• Jet
    I've recently moved to Washington DC Metro area and am interested in exploring concentrates a bit. I'm unable to get a straight answer regarding testing or any sort of controls for the flower, edibles or concentrates from the vendors here so I'm starting very slow. I'm from LA originally and get home fairly regularly and will have access to tested quality and clean products in a couple of weeks.

    I don't need to the "best" pen but still want a quality concentrate pen. I'm going between these two pens as Bud has given both excellent reviews. The Prism is his "top choice" currently and I think the Gravity was "top choice" at it's time of release a couple of year ago too.

    Is there significant difference between these two pens? I suspect it's likely just battery size/power and possibly bowl size but though I'd ask if anyone knew. Do you have experience with both - which do you prefer? Are the build materials different? Is one more solid (better built) than the other?

    I'm leaning toward the Gravity just based on cost alone but can manage another $30 for the Prism is the materials used are better or it's just a better pen overall.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Jet
    Also, is there any concern for these pens for "solventless" concentrates like rosin or live resin or even hash?
  • Gman
    If you want to use rosin or hash then you should look for a bucket stuck or donut style coil atomizers. Does it have to be a pen or are you ok with a box mod and atomizer being separate?
  • Jet
    I'd prefer something I can easily drop in my pocket. I don't want to spend more than $75-100. I can always upgrade if I like using concentrates but the start out it needs to be as simple as possible. Thanks.... I'll go read about box mods, etc.
  • Jet
    Just purchased the Gravity. It will meet my needs and then some if my needs increase over the next few months or so.
  • VapeCritic

    Nice! You'll dig it, they're very similar pens on the inside as far as the two atomizers they come with, the main differences/upgrades with the Prism are mostly with the look & feel and materials used.

    Let us know how it works out for you :up:
  • Jet

    Thanks for your response Bud. I'm such a flavor-head that it was the Prism's glass mouthpiece that complicated the decision for me, otherwise, the Gravity looked to hit all my wants. Seemed a good choice over other options.

    Heading to Eugene, OR at end of month and stoked to try the different types of concentrates.

    I think with your discount code and standard shipping the cost was less than $60. It's also that discount code that made me look at the Prism.
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