• lazylathe
    +1 for water curing!!

    Just made my 2nd batch of coconut oil ABV with water cured ABV.
    The resulting oil was a nice green color instead of the putrid brown color of regular ABV.
    We made brownies last night with some oil and they are super potent! Slight weed taste still but 100% better than uncured ABV.

    This was my method this time:
    Fill large Mason jar with ABV and then water. Shake every few hours and change water when discolored. Change it at least 5 times or till the runoff is slightly yellow.
    Place in blender and make a smoothie out of it, you want it as fine as possible.
    Strain into cheesecloth and squeeze all the water out, you will be left with moist ABV powder.
    Place this in a crockpot saucepot and slowly add coconut oil till it is a light paste consistency.
    I leave it on for at least a week, stirring every few hours and turning it off over night.
    Once the week is done or I am tired of stirring it, I strain it through cheesecloth again and squeeze all the oil out using gloves. The oil should be a nice green color and smell fresh and slightly weedy!

    Freeze, fill capsules, eat or bake away with it!
    I always like to test out a dose of about 5 grams to see the effects!

    If you make brownies try and find a recipe that uses a 3/4 cup of oil.
    Either use the full amount of cannabis oil or split with butter. Also add some pecans for crunch!

    I will never not water cure my ABV before making oil! This is a must to get a good tasting end product!
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