• game 7
    Hey Bud, I look forward to hangin' out with you each week on your live streams.It seems you started to give your updated review of the FF2 a few streams ago but never got fully into it. Did you record the update somewhere?
  • Kakarot
    Here you go its still suckin balls in 2018
  • Baron23
    I don't know what their position on it is these days, but I do remember at one time FF claimed that the gasket coming off was "cosmetic" damage and they wouldn't warranty the lids for that.

    At that point, I completely lost interest in them.

  • VapeCritic

    Hey really glad you dig the streams :strong:

    I actually haven't had time to really get into testing the FF2 again outside of that stream but it's still on my mind to do.

    What's interesting/strange is that based on the incoming messages I get the overall sentiment on this one has kind of flipped, a lot of people are telling me they enjoy it now and I'm hearing less about problems, it's cool but also weird at the same time.

    I wish they would have worked on new restrictor plates (oven screens) with bigger holes to ease up the draw resistance, I think that would help a lot, and that price needs to come down too, they can't charge $330 for this anymore, imho.
  • Landonit
    Actually going back to the ff2 every once in a while now. The flavour is awesome. Draw restriction does suck though and I almost feel out of breath after some hits
  • Magicman
    FF2=Vinyl siding.
  • EasyToSlip
    Bud, I really think you should do some sort of an update on the FF2. At a minimum the portable vape rating should be updated. Maybe with a quick video review update of the highlights.

    The firmware and app updates that they did were a significant update. As you showed in your stream the new app is nice and firmware update is painless. (they have actually had two FW updates in the past few months.) But more important with this update is: they improved performance of the FF2 dramatically. This change addresses problems that many have had, and now the FF2 should appeal to a broader set of users.

    So yes – the draw resistance still sucks and you still have to stir. It requires a certain technique to get the most out of it. If those are problems for people, they will continue to hate the FF2. For everyone else this is a big improvement for the FF2 that they should know about.

    Firefly should get credit for:
    • Improved temperature control and more heater power with this release..
    • Fast heat up time. FAST! 3 seconds on first draw. After that just hold button and draw. That is great.
    • Complete extraction. Efficient extraction. The ABV is dark brown and evenly browned now. Before this update I never felt like I was getting complete extraction.

    Firefly should get dinged for:
    • Build quality. Overall the build quality is fantastic. But bottom cover sucks and mouthpiece sucks. Neither one of those matches the rest of the device. These are glaring deficiencies. Particularly the mouthpiece. I am surprised that they have not come out with a better mouthpiece... ceramic maybe? How about a water pipe adapter?
    • Smarmy marketing.
    • Weird customer support that is not transparent. I returned my first FF2 after complaining that I was not getting good results even after trying all of the techniques. They never acknowledged that anything was wrong with the device. They implied that it was user error on my part, but they did send me a new unit for free. Worked better. Never explained the difference.

    My experience with FF2 has been very good since the updates. I actually prefer it to the MV1 for many things. When I absolutely want to take 3 or 4 good hits in the next two minutes, the FF2 is the way to go. It has actually been more consistent than the MV1 since they both come out with FW updates.

    Anyway... this new update from Firefly needs the VapeCritic stamp of approval.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Man, I really hated stirring that thing. Worrying I damaged the gasket removing it, or hadn't replaced it in exact alignment, it quickly became a novelty item only, despite the firmware updates.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'd dig to see a revisit review though :smile:
  • VapeCritic

    RE: The FF2...

    I'm very happy to see they've been updating the app recently and making the performance more consistent, and I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy the app and firmware update process was.

    However, I'm a little bitter about how after all this time they haven't made any real updates to the unit itself, and the market has told them it needs some updates. So did I actually, quite a few times.

    But for some reason they never worked on fixing the issues like: High draw resistance, clogging mouthpiece screen, and the issues with the top and bottom lids. This bothers me a little because Ghost for example seems to be continually updating their parts based on feedback, which seems like the right way to go.

    I also think it's a little strange that they never reduced the price, it's still $329 like it was 2 years ago when it came out. With some vapes this is OK, prices don't always have to drop, but most other portable vapes have decreased in price over that time, including major brands like PAX and S&B.

    So now, at that price, it's more expensive than the MV1, Crafty, IQ, etc... which for the build quality of the device, and for what's really going on inside of it, seems a bit much right now.

    One of the main updates I still think they should have made is an oven screen with higher air flow through it so that there's less draw resistance. I personally believe the long, hard pull required to get good vapor is the reason most people have trouble with it.

    I got so fed up with the resistance that a while ago I took my FF2 apart and bought a drill press, then proceeded to drill larger holes myself into the oven screen to increase flow. It's not pretty looking but it works, and it can obviously be even better if it was done right.

    Now I still have this other problem though where my bottom lid doesn't stay on anymore, the clip to hold it on broke :confused:

    Anyway, I think they fell behind by not updating the vape itself and by not reducing the price to remain competitive, and those are the main reasons I decided at the last minute not to include it in my Best Portables video I just posted.

    I'm truly glad those of you who are diggin it are getting good results now, and I still think the flavor and efficiency is aces, but I'm reluctant to really recommend it anymore because of the other stuff.
  • EasyToSlip
    I agree with many of your points and share the same basic frustrations that you have with the FF2. You really do have to develop a very exotic breathing technique in order to get good hits. I just got a silicone water pipe adapter that fits the FF2. But it doesn't work well through a water pipe because it is very difficult to get that slow steady (restricted!!!) draw through water. I will try it dry to see if it helps...

    The main point I wanted to make was that the update is a big improvement that really helps with the performance. I was ready to retire my FF2 once I had the Ghost MV1. After that update from FF I find that I still use the FF2 and I will keep them both in the rotation.

    I agree on the pricing. If you are going to hold steady on the pricing, then how about upgrading the mouthpiece and screen assembly to a better design and send it to existing customers. Or the bottom cover.

    Your oven screen mod to address draw restriction is for Firefly 3. They can't fix that with an app update.
  • Baron23
    I will never own a vape from a company that considers failure of the glue holding their function essential lid gasket to be a cosmetic failure and not covered by warranty.

    Yes, often caused by ISO...the same ISO need to clean the damn lid, right?

    I don't know....when it first came out and they basically blamed their customers for each and every issue that I just got a bad taste in my mouth about FF. That and that I will never forget that baloney vapor that Mark blew out in his "try to recover" promotional video. Pure BS.
  • artv4nd3l4y

    From looking at the Firefly, I was quickly steered away from the complaints. Also, for a device over $300, I strongly believe there should be no "learning curve" just to use it properly. Very interesting to read Bud's perspective, and good to mention the fact that even the Ghost MV-1 is cheaper with much newer technology. Unfortunate to hear they aren't innovating as every other company does, it's obvious they will continue to fall behind. The best companies are always improving, and believe their product is never at it's best...

    Often caused by ISO, so the solution is to not use ISO? That is interesting. That is just grimy to start blaming countless users that have the exact same problem, a smart company would take an honest look at their design and wonder maybe something can be improved. This sounds to me like they're saying, "Guys look, it worked for us in testing for a week so if it doesn't for you, it's really just your fault, plain and simple."

    Glad to hear you enjoy your device, that's what matters.

    About the oven screen mod, yeah that's a tough one. Anyway you put it, replacing the oven screen (or any other physical materials) on every device already sold at their expense would not be realistic.

    Still, it could be provided as an option/upgrade, and they could also produce newer units with the updated version at least (why continue making inferior products?). Storz & Bickel products are always getting small tweaks wherever the product can be improved. Sounds like they want the Firefly 2 to stay as is, hopefully they get it right with the Firefly 3 the first time... Since obviously any unforeseen issues in their design are for the user to deal with, that's just hard for me to get over.
  • Riik
    I agree with you. I had several issues with my first FF2 which they declined to own. Then the rubber seal came off because of the ISO so they finally bowed and agreed to send me a replacement. All this happened after I made public my comments and discontent, they were desperate for me to withdraw them.
    I don't use my FF2 anymore. It is an expensive paperweight.
  • To the Cloud
    Hey Riik will give you $125 for it
  • TVK
    I've had the FF2 for several months now and all of the feedback and tips/tricks are helpful but the bottom line is that this vape makes me work too hard. Just shouldn't be this much of an effort for $300 plus. I recently picked up a Pax 3 and couldn't be happier with the ease of use and overall performance. This guy will go with me everywhere. Here's hoping that the folks at Fire Fly take all of the issues into account when designing the FF3.
  • Baron23
    ere's hoping that the folks at Fire Fly take all of the issues into account when designing the FF3.TVK

    Why would they do that? All they did w the 2 was blame the users. Not real open to community feedback, IMO.
  • Riik
    Just read your msg. Still interested in my FF2?
  • To the Cloud
    Hey Rik, always buying my friend. Please fill out this form here. https://www.tothecloudvaporstore.com/trade-in-credit/
  • grizzlybear
    Hey Are you interested also in an Elevape smart 2.0 with some accessories?
  • To the Cloud
    They appear to be discontinued yeah ? I would love to try one , but can't provide any serious offer.
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