• Vaporxi
    I’m having trouble picking the right vaporizer, for my daily use, I’m trying to have a vape that is discreet and minimal smell, planning to bring it everywhere. I’ve looked into the mighty but noticed that’s its a session vape so I will NEED to finish the chamber :(. I see a lot of on demand portable vapes, but they are not pocketable and that is a must. The closest I’ve seen is the ghost or should I wait for something better?
  • Smokin60
    PAX 3 BASIC ! Not the best of vapes but probably ideal for your needs.........NOT PAX 1,2,or 3 the most recent and upgraded is the PAX 3 BASIC ........The Ghost is undeniable a better experience....but takes a bit more effort to get to it's potential which is wonderful
  • Namekian
    If they fix their problems a Grasshopper would be perfect for you. :)
  • Gergin
    Airvape X. Comes with a case. (No smell) Shorter than phone, slim as half a deck of cards.
  • Russ
    Moving out of an Illegal state (WI) a few years ago, I can suggest these point of views.

    1. If you get caught with the vape, even empty, they will nail your ass for possession.They will look for any residue. Including smell! So, consider something you can tossing out a window to avoid that.

    2. Size and LEDs. Make sure its small enough to be covered by your hand while in use. Try to avoid flashy lights and bright/reflective surfaces.

    3. Smell. Not really sure how to get past this one other than heavily flavored concentrates. I have had some that smelled anything BUT herb.

    Hope some of that isnt too obvious LOL!
  • Vaporxi
    so what do you recommend
  • Vaporxi
    heard the pax 3 smells a lot even when heating also it’s conduction, never that
  • Toked23
    Pax3 does have smell, not what I would call discrete by any means in any enclosed area. Only thing I’ve found that is pretty much full proof are the little cartridges... the least smelly vapes I’ve had are the mv1 and the firefly 2. Both are less smelly than the pax3. Mv1 and ff2 are so close I’m not sure which one honestly is least smelliest
  • Jack-vic
    Mabye wait for the Haze square.

  • Steelers
    Hey , if you considered the mighty for your situation, then you could do it using dosing caps. Prefill, holds about 4-6 hits.

    If the size of device isn't too much of a factor, the mv1 is great. If the led bothers you in dark, just put one of your fingers over it.

    If you want small, descrete size, arizer argo. If you're ok with butane, dynavap is also good- very much like a one hitter but will knock your sox off...
  • Vaporxi
    thank you but both mighty and MV1 Are not pocketable:( and Argo I don’t want to bring more bud on me for me to repack the stem
  • welshman

    Maybe you just need bigger pockets!

    Joking aside Mighty, mv1, air2 all fit in my pockets (although the airs the smallest it’s a bit risky with the glass stem). Otherwise the Argo or IQ are pretty much the only smaller options I can think of. Maybe the splinter when it’s ready
  • Russ

    I heard the davinci IQ is nice. There is also x max starry, xvape fog

    Troy over at 420vapezone on youtube seems to review some of the vapes that the vape critic hasnt gotten to yet.
  • LabPong
    Try the Fury2.....it is sort of in-between a session and instant on......because it heats so fast and turns off in 4 mins automatically if you don't. It holds a smaller load so you could effectively load a 1-5 hit bowl easily. Comes with a WPA and nice rubber top cover to eliminate smells. For the price....might be pretty darn useful for you. Super pocket-able and stealth.
  • BudsofWar
    for minimal smell it has to be on demand convection, all conduction vapes i've used are just dirty smelling horrible tasting things
  • SirCrackKillaH
    On demand.. yeah, mv1. All other vapes I used smell too much. My wifey is a bloodhound and I live in an illegal state. MV1 I can take step out, take a few pulls, step back in and pop it in either the case or drawstring bag I have for it and it doesn’t completely blow the room up. Even if it’s in my pocket after use, it doesn’t smell anywhere near what the other vapes smell like.

    I remember the mighty and firefly did that to me awhile back.. The Mighty I put in my pocket after a couple of pulls. I walked into our hotel room and because the ac was on, it blew the smell everywhere and my spot was immediately blown.
    Firefly did that to me too. Tossed in a pocket after a few pulls on a smoking deck and hopped aboard an elevator, blew the whole thing up.
  • Vaporxi
    so the mv1 is my best bet? I wish someone had the same case as me :(, soon ima be dorming
  • BudsofWar
    the new haze square is on demand convection at a very good price but I can't comment on its performance.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    hell man, you dorming? Shit, when I did that you know what I did? I had a bowl at the time that I would pop my thumb over to make airtight and kill the smoldering after each pull. I then made an airtight spoof.
    I took a two liter bottle and filled it with dryer sheets. I punched holes into the bottom of it and then duct taped two deflated contractor bags, those big heavy duty ones, to the bottom of it. Two litre bottle has a cap. So take a pull, cap the top of the bowl to kill the potential smoke or minimize it, uncap two litre bottle, blow into bottle, recap, repeat. The MV1 would be cleaner than a bowl and would probably smell a whole lot less if some vapor escaped.
    Haze square I think would probably work well for you too but I haven’t tried it yet to be able to comment. I think they are backordered till april
  • juxt
    SmokeBuddy and SmokeGhost also work well for me, regardless of what used. It it's good for 'smoke' it's good for 'vapor' ;)
  • Jet
    For discretion (and hard hits) I love a DynaVap. For all other occasions I love my Arizer Solo OG.

    You can get a DynaVap M for $50-60 and the Solo for $130-150. You'll get far more than your moneys worth with either and a great experience. Both are super easy to use and require minimal and easy maintenance.
  • BobCat
    Right on. I've made sploofs from activated carbon from the fish store (certain kitty litters will work too) It's cheap as hell and is every bit efficient as a Sploofy or Smoke Buddy.
  • Summer
    I suggest these to because of their size & good reviews:

    Healthy Rips Fury 2 & their soon to be released Fierce, the Haze Square (Bud has a great video on this), Dynavap vapcap, but only if you buy an induction heater for stealthness, unless, of course you're a whiz with a butane lighter, & the soon to be re-released Boundless Tera.

    The Haze Square & the Tera are on-demand, the vapcap is a hybrid (conduction/convection) & I don't know if the Fury & Fierce are considered on-demand or hybrid. I think on-demand.
  • Vaporxi
    thank you :) you know a thing about the Xmas fog? Or spirit
  • Summer

    Go to youtube & search spirit vaporizer & you'll see several vids., but vapescape uk (dazza78) is a great review.

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