• Alexis
    Sorry guys, Sebastien is making a mug out of me. No show in May, obviously a bigger task rolling it out than he visualised. Surely very soon.

    However, I caved in and bought a half price Evo brand new in the UK sale.
    Used it last night, loved it but Im not sure I can keep it. It has bothered my chest a lot. It may be that my temps were too high, but it may be another one I just cant use.

    In which case- come on Seb, Im absolutely desperate for a desktop that works for me.
  • meeemeee
    hey guys.....
    when is the Herbo Ti digi out? any ideas?
    iv got the analog Ti and it rocks!
    not sure if i will make an upgrade as im happy. but i may in the future.
    see what its like
  • Alexis
    well it was originally scheduled for April. Then May. Then no sound until I emailed Sebastien a few months back and he told me:

    "I fully understand, my apologies for the delay ...
    Indeed, I failed to comply with the deadline I announced for the commercialization of Ti
    Everything was ready on my side, but our glass seal supplier has changed the inside diameter of the 18.8mm joint by a few tenths of a millimeter, which slows down the marketing
    I'm waiting for our new custom-made seals, now I have to wait until September."

    It sounded pretty sure this time but clearly there has been another slight hold up but it really is imminent any day. I actually have the only Digital Ti unit out there myself he offered 1 to meet after I contacted him.

    However I have not been using it for quite a while because I have not been able to tolerate the device very well with my bizarre and crazy allergies and extreme sensitivity to different devices.
    I can say that it really is an excellent desktop on so many levels most of all I absolutely loved the effects from this vaporizer it's such a deep and full and relaxing high which you really feel the following day like your stored up on Super relaxed, comfortable, physical restfull stoned feelings.

    And also the flavour and smoothness is extremely good and what I notice in particular is that the taste stays very pleasant and agreeable for a long time through the load. The extraction is very complete and you have a broad range of temperatures to work with. If you can handle the higher temperatures this device can extract rapidly from any sized load with the right technique and approach.

    Or you can stretch a load out slightly but still extract fairly quickly with superb taste. And just so easy to use. One advantage to the Digital model is the super fast heat up it reaches temperature in 3 minutes roughly and has a more powerful and responsive heater. I have not used the analogue model for almost 1 year so it is impossible for me to really give a side by side but it makes sense that the digital model will slightly change the vape signature and hit a little harder by responding faster and kicking in and immediately when temps drop during a hit.
    DigiTi with new dry Sherlock body.
    Here is the glass Micobowl with glass plug:

    He made a mistake IMO with the incredibly short length lead from the controller to the heater. It's just way too short for my usage preference and I believe for anybody who has a rational, sane mind, but some misguided individuals complains to him that the analogue lead was too long hence we have this mishap haha but Sebastien told me this is easily correctable.

    I was very disappointed of course to discover that my allergies and immune response have increased since I last used the analogue model when I tolerated it very well and I had to stop using this device after less than a week. I have had a few goes this week and I have tolerated it much better after some improvement with my health and I do absolutely love using this vaporizer especially the effects it gives.

    I believe Bud may be acquiring a model from Seb himself soon and he will be infinitely more able to do a good job at reviewing this vaporizer and introducing it to the crowds than myself for I am in a difficult position with my allergies and intolerances.

    But I know that Sebastien would really appreciate some help in raising awareness of his models because he has never been a marketing man and I am committed to helping him in any way I can because he makes excellent vaporizers which too many people do not know enough about especially in the USA.

    So I will be so glad if Bud will be able to assist him hear. And of course I'm really looking forward to his impressions and thoughts of the device.
    More to come.
  • meeemeee
    and then heres me using a 18mm to 14mm adater in a 14-18mm adapter for micro bowls ha. cheap i know $4 glass from china
  • meeemeee
    looks so cool. telling myself i dont need it. ha
    iv got a herbi Ti and a J-hook.
    dose seb ever join in with 420 sales or something similar?
    i think i should put up some vape vids on youtube.
    herborizer would be my first
  • meeemeee
    Battery pack for herbi. Mobile desktop
  • meeemeee
    Dirty ol vapo bong
  • VapeCritic
    My new digi unit just got delivered, didn't open it up yet but will real soon :ok:
  • meeemeee
    did you use it on live stream?
    I missed it
  • VapeCritic
    I didn't even open the box yet so you didn't miss nuttin! :sweat:
  • Alexis
    Bud I broke my digiTi! I tried the enail setup with rosin for the frist time. It worked well but it does appear that I will never be able to tolerate vaping rosin which has been another big disappointment after buying my Dabpress and having such high hopes.

    So I just wasnt thinkong clearly and I wasnt sure how to get the black residue clean off the Ti injector so I tuned the heat up real high for some minutes to burn it off, somewhere above 700 I forget exactly now.

    I left the room to return and see the heater glowing up. I thought maybe it was too high so turbed it right down.

    But to my dismay, it was busted. Cant get up to temp or hold a stable reading now. Seb is gonna be so mad at me, I dont even dare email him yet and the last few weeks have been so tough Im not feel9ng clear and confident in my head about sorting anything out. We are busy here me and mum decorating so I can move back in my bedroom again, otherwise I guess Im just holding out until I suddenly have the energy and confidence to email Seb.

    I have been so excited in anticipation of your own DigiTi coming I didnt expect it for a while so this will help spur me on to get mine sent back for (hopefully) repair.

    I will say- a good friend and hardcore stoner has visited 3 times this year.
    1st time he tried the Showerhead and loved it.
    2nd time he tried the Elev8r and was equally impressed.
    3rd time it was the DigiTi- he was really blown away and most impressed of all 3.

    Will you be testing this one out first or live streaming it? I think this is actually a much more suitable device to use first time on a live stream. You cant really go wrong, just tweak and learn as you go.
  • meeemeee
    ah cool man.. your gonna love it.
    Best vape I have found so far for sure. Keeps you waaayy up. Will vape anything you put in the chamber no messing. :fire:
  • meeemeee
    baking powder and vinegar is good for cleaning glass.. takes off the carbon...
    And obviously iso. Hot water. Helps :up:
  • Alexis
    thanks man. I meant the actual injector though, the Ti indents you dab in. I have no experience with rosin and wasnt sure of the best way to remove the dark staining, obviously I wont soak the heater in ISO. I will prob ask Seb how best to clean it up for sending back.
  • meeemeee
    oh I see. Seb often says just leave it at running temps and it cleans up after a while.
    I often take the glass off and scrap the Ti with my dabber.
    Sorry to hear it's broke.
    R.I.P herbi.x
  • VapeCritic
    Opened it up last night but didnt try it yet, maybe later today :ok:


    Gotta review it before i break it :lol:
  • Baron23
    Wow, that's a lot of kit....and yes, the race is on....review posted or the tiny tinkling of broken glass, which comes first! haha

    Good luck! :rofl:
  • Alexis
    Im really looking forward to you testing this one. I was actually starting to enjoy my DigiTi more just before I busted it. If I can get my respiratory infections much lower again there is a much greater chance of me tolerating the Ti and enjoying it, even if not as an every day vape.
    I want to give it a good shot though, it is due to our outdoor grow demands for 5 months that I havent been able to commit to treating my infections nearly enough and hence have really been under it.

    Almost at a point now where I can focus on healing and rejuvenation again. Just gotta face up to Sebastien now, I hope he wont be TOO annoyed. Im also hoping it is the injecor itself only that is screwed and not the box, but for all I know it may be a cheaper repair the other way round now I think about it(?)

    So Bud Im curious- I see you have the standard 14 mm bowl which I know Seb advises now as he feels the screen fitment is easier. He is planning on going all 14 mm in future for this purpose.

    I have the 18 mm bowl too which I actually prefer.
    And you also have the Microbowl. But Im not sure I saw the glass concentrate bowl?

    And Im also very interested to see the lead length from controller to heater. I hope Seb listened to me and extended it over the one he sent me.
  • meeemeee
    pro tip. Apparently this set up is kinda restricted? Though you can use this herborizer with your fave rig.
    shame no more 18mm in the future. I think I prefer the higher airflow personally. Seems kinda crazy only doing 14.5mm for screen fit.
    Though I have noticed 18mm screens are not tight on my analog herbi.
    I put a glass seamine ball under the titanium gauze. Gives better filtration and adds a tiny amount of extra conduction.
    Glayass holds heat. :cool:
  • meeemeee
    burn it off with a window open and blast that herbi. You been missing out haha :fire: :100: :victory:
  • VapeCritic
    using this again on live stream in a few mins
  • VapeCritic
    had a malfunction need to get it checked out, please standby!
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