flavour chasing.

    Reasons Water could be useful:
    - Less likely to have a dry throat cough. Essentially water would raise the humidity of the vapour as it basically the same process mucus does to equal the humidity of the lungs, therefore possibly less dry throat and related cough, thus potentially bigger hits with less irritation. YMMV
    - Means you could go higher temp on some units. Higher temp technically (in the volcano study) faster extraction of THC (and possibly others, can't remember what else they tested for) if that what you are aiming for (at a possible loss of flavour).

    Reasons not to:
    - Less flavour. THC and most other (maybe all I cba to look and we probably don't even know yet) cannabinoids aren't water soluble but terpenes can be at various temps and pressures, hence less of flavour and I would imagine to some extent less entourage effect. Interestingly (and pinch of salt and all that this is a reddit link) some terpenes would appear to be more likely to form a solution in water than others, meaning some flavours could potentially be lost more than others:
    - A very small amount of cannabinoids could get trapped in the water through something sciency to do with surface tension (one too many FP WA dabs to make that a coherent thought this eve). Same reason you want lots of diffusion for combusting bongs to remove as much plant tars and bad things you would technically want the least diffusion/percolation etc with vaping to minimise whatever science is occuring.
    - It gets dirty and smells and although relatively easy is still a PITA to clean. Although I've had some success with an ultrasonic cleaner, its risky on cheap badly made glass.
  • BobCat
    I'm in accord with you:

    ↪Gman Like I said...suspension, not in solution. I don't think we are disagreeing here.Baron23

    You also don't trust a person's analysis based on their location? wow ok. I've been a data analyst in the past, and you don't need large data sets to find viable extrapolations.Gman

    Location is irrelevant. I'm more inclined to trust the largest amounts of controlled data. It just happens to be Israel in this case- IMO. I prefer large data sets. Remember the U.S. FDA used to only use men in testing- fatal error, literally. Remember sugar was bad so then saccharine- oops carcinogenic. Then Nutrasweet- oops carcinogenic.

    I started with SQL predicates, queries, etc. Currently, I primarily use Salesforce. If you are comfortable with less data and extrapolating that is cool.

    I'm not here to be difficult nor to stray from the thread. I'm done with this topic. Wishing you the best. ✌✌✌
  • Gman
    So has Israel produced any conflicting data to our argument you can share with us? Or are you just telling us you wont' "read" any study not done by them?

    And I started data and numerical analysis in fortran on a vax coding bucket chains, heh. If the data is there, no reason not to use it.

    Unless someone purposely changed the data, if they detected THC there, then it was likely there. How it got there is debatable. But I doubt it took it from the sides of the glass because if it's stuck there, you would require a solvent stronger than water. SO the likely conclusion is it being trapped along side other compounds in the water.
  • jcrewl
    That glob of stuff is most likely kief condensed from the water thats bypassed the screen. This would happen with our without water, so I wouldnt say those globs being there are wasted THC. That said, even with water in my bubblers, I still see some particles ending up close to the mouth piece, so I dont know how much better water does at filtering particles than no water, guess it depends on the particular glass piece.

    I just use water cause I do notice a difference in vapor heat on my throat and lungs-- I definitely cough less, and coughing too much really irritates my lungs. The negligible effects of wasted THC isnt worth going dry for me when it comes to health. To each their own of course!

    Btw for those who want to use water but cant stand how often you have to clean it, I highly recommend getting a modular glass piece where you can take out the percs, such as the FC-MOD. This thing is so easy to clean, I love it! Hovers around ~$50 on DHGate.
  • juxt
    Do you guys use dropdowns and/or ashcatchers? I find those help, water or not.

    I also switched to piece water, it actually keeps the glass clean AF for days of heavy use on this end. Love it, just don't want it in my mouth all the time (mineral taste) so I only use it in the reclaimer or a big piece.

    *EDIT - I noticed Bud did not use a dropdown in the live session, but apparently he breaks glass?!?
  • Lucic and Chong
    Right now I have a nasty cold and the only way that I can vape is though warm water, too harsh for me otherwise.

    I've never used any of those fancy waters or cleaners. Just good old fashioned tap water and regular cleaning with iso keeps mine nice and shiny clean. I just keep a bottle by my sink and give it a quick iso rinse every time I change the water, which is usually 2 days of use. I'll reuse that same iso for quite a bit too.
  • Lucic and Chong
    But back on topic, I like both. I tend to gravitate towards water more, but I've also been gaining more of an appreciation for dry bong vaping lately too. Just like with my herb and my vapes, I need variety.
  • Futurevapors
    After a few sessions on the OG there's loads of small particles in the mouthpiece and on the stainless steel ring on the inside chamber, I will finger wipe and eat the dry stuff inside the chamber but the stuff inside the mouthpiece never as it's taste rank, the moisture and time makes it rank i think. As for getting bits in your throat? I think that's just small Cannabis particles going through the Screen but that's just like eating AVB so no issue there.

    I'm struggling to understand why you would even use a bong dry? isn't the dry bong just stealing some of the Vapour by there being more glass for the vapour to stick to and when people say they get bigger hits, isn't it possible to get the same size hits with just a mouthpiece if you just keep inhaling vapour.

    can someone invent some kind of liquid that make glass repel Vapour.

    Since making the change over to vaping from smoking tobacco splifs i've noticed all the benefits of vapour, BUT there's one thing i have noticed and that's having a kind of waxy substance in my nose the next day and sometimes a blocked nose, might just be me? does anyone else find Vapour to have any negative side effect and if so is there anything you use to combat that.
    I love vaping and would NEVER go back to smoking ANYthing, maybe the odd blunt if someone else build it haha.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    hey man, using a bubbler dry still gives the vapour a chance to cool. It also, for me and others, provides a significantly more flavourful hit.
    I never could understand using them dry either, until I tried it and compared it with wet.
  • f0Nz
    After seeing Bud vaping through a dry glass piece i tried it myself. I really like watertools so i still prefer this method but i have a small rig without water now too. Always ready for a few smaller tasty hits.
    I don't think it gets rid of odor. Maybe it's better without water but it still feels and smells used and 'dirty'.

    It was kind of funny how Bud did this with Hydrabase (R.I.P) + Hydratube, 400$+ with fancy double percolator. Some people would kill for a setup like this and he is using it dry like the standard Evo mouthpiece :lol:

    @Futurevapors "can someone invent some kind of liquid that make glass repel Vapour."
    There is 'piece water' supposed to work like that. Don't know how good it is or if it's just expensive water. @juxt mentioned it also a few posts earlier.
    From my bong/combustion days i learned the trick with a few drops oil (what you have in the kitchen) in the water to keep the glass clean. But then you have it all oily. Not a big fan.
  • Futurevapors
    Just to explain why i like clear mouthpiece, With Butane Vaping I mostly us my mouthpiece as an indicator to make sure i'm on the sweet stop throughout the ride. clear= drawing too fast, steady vapour= in the sweet spot, thick white= she going to blow.
  • Futurevapors
    yeah the time I get nice flavour hits is when i'm riding low temp, maybe low temp means more flavour.
  • Robo7676
    I’m vaping with the ELEV8R through a dry glass rig...smacks the shit out of you... thanks bud.
  • Karec
    Yet the longer glass path created by a dry water piece can be beneficial where vaper heat is an issue.Vapeacake

    I find this explanation to be the most accurate for me too. Water takes away harshness and flavour, i use both water and dry and i like both. Vapor heat for me is the problem when i use the standard MP on the EVO but its a straight path from the bowl to the mouth if i use the Hydra dry i dont have the need to put water inside the flavour will be more earthy and strong. Still like to use both ways
    cheers peeps
  • Futurevapors
    Do you think the heat from the EVO is because there's no air flowing through? What I mean by that is using the SBL OG i'm inhaling air that has been heated and the vapour isn't hot at all? But looking that the EVO i looks there would be more heated vapour coming out as there's no air intake or small intake? hope that makes sense.
  • Karec
    hope that makes senseFuturevapors
    sorry mate not at all :lol: :rofl: :lol: but maybe thats just me... the air coming out of the EVO is hot and if the path is longer u won't feel that, if i use the standard mouthpiece the path is really small and wide due to the design so yes i feel the air hot but with a whip or a hydro tube like the lynx or hydra i dont (with or without water), the path is longer so the air arrives cooler :up:

    Do you think the heat from the EVO is because there's no air flowing through?Futurevapors

    i got lost here, the EVO is really straight forward vape, a glass stem heated with a coil wrapped around it, one way in and one way out thru the basket up the MP and :sparkle: :party: :sparkle: thats is the only airflow on the EVO, there is no additional airflow happening unless the stem is broken...

    i just think we are lost in translation mate :lol: :rofl: :lol:
  • Futurevapors
    Don't worry mate, i have a knack of confusing people hahaha.

    So what i'm trying to say is this. My SBL JR has a very small path BUT that vapour is never hot so it's not really the path causing the heat? and i think this is because there's fresh air coming through the intake witch is being heated by butane.

    Where with your EVO it's heating up inside the unit by an element and when you inhale the intake of fresh air isn't as much as with an OG or JR? thus causing hot vapour.
  • Karec
    i dont know that device mate and its a butane vape so yes you have a kind of a mix of hot and some additional fresh air going in, but with the EVO the heater/coil is inside the device so yes definitely will get hotter than a butane vape because the heating element of a butane vape is The torch away from the vape so in this case we cannot compare the size of the air paths and cooling effects.... on the other hand u will get burned if you touch the torch i won't with the evo...i think now its me confusing people :lol: :rofl: :lol:

    There are electric vapes with additional air intake like the vivant alternate that you can tweak to your preference... now this vivant vape you can call additional air intake. :up:

  • Summer
    I read through this very interesting thread & got to ponder what everyone had to say. But, in the end, I still agree with Bud, that gook in his pic is gross. It's like the coagulated globs that rise to the top of the broth when you boiling meat with bones..
  • kpx420
    I was considering that Hydrabase + Hydratube setup for FP.. Any thoughts? its not expensive you can get it here
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