• meeemeee
    This is how I been using mine. With a basket screen in a male with a double female adapter on top. Works great for set loads the same everytime. One massive rip. Full extraction qlt1qkww5kj0zo5v.jpg
  • meeemeee
    I actually use the G the same way as shown above.
  • Other Side
    Hey guys, I am working on bringing these across the pond. I just brought on Errlectric and am loving the dry herb nail so excited to see how this stacks up.

    Anyone need anything before I put the order in? I can help save you on some shipping.

    Any must have items? I assume I should go with the digital Ti? I have money going out the window everywhere right now so I need to be careful of what I pick up but if I like it and it sells I'll build up the whole portfolio.

  • Alexis
    hey mate good move. Seb will be delighted I'm absolutely sure to have any interest and especially from somebody like yourself with so much passion and enthusiasm and positive spirit what you were doing.

    Just one thing which I think you definitely want to make sure you pick up extras off is the spare glass housing for the heating element it's only about €12 and it seems to be by far the most likely part to need replacing if the only likely part, if any, for most people.

    I would advise anyone ordering the Ti from US side, to get 1 or 2 spares of these, to be covered for accidents without meaning to pay for shipping just for a cheap glass replacement each time if at all.

    Overall, aside from techincal hiccups (ahem, @VapeCritic ring any bells?), the system is pretty sturdy overall for a glass setup.

    @Other Side I'll have a think and see if anything else important or relevant comes to mind but I have faith in you to do a good job. Keep us posted anyhow so we can see how you are lining things up in case we can make any additional suggestions.

    Good on you man and best of luck with it. :up:
  • Baron23
    That's great. I haven't ever used one so I have no needs or input on what you should buy, but I do think this will def seperate you from some competition with this product in your line.

    Ok, you EU guys....Herborizer Ti Digit or Glass Symphony (haha...its the the perennial question in trap shooting...."shot size 7 /12 or 8's?" haha)
  • zancru

    If you order, extra male glass heater covers, for the Herborizer Digi Ti, I’m all in.
    Count me in with 2 please.
    Much appreciated indeed.
    I broke mine, and I’m left with the dabbing attachment only.
    I really like and enjoyed the Herborizer Digi Ti, till I broke the only glass heater cover I got with it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Stay vaped!!!


  • Other Side
    If you order, extra male glass heater covers, for the Herborizer Digi Tizancru
    yes sir no problem. How's the dab attachment? Worth it or stick to other methods?

    I appreciate the feedback guys.
  • zancru

    You’re not going to regret, having a Herbo Digi Ti in your lineup. Tasty hits. Micro dose, or longer mid range sesh, everything works. For flowers, it’s top tier!!!

    As for dabbing, if you never try dabbing before , and you’d like to start experimenting, just as an add on, the glass dabbing heater cover, can get you initiated, in the world of concentrates. Besides is a plus to have it, why not, right???

    On the other hand, if you already tried dabs, you know that Ti is just the beginning, anything can get better, but you’ll need to add more money to it.
    Again, it’s another option, always welcomed, even if you don’t use it.
    Stay vaped.
  • Alexis
    @Other Side good tips and insight from @zancru he knows his vapes as well as any. And good testament to the Herbo Ti bearing in mind he has the absolute best of the best that the world has to offer in his lineup.

    I used the enail Ti setup one time. Unfortunately I can't tolerate rosin at all I have a really severe allergic type reaction to it my immune system just rejects it much more than the same flower it is pressed from which doesn't make sense in theory or on paper.

    But I actually really enjoyed using the email configuration I found it to be very easy and fun to use and also was effective but I have no experience dabbing with any other materials or devices so bear that in mind.

    But it was easy and intuitive and fun for a novice to use this setup.

    The glass concentrate bowl- doesn't work at all for concentrates. I actually inspired the creation of this old myself after I reported to Sebastien several years ago how I have been experimenting with the XL Herborizer to vaporize essential oils to treat my allergies and infections.

    He used this report to invent the glass concentrate well which actually does work much better for essential oils. I am expecting to do some more careful experimenting with that use of the bowl.

    So I would give that one a wide birth, but don't tell Seb I said that, he thinks I'm some kind of online Herbo marketing man. :wink:
  • Other Side
    Update here guys....been working through some questions with Sebastian. We are almost there but he told me to wait if I want to purchase the Digital Ti. Evidently he has some work to do on the controller. Seeing as that was the only unit I was going to order (was planning on grabbing various glass pieces and adapters as well) I guess I need to wait...

    I will follow up when the order is placed and when I have your parts @zancru. Thanks to all for helping me navigate the purchase decisions.

    I guess I have my Errlectric dry herb nail and Full Quartz Banger to keep me busy now (and boy do I love it). Speaking of it has a four prong connection so the controller won't work with any Flowerpot connections. How about the Herborizer connections? Four or five prong and if five does anyone know of an adapter so I can just stick with one controller?
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