• VapeCritic
    Hey guys I've gotten a lot of requests to get the Herborizer, and I was just about to order it, but they have two different models and I'm not sure which one is supposed to be the better one?

    The XL is the glass one and the Ti is the titanium one:


    Any help? Thanx!
  • f0Nz
    The XL is for bigger loads and slower extraction. It's a steel heater inside the glass.
    The Ti is for small loads (0.1/0.2) and faster extraction. More like FP SH.
    Don't know how much difference there is. The Ti is the newer one.

    There is a digital version coming, supposed to be released in march/april but releasedates meh, you never know. PiD and about double the W Power. Maybe you want to wait.
  • f0Nz
    Was a little short on time. I go a bit more into detail.

    The Ti has an enail option (can't really recommend it) but it reaches higher temps. About 300° C (500° for the nail). With the XL 230° C is max.
    Main difference is the bowl size. XL is like Plenty/Volcano, a little smaller. Can't pack it up that tight.
    Maybe nice for livestream to have something going on for a while :wink:

    The XL has about an inch diameter. The Ti has usual 18/19mm cuts.
    Ti is probably the way to go since high temp microdosing.
    It's like FP and Sub.

    There is a microdosing and a concentrate bowl for the Ti. Better than the enail option.

    I'm waiting for Digi-Ti.
  • Sebastian
    I' ve the Herborizer ti since two days and I love it. It's in the league with flowerpot and Sublimator (which I both own too). I would compare it to a Sublimator with better taste and more session type. With the Sublimator you finish all with one hit and the herborizer ti extracts everything with two or more hits. It is a very hard hitter and I have the feeling of a melting face even more than with the Sublimator.

    I'm looking forward for your review Bud.
  • letmefeelthevibes
    Go for the Ti, it's much more versatile than the XL, and still uses only 12 volts and 36 watts, meaning it's low cost on electricity, and is a safe device, no risk to electrocute yourself with water or whatever.
  • VapeCritic

    Awesome info thanx for the help dudes!!

    So you guys think I should wait a month or so and see if they come out with the new stuff?
  • Alexis
    hi Bud. This is a special day! (oh and I just remembered it is also my 38th birthday today, but seriously that ain't nothing special to me).

    The reason today is special? I just signed up to VLF! I have been meaning to forever but didnt want to impose my unusual self on your friendly community here. I hope I will be well received and I promise to stay on topic, be brief and add as much value as I can.
    Which is why I made this (38 year old) overdue leap today. I have followed your comments and plans on the Herborizer recently. I have been anxiously hoping the knowledgable folks would advise you to just hold tight for the digital version. Only a few weeks possibly, likely less than a month if Sebastien is on target.
    With all of your high end digital units, and with the Herbo Ti about to be upgraded here for "better accuracy and faster reactivity" in the words of Sebastien, it wouldn't make sense for you to pick up the analog just before the upgrade comes. Vapor wise- the performance and steam quality will be identical, Sebastien has assured me personally. I just really feel that you will appreciate the fine temp tuning, regulation and more consistent, predictable and repeatable results of the digital- in this day and age I mean.

    And no question- you want the Ti, not the 10+ year old XL, which is far more of a group/session vape than a modern, hard hitting powerful extractor. I owned the Herbo Ti last year (I have the XL too since 2015). I am getting the Ti again soon, it is an excellent desktop with superior vapor quality, taste and effects, argued as the best in Europe.
    Together with the Elev8r and rdk-300 plus dhgate coil (Auber stopped doing their 15.8 mm coil) on the way, the Digi-Ti will give me total desktop satisfaction I hope.
    The digital will heat up faster and respond to temp changes more rapidly, precisely and frequently on a constant feedback basis. With a more powerful heater, it will be less important to heat soak the bowl for optimum performance. This is one of the main and only criticisms of the analog Ti so far- users find it works much better with a full bowl heat soak.

    The digital should negate the need for this somewhat, and be ready to use at optimum sooner in all circumstances (intial heat up, in between loads, temp adjustments etc).

    Not to mention the value and luxury of picking and knowing an exact temp. Just one other thing- there has been some individual performance variation reported between different Ti units, suggesting varied calibration. i.e. one unit on 5 = another on 6.

    That's all Bud. I just couldn't sit back anymore biting my (38 year old lol!) nails, quietly urging you not to be rash. I would so love to sse you testing out the digital soon, especially as I will be owning one myself. I think it would be a great new toy to show in a live stream.
    That is my advice anyway, thanks for allowing me to join up. Man it SO simple actually, no CBR checks even haha!
  • Baron23
    Hi Alexis, so nice to see you here!! :up: :cool:

    And congrats on your B-day. Many more, each more healthy and joyous than the last.

  • Alexis
    thanks Baron, your welcome means a lot to me personally. Im sorry if I offended or angered you at all with my expressed contrasting views of a certain situation, as I 100% do empathize with your own viewpoint and feelings about how you were personally treated. I also have empathy for the other parties involved and am not taking sides or casting any judgement. I don't think I made that clear enough and have been wishing to just express this sentiment as my comments could certainly have come across as insensitive to you.

    Thanks again for the welcome Baron, I'm really glad to be here at long last. I respect Bud a lot and admire the great effort he puts into his work, to constantly adapt and evolve with the crowd to keep everybody happy and give as much help as possible. I also see that Bud is welcoming support in the face of some mixed receipt, which I will do my best to offer.
  • Baron23
    Hi Alexis - if I was very offended I wouldn't have offered you my welcome. Please, no worries my friend.

    And I would rather not drag that whole sordid mess over to this board. To me, the facts are clear, others are entitle to their interpretation or opinions. That's it.

    Also, do you know about our PM function here....in the top banner is "Inbox" and that's our private message function where you can create and participate in PMs. You are always welcome to PM me on anything interpersonal, if you feel the need.

    But again, happy b-day, m8 :party: :party: :party: :100:
  • Alexis
    Thanks Baron, I understand all that clearly and that was all I wanted to say on it, just so as my start here is truly fresh. Thanks for birthday wishes. I honestly keep forgetting it is even that day! Yesterday I finished another hard as hell 4 week course of homeopathy, and the detix and healing crisis always intensifies right to the end. It breaks me every time, but is always worth it once over for the all roind improvement. So nice to be able to relax again and enjoy my vapes properly!
  • Sebastian
    Hm...I love this vape but now I'm really pissed because I bought it same days ago and would also prefer a digit version. Alexis do you know, if it's possible to upgrade to the digit when a buy the digit controller?
  • f0Nz
    Unfortunately no upgrade possible. It's something about reading out the temp. There will be one connection more in the cable.

    I think the XL is analog also nice cause low powersupply and slow extraction. You can leave it on the whole day, take a hit here and there. Just put it on 6/7, you can't combust. Only if anybody can't wait :wink: But I don't want a Ti without precise controller.
  • Alexis
    yes Im afraid fONz is correct. and the analog heater will not be compatible with the digital controller. Here is what the inventor told me about it in January:

    "The digital Ti should be available for spring, late March or early April

    The current power supply as well as the analogical controler works with the Ti and the XL
    But it will not work for the digital Ti

    The heating element of the digital Ti will be different from the analog Ti (36W and 2 connections)
    The Ti digital injector will be more powerful (70w) and equipped with a thermocouple probe (4 connections)

    The power supply of the digital Ti will be different and more powerful

    All glass parts will be identical for analog Ti and digital Ti."

    When I inquired about the possible differences between the models functionally, Sebastien shared this:

    "When I said that the Ti injector and the DigiTi will be different, it's just for the connections
    The DigiTi will have exactly the same design for the injector, only the inside of the heating resistor and the connections are different.

    The DigiTi allows faster preheating and finer control, but the steam quality will be identical to the Ti

    Personally, to preheat the Ti faster, I turn it on at 8 for a few minutes and then down to 5."

    So I wouldnt be too dismayed Sebastian, the analog is thevsame vaporizer essentially, if I already owned it I wouldnt be upset at all. I just figured I may as well wait. One good thing- you have saved yourself some money- Im guessing €80-100 more possibly fir Digi-Ti. Hopefully less though.

    And the strength of my recommendation to hold out was aimed at Bud really and his vaping style, the professionalism of what he is doing keeping up with the times, and the precise vapes he daily drives.

    For Bud personally and his streams and reviews I thought it made most sense to wait. But I am doing a diservice to the analog by making it sound inferior which is misleading.

    You are already happy with it please don't let me change that at all, it'is a great vape and actually the analog setup has its advantages- very neat, compact and tidy. You can tuck the lead and controller out of sight and is so easy to transport. I was torn initially whether it would be worth the extra cost and the wait. LOTS of very happy Ti owners out there (they just dont post much on forums compared to other high end vapes, especially on FC where the 10 yr old Herbo thread is like a ghost town compared to the Flowerpot thread.)
  • Sebastian
    I love this bluish look of the ti element! Looks so nice this type of oxide. No I'm still fine since I decided to buy the digit too. Thx for your information f0Nz and Alexis. It's true that this big clouds come from preheating the bowl. I have also the micro bowl and the glass filter makes a little more air restriction, which makes ultra big clouds.
  • Alexis
    that is a good point actually- I certainly intend to get the microbowl. I hope Bud
    picks one up too, we have to make sure to remind him. I never tried the microbowl yet, but it will be great to add some more versatlity.
  • VapeCritic
    The reason today is special? I just signed up to VLF! I have been meaning to forever but didnt want to impose my unusual self on your friendly community here.Alexis

    Thanks for joining us! and please don't be silly we're all nuts on here!! :sweat:

    I very much appreciate your help and feedback, I will be sure to get the Ti version and I'll sit tight for another month or so to see if it any news comes out on the new stuff :up:

    and Happy Belated B-Day! :party: :cool:
  • Smokin60
    Bud I pm'd you ...... very important
  • Alexis
    thanks very much Bud I appreciate that a lot. I have been an admirer of what you are doing for a long time and have wanted to be able to contribute in some small way. And I titalky get what you are doing, on a deeper level I mean. Yes it is about the vapes but if you hadn't gotten into that I could have seen you doing essentially the same thing, just with another subject.
    Basically putting yourself out there as an ambassasor, bringing people together to raise spirit to reach out and help as many people as possible.

    I would hate to see you lose any heart due to recent dislikes/critique etc (mistly miserabke scapegoaters I am sure- you are an easy target because you show such a robust exterior people think it wont do any harm in some cases).
    So this was extra motivation for me to sign up now to hopefully offer an additional word of support to help you keep on being strong in yourself and stay up!
    BTW, I am REALLY excited to get the Herbo again at last after fhe FP and GS couldn't work for me, can't wait.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Oh man, since @Alexis brought the Ti to my attention I can't stop researching it. I've read everything there is online now, so Buds review will be digested immediately! I nearly bought the current Ti model yesterday.
    @Alexis hey man, is the bowl size for the Ti about the same as the Elev8r, or bigger or smaller?
  • Aj85
    This vape seems to be on fire lately or at least the TI version. I nearly brought the Herborizer Tube Ti from vapo shop last week, but last minute I was told it might be best to wait for the new more powerful digital version especially being a sublimator owner. Seems very good value for the price especially as it comes with the waterpipe.


    The V.A.S is really strong with this one. I will own one soon. I definitely want that big ass glass tube with it.

    I’m pretty sure Herborizer brought out the Roor all glass vaporizer which was pretty much the same as the Herborizer XL. So I’m hoping the glass is similar standard it looks really good I’d prefer it with an ice pinch but I’ve only seen that option with the XL version. Anyways I’m now hoping and waiting for the Digital Tube Ti kit to be released.

    All the best,

  • Alexis
    hey man, sorry for delay. Thats cool that you are taking an interest in the Ti, it has so far remained very little known in the US.
    Good question on the bowls. I think the Elev8r bowl has a slightly larger capacity, but would npt work as well past a certain sized load. I guess both bowls work with roughly the same size loads optimally. Except I think the Herborizer can work better and more easily with slightly smaller loads than the Elev8r using the current standard Herborizer bowl.

    I find that the Elev8r needs 0.15 at least or it can be a nuisance or chore, with lacking returns. Im sure the
    Ti can do well with a little less. Both can be filled up too of course. I would aim to use 0.15 to 0.3 loads in both vapes. But there is also the fairly new Microdose bowl which Sebastien created which allows for smaller loads to extract faster with bigger and more instant clouds.
    @Aj85 the digital will be more expensive, so start keeping those pennies aside now lol, I am!
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Thanks man. If you have time I was also wondering about stirring with the Ti; is the extraction very even so that maybe just one stir is enough on a .2 for example? Pricewise I see you could pick up the basic Ti system (no glass) with dial for about £203 (JahVaporizer), what do you reckon for the digi, £249 system only?
  • Alexis
    hard to guess a price on the Digital. It also depends when it will be available at other retailers. Jah, or Lacentrale have kind of been leading the way at times with remarkably low prices and much lower than direct from herborizer.
    On Sebastien's website the TI system is €289 I think. I'm guessing the digital will be at least €350 so maybe your price estimate difference is correct but I'm not sure you will get the ti system for anywhere near to £249 more like £320 I'm guessing at best. Hope I'm wrong though.

    Regarding stirring the ti does still benefit from a star for even extraction but it is so much easier to stir the Ti than the Elev8r for example. And it is certainly not essential and you can go on with a decent load for a while give it a star once or twice and when you tip it out the extraction is surprisingly even and full, even on the heat setting 5 which is supposedly 190 degrees C. I say supposedly due to varied calibration between different units, which won't apply to the Digital of course, another bonus of knowing exactly what you are getting.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Thanks again man. I do love an even extraction, always makes me smile, especially when it doesn't require repeated stirrings to achieve it :smile:
    Not long now hopefully :razz:
  • Aj85
    yeah I know the digits gonna be more expensive. I was saying the analog Herborizer Tube Ti that I almost brought (and posted the link) seemed to be very good value especially as it includes the massive water pipe. I don’t mind paying more for the more powerful digital version. As for keeping the pennies to one side I’m emptying the back of the sofas as we speak. lol

    All the best,

  • Alexis
    @ChlorophyllMan "Not long now hopefully."
    Thats what Im afraid of- the Ti being available and I dont have the money to buy it!
    Not sure which I'd prefer: have money, still no release date, or it is there but not enough dough haha!

    Well, just have to see how it pans out I guess. Truly can't wait though.
  • ChlorophyllMan
    same boat man, I don't really even have the space for a desktop set up either. I have to put it all away after each use. I might have to live vicariously through you, Bud and others for a while. Still excited though, crazy really.
  • Alexis
    one thing I can say about the analog Ti at least- it is remarkably neat and tidy and easy to store and keep out without it really being in the way or sticking out like most other desktops do. I'm not sure if the digital will have quite such a small footprint in that sense but hopefully.
    The analogue Ti is definitely one of the best desktops out there for taking up such little space and organisation to have it out all the time or keep getting it in and out when needed in a jiffy.

    I actually forgot all about this selling point thanks for reminding me.
  • Alexis
    @VapeCritic hello dude hope you are having a less stressful week than recent ones and you have had a chance to get the windscreen wipers on app that shit thay usually comes your way.

    Okay Bud this is just a little update on the Herborizer, I thought you might be wondering in the back of your mind about the release date. I was myself, but as it happened Sebastien randomly emailed me the other day. Production of the controllers was slightly delayed but is all complete now and the Digi-Ti will be released before the end of May.

    Sebastien is a really great guy Bud, one of the best. He has the best customer service possible, but he does that out of pure principle and total respect for others, and not just because it makes good business practice. His products come with a virtual lifetime warranty where he will always happily go out of hos way to fix and repair any defective units, usually for free.

    He fixed my faulty XL injector for me, out of warranty- FOR FREE! Brand new heatonf element and he oven cleaned it all up and then also posted it back to me the same day for free as well!
    I have been telling him about you and the excellent job you are doing at providing invaluable insight and information on all the different vapes out there for many years now.

    And how you have established a very solid and dependable reputation. Sebastien willingly confesses he has never been great at marketing. In fact I would say that the Herbo Ti is one of the best, of not the best, undermarketed top desktop vapes out there.

    Seb has chosen to focus on simply making the best products. I think you will be impressed with the Ti after feeling some impatience and frustration lately with companies who just churn out products for profit, uniterested on feedback or improvement.

    So I am hoping the Ti will make a refreshing change for you here. I am really hoping you will be able to demo it first time in your live stream. Let me assure you, it is so dead simple to set up and use, nothing could go wrong with this one. I know it would make for an excellent stream. So I have told Sebastien that there is noone better placed or qualified to raise awareness of his model, especially in the US.

    I told him I would also try and be on hand to offer any advice or tips from my experience to help you do the best job at reviewing it. So I will do my best to be live on the stream if it comes together. I normally have to watch back in spurts due to health and allergy complications inyerrupting things.

    So excited I am. Just one more thing Bud. You know about the microdose bowl right? I would be sure to get one of those. But also there is now a new concentrate glass bowl for convection dabs. I have not heard a single review on it yet. It is an unknown at present.

    So I think you would also be perfectly placed to test it out and see how it compares to the many other devices. Also how it compares to the Titanium enail configuration of the Ti.

    Just a thought anyway. I did hear you say you have been dabbing sparsely lately, but for the sake of a more complete and interesting review I think it would be good to get the concentrate bowl as well as the others, but you know best whatever you decide.
    Okay that's al. Seb is gonna let me know as soon as its ready- my unit is bagsied, but I will make sure you get one from the initial batch if needs be and get you one bagsied as well.

    Sod it Im just gonna tell him already- "Just put 2 prime Digi's aside, one for me and one for Bud". I would hate for either of us to miss out on batch 1.
  • juxt
    make that 3
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