• Baron23
    hahaha...yeah, "tits up" and "shit hot"...old sayings from my USAF days that still slip in from time to time. How about belly up? haha

    Ah, well....electronics tend to either fail very early (infant mortality) or they run for quite a while. You just had a controller failure, from the sounds of it, and they will most likely have to replace it.

    Oh, no....you didn't break the rig already!! WOW. How could you do that if you haven't even been able to use it! :fear:
  • Alexis
    hi Bud. I never got an email alert to last night's stream? So I missed it and I was awake as well. I watched a lot of the replay back. Cant think what to say really, what a bummer.
    Shame about the bubbler being broke before the review.
    Seb will fix it no doubt but he's gonna have to do some investgating to ensure quality control before these are rolled out. All I can think is just maybe some wire or connection was loosened when you were trying to get the sleeve on posdibly? I know you can't really see it but who knows for certain.

    Even if that did occur though it should not have done.
    I hear you on what you say about the analogue model maybe being for more logical or straightforward option for some people. And I saw you questioning what you gain from the digital and I just wanted to answer on that briefly.
    First- faster heat up. 3 mins to temp, the analogue is more like 10 mins. You also with that hsve the peace of mind that you are at your set temperature.

    The heater is also more powerful and responsive to temperature drops and fluctuations and I strongly suspect that it will hit slightly harder I kicking in faster during a hit as the heat is sucked into the bowl.
    So in theory there should be a slight performance improvement.
    And I know you hate the buttons on that controller I don't find it to be too difficult actually but I don't do it one of the time I hold the button for like 10 to 15 degrees and let go and can adjust it's quite quickly and easily this way but if I was doing one button of the time it really would do my head in.

    But if we can put aside for one moment this nuisance Factor what you will have with the digital is a faster temperature adjustment, and again you will see for certain when you have reached that temperature where else with the analogue model you are just guessing and presuming which of course still won't be a problem for a lot of people in most circumstances.

    But providing Sebastien can work out an iron out these obvious kinks, I think a lot of users out there would really appreciate having the digital model with more precise temperature control and faster heat-up and more powerful heater.

    I think anybody would be happy with the analogue though at the same time. Shit Bud I'm feeling even less confident about telling Sebastien how I busted my now that yours is broke too.

    I know what he is going to think he's going to think shoot you guys I send you my only two wild digital units and you have giving the world reason to question the reliability of the device. Or something like that lol I know he has worked incredibly hard on this project and it is really important to him to get it dead right so that everybody is perfectly happy with their Herborizers.
  • Dr green thumb
    Shipping to and from France every time something goes wrong is going to get old fast. This setup is over $500 and it doesn't work I'd be really upset if I was the one who had bought this.
  • Alexis
    i hear you, but it is a bit too early to jump to solid conclusions yet. My own unit was damaged purely as a result of my own stupidity. I wasn't thinking straight because I was heavily distracted and dismayed by discovering and really struggling to accept that I wont be able to vape rosin at all.

    I had such high hopes that it would be a major relief for my allergies, I bought myself a nice little Dabpress, worked hard as nails for months to get a super outdoor harvest.

    I was in real rough state all year and this had given me focus and strength. So it was really crushing to discover I would have to suffer way too much to even touch my rosin.
    In that moment and frame of mind, I stupidly elected to turn the heat to 800° to melt off the rosin residues.

    I dont have any prior concentrate experience, and I was so distracted I half forgot my box was set on Celsius. I was thinking of my Rdk 300 with Elev8r coil and how I run it at 700 for flower.

    So that one was purely my fault, and no way likely to happen again. We will just have to see what Seb reveals next. But I will say that since the release of the analogue Ti in May 2017, I am yet to hear of a single problem with a faulty or defective unit. It seems that the Ti heater is maybe more robust and reliable than the XL heater which I have myself and have had 2 defective heaters- both replaced or repaired free of charge even outside of warranty.

    But the DigiTi is seemingly a far more complex unit, and I'm sure that if there is a genuine reliability issue then Sebastien will work on resolving this. Regardless he will always repair which is obviously much easier for us Europeans. I would not put it past him paying for return postage himself low to the States and his turn around is as fast as humanly possible usually.

    Just some thoughts anyway, not at all to discount what you are saying @Dr green thumb :up:
  • meeemeee
    Sebs a good guy he should look after you.
    This vape is not on shelves yet. Teething problem maybe.
    You could send it back and get the anolog and some money back? Ha
    Review both.
    The glass is delicate. I did as you said. And got the Ti with dail and used my own 9MM thick rig. Ha
  • LabPong
    I agree with bud....what is the sense of going away from the analog controller? I could only see a need if a digital controller would give quicker heat ups and better temp control.
  • meeemeee
    I think Seb made it because people asked for it.
    was people's only complaint about the anolog that you don't know exact temps..
    Though what most people don't realise is alot of vapes are not accurate
  • Alexis
    this is the exact point here though. Did you see my post above? The DigiTi has a more powerful heater- 72 W vs 36.
    It heats up much faster and is more accurate/precise.

    Less need for initial bowl heat soaking (which enhances the performance and extraction with the analogue) and a faster heat soak as well. The DigiTi heater is more responsive to compensate for temp fluctuations during a hit and kicks in fast to equalize.

    So along with knowing the exact temperature the device is running at at all times and being able to see the moment it has stabilized at set temperature, these are some features which could be seen as important to some.

    I'm not disagreeing at all that it would make sense for very many to pick up the analogue version and I don't think anybody would be disappointed quite the opposite. Everybody who reports buying one of these vaporizers seems to be completely happy with it so far beyond their expectations.
  • LabPong
    this is the exact point here though. Did you see my post above? The DigiTi has a more powerful heater- 72 W vs 36.
    It heats up much faster and is more accurate/precise.

    ahhhh then that would make a huge difference and would be desirable for sure.

    Now just use a good PID and they are in there! I just cringe having to use the same PID on one of my flowerpots......I never have this feeling when I use my RDK300. Hopefully they will not have further issues with the one they have now....but seeing Bud's go ass over tea kettle so fast.....sort of makes me wonder.

    Great idea and nice heater, though you have to deal with its messy footprint with the wires and such.
  • Alexis
    good points and I agree. :up:
  • Dr green thumb
    do you work for sebastian? Or this company? If not you should
  • Alexis
    lol, I was waiting for that and I guess I had it coming and have to just take it on the chin.
    No no no , not at all. I like Sebastian very much he's really nice guy and I truly right this vaporizer which hardly anybody knows about compared to other similarly high quality models which are much more popular and widespread due to hire marketing.

    Sebastian is never been a marketing man and this is possibly the best desktop in the world to receive so little marketing. All I have seen since it has been released is extremely happy owners but very few of them and the Herborizer thread on FC is like a ghost town compared to the Flowerpot thread for example.

    Similarly the EVO, which I don't think is nearly as good as the ti has hundreds and hundreds of pages with god knows how many thousands of owners worldwide.

    Yet the Ti and herborizer as in general remain largely unknown to the masses. I have been unable to enjoy most of my favourite vaporizers due to my insane allergies. The Herborizers have been unique for me here. I have struggled with the Ti recently and my reaction to it varies enormously depending on my infection level and therefore allergies. But I tolerate it infinitely better than the flowerpot, EVO, and Glass symphony for example.

    I couldn't even consider using those devices at all. Whichever device I am using and which I write I will try to share my experiences and passion with. I did actually have a nice little side earner shilling for new vape for a good while haha, DESPITE not being able to use the vaporizer tool I have still spoken very fondly of it.

    So I have some passion for the Herborizer models which I have been able to use throughout time. And it has frustrated me that so few people even know about the Ti, especially in the USA, when it is better than most desktops out there.

    I genuinely could not see Sebastian effectively spreading enough word about his models and I decided I was try and raise some awareness genuinely and selflessly for the sake of the community and all of the potential individuals for whom this could be their ideal device, and at the same time be able to help Sebastien in the one main area he is lacking- marketing.

    My only intention is to draw some attention and awareness and once more people begin to experience the device and share their feedback I will happily let go of the reins and watch moment and grow.

    Sure maybe I'm going about this the wrong way and making a bit of a fool of myself but please understand that I'm not quite right in my head I have the most severe long-term clinical depression and an insanely difficult existence where I am constantly trying to find focus to get through each minutes hour and day of suffering.

    So this has also been a focus and distraction for me this year, but my intentions are sincere and pure and selfless.
    The Ti is an excellent desktop, either model. Too early to draw firm conclusions on the digital yet with only 2 units out there and a brand new product.

    I simply wish to help Sebastian increase awareness of his products so that others may benefit, and actually this is exactly what happens so many new users ask for advice on FC- I mention the herborizer, but never in a biased sense usually because all of the others are mentioned multiple times by other members but not this one.

    And so many times people thank me because they didn't even know it existed they buy one straight away and have never looked back.

    I hope this makes my position a little clearer to you, and I certainly don't blame you for asking the question.
  • Dr green thumb
    they should hire you as you would be great at marketing their vape.
  • meeemeee
    Anolog temp charts. Should work out about the same for new one even if it's quicker and more power 8oe21n7ragkr351b.jpg
    Second one is for dabs. Heat of the nail.

    Just for reference gjudm3nmprfvhyml.jpg
  • Alexis
    woah, if we use chart B- my heater died at 20!!!

    No wonder huh? :yikes:
  • meeemeee
    yes. Seems Seb should put in some sort if fail safe maybe. So you can't turn it up so high and burn out the heater.
    I remember when I did the burn off the element glowed red hot. So I never turn it up since.
  • Alexis
    yeah that would be a good idea, but really he just needs to make it clear what the max temp is. I hadnt given it any thought in my preoccupied state. I never read, saw or heard anything saying don't exceed this temp etc.

    That alone should be enough- like- Don't stab yourself with the kitchen knife lol. I mean, you do have to really be intent to actually adjust the temp that high so not likely to occur by accident once you know what range to stay in.

    What I was interested in though was the temp correspondance between tbe Digi and analogue. 350°C je set mine at. It doesnt really need to go higher and was pumping clouds. It seemed to be above 5 or even 5.5 on the analogue. So no way to match the temps up but completely new bearings.
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