• nickviper666999
    Hear me out - I do like the MV1 - don't get me wrong - the tech is absolutely amazing and works well once you get the right methods down (absurdly amazing flavors can be had here) - I feel for me, it's not right for my profile and how I use. I was dedicated to it and making sure this was going to be my "go to" for this year.. (as for what type of user am I? I am high all day using various methods - dabs, bongs, joints, edibles, distillates. etc..... I was Dx with RRMS in 2011. I use for pain, mood, everything.. life)

    Keep in mind - I think this vape would be a good choice for someone who can pack a crucible dispenser and just use randomly through the day for lighter effects.., and maybe have a hit or 2 here and there? Hmm..

    I sum this up to mainly these reasons:

    1. IT WORKS MORE LIKE AN SESSION VAPE IMHO - If your looking for a quick, HARD one hitter on a vape it's not here.... OK, it's here yes at level 5 max temp, with or without any added mods in some degree, but the issues lay in inconsistencies.. (bud moisture, ground correctly, packed lightly, etc.. . Also See #3.. So, if your looking for more of a session vape, that's more discreet - maybe this is for you? idk..

    2. STIRRING SUCKS. Period. Yes, if you get the temps EXACT and work with getting the battery prepped right - WITH your degree of bud/flower grind... - or do what Bud suggested - dab mesh crucible under the man crucible - You maybe will get a good strong one hit. Even that I am weary of since GHOST hasn't confirmed that is OK.

    But in the end, too many little parts don't work well with stoners.. parts drop, the crucibles burn your fingers, or, ya gotta wait for it to cool) sorting out un-vaped weed. (or stirring).. I have burnt and un-used shake/weed throughout the house, or in my pockets.. In general, I spent more time tinkering with the MV1 and getting frustrated then getting a simple, clean hit and moving on with my day..

    3. TIME. If your gonna use this daily and as a go-to, be prepared to prep/clean your crucibles like you would a food plan or packed lunches For me this was maybe 2-3 times a day.... (I have a large beaker with iso i drop them in after usage), cleaned, heat sink cleaned, everything cleaned, dried, inspected (have an old tooth brush ready for quick cleans).. THEN, grind (even if it's ground already and dried - make sure it's just rightly shredded - too fine and your screwed) packed proper, watch out for any too find grind falling through the bottom.. It's almost like this little machine that takes so much time out of your day away from your family and normal activities.. It consumed me..

    Now, IF you have the time for this, (maybe single person?) it would be a great vape.. The GHOST MV1 takes DEDICATION. Not sure how else to say it...

    4. It BURNS your hands and overheats once you get to the "sweet spot". (IMHO, the battery, and hit's come best from a full battery, and 2-4 crucibles in. ) See #6 too..

    5. DRAW TIMES - GET YOUR LUNGS prepared my friends - you better be on your game and focused with your breathing if you want the maximum power from this unit. Double hits on 220 are the best hitys imo.. Sure, you can get the smaller draws working well, but really, as with all vapes, get those lungs ready. I can't imagine a novice user making the 15 seconds time after time. These are just my opinions tho lol.. I have absurdly deep lungs and sometimes found it was just getting ridiculous. Again, my opinion..

    6. I CANNOT GET A "FULL/COMPLETE" HIGH. Before you start laughing (ya did right? lol) - I mean, in general for ME it's this way..

    By the time I am starting to hit these and getting the maximum clouds and effects, this thing literally is a buzz-kill with the burning on your hands.. I have tried everything.. I even open the heat-sink and DISMANTLE THE WHOLE THING (about 4 crucibles in) to let it cool... Just get's old for me.

    7. ON THE GO IS TOO MESSY. And, it is a bit heavy for a pants pocket.. I have cooked (and fresh) weed dust and speckles on desks, chairs, car dash, counters.. you name it.. I AM NOT a messy person ! :) .. Crucible parts are in pockets and dropping on the floors always.


    Like i said, flavor = amazing.. The clean high feeling is amazing. (never really got 'super high')..

    An great unit for what it is, but ultimately too many little parts, the 'time' factor and inconsistencies with heat, and getting too hot - make this a pass for me..
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @nickviper666999
    Really sorry to hear that you’ve decided to hand on your MV1 to someone else as it hasn’t worked out for you. You’ve been very clear on your reasons and we welcome the feedback even if the outcome isn’t the one we would have liked to see.

    I’d just like to pick up on your comment about the heat - the device shouldn’t have been getting hot enough to burn your hands and if it was I’m surprised you weren’t getting an overheat warning. I realise this isn’t your only reason for deciding to put the MV1 down but if you thought that if we addressed this you might give it another chance then drop me a PM and we can see what we can do to fix this particular issue.

  • nickviper666999
    Absolutely, well, what I do is get it to where I know it's about to overheat. I got to know it well.

    Hands down though, stellar technology regardless.. By far the best vape clouds and tastes I have gotten from a vape in my life. Just too time consuming for myself.. Cheers
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    Hey Nick, if you are looking for store credit, drop us a line and we can help you out.
  • cmwenner87
    I am also returning my Ghost MV-1. It connected to my phone via bluetooth no problem in the begging. I understand there is a slight learning curve, but its very inconsistant . Inconsistant with toke clouds after about 5 dayz the th ing didnt want to do anything...reloaded the app tried to connect again than didnt! Then it wouldnt heat up at all! After that it doesnt even want to turn on! Been trying to take the first step into returning it and have emailed them a few times with no solution on returning it. Sent them an email 2 days ago that they have not acknowledged getting upset!

    mod added @ghostvapesofficial @ghost-ops
  • nickviper666999
    I appreciate it.. I'll let you know. I do think I'll end up selling it. Thanks though for the efforts to resolve. :smile:
  • nickviper666999
    Mines probably well past return.. Had for like a month. Let me know??
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    Please send me a PM if you still need assistance!