• Egzoset

    Nearly 6 months after making circles around experimental HerbalAire v2.1 contraptions (acquired for my initiation to vaporism on February 15, 2011) i bought a Classic VG pipe only to realize i just couldn't operate it as sold and hence i ended up giving it away a week later. The year after i was finally determined to give it yet another try then later came to realize it had quite some edge awaiting further scrutiny after i launched my DIY Project using VG pipes as a Prototyping Platform, on March 13 2013 exactly.

    5 years later i can proudly share conclusions.

    Genuine VG pipes only reflect what i view as an unfinished concept with potential sufficient to blast pretty much any competitor, because of a genuine/novel mix of features rendered available at a modest cost (+ some remodeling involvement):

    Google Images: Egzoset LAVA TinyPic

    Please do yourselves some favour: consider DUPLICATIONS + PEER REVIEWS!!

    Not to mention this is a "Bi-Energy" design potentially compatible with electro-magnetic Induction Heat...

    No more need for expert operator skills: newbies would acquire it fast thanks to a hypothetical "Bio-Feedback" applet or even toking sessions shared on-line... Add a permanent magnet to get a universal haptic/audible user interface and ultra-sonic bowl stirring, etc. Resort to direct 3-Phase power-to-heat conversion to avoid/resolve eventual problems relative to connecting batteries in series, etc., etc. I mean there's a lot to contemplate here!


    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • Egzoset
    Typo: March 18 2013
  • juxt
    I still don't understand anything about all this...
  • Bud

    Yea what in the world in this??
  • Kuzko
    Ive seen this gentlemen post about this on multiple forums, I try to follow but never end up understanding any of it. He modded a vapor genie with an extra health stone or something? Not sure if English is the guys first language so maybe somethings getting lost in translation. A better or dumbed down explanation would be welcome.
  • Egzoset

    Oh, i didn't suspect i had failed this much in joining a sufficient/practical amount of details. Anyway i'd be pleased to provide whatever additional information which may seem suitable.

    M'well, essentially it's an extension of VG's existing patent: e.g. my radically customized version relies on their original line of products. In other words anyone considering duplication, ideally followed by peer-review(s), would still be required to be a legit VG pipe owner, since they own the intellectual property. All i offer is a way to extend it's range of applications even to users who ain't gifted with skilled lungs - as i found to be necessary with a genuine unit. It's worth every penny so i don't see voiding VG's warranty as a limitation, honestly at that cost it's even more fun to make 2!


    So, my guess is that it was my "LAVA" slogan which caused this much reaction all the sudden. Take note that 1 animated picture like this says it all: it's my final recipe for "Plan-B" after performing multiple successive iterations over the years. Just buy a VG pipe, cut its Silicon Carbide core into a pair of near-symetrical "pucks" with thicknesses as indicated, then also remove the Flame-Catcher and Monobloc to cut them shorter, in order to allow much improved compatibility with blue flames while moving the Core (turned "hybrid") closer to its cannabic workload...

    It means the thinner "Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck" diameter needs to be trimmed down slightly so that a Brass Screen wrapped around it shall make them 2 hold fine in the Screw-Base cavity. Among other features there's the main "PinHole" (à la VapMan), it was felt essential all along and i even added an auxiliary one - too bad the main PinHole couldn't be located on my Sphere itself!


    But words still prove useless, right?

    No problem everyone ain't expected to see it at 1st glance, i didn't.

    Put briefly my proposed core layout gives access to a novel experience with a radically different ritual resulting in 5 ~ 6 tokes from a ~125 mg bowl, with the 2 ~ 3 first tokes still rewarding in terms of aroma/taste. Try that with "1-Hitter" tokes that only spend ~20 mg each, it's where "Micro-Bursting" comes to play, because "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers" rely on slow/deep thermalization instead.

    This pulsed-mode consumption method belongs to an opposite part of the spectrum where only the contact-surface is targetted, ideally. In fire mode my LAVA "Plan-B" concept translates as a significant set of benefits, at least to me: it's self-moisturized (thanks to clean-burning butane) and minimizes "baking". As for "Plan-A" it promises precise "Packetization" of the "Heat Charge" leading even to mithridatism applications...

    So, i've simply tagged it the "shortest path of lesser transformation" after it was suggested the customized/modded pipe may happen to promote the release of some THC precursor, as i recall. Big deal, that's only more opportunities to explore!

    Etc., etc.

    How about showing what's inside? This is with the wood Sphere removed...


    And this is how i do the removal:


    Hit the screwdriver while holding the wooden ball firmly.

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • SunnyHours
    Hey @Egzoset!
    If I remember you are also a Canadian (Montreal?) And speak French as well, no?

    So you are also working on a new vape as I can see?
    Glad to have you here with us :)
  • LabPong
    Can this technology of physical parts be in an all glass oven (but with a screen) and glass sealed vapor path?
  • Egzoset
    Hi again,

    It's true i'm also having the name "Réal Guy" or "French Canadian" on social media but it's always the same Egzoset avatar, no longer from Shawinigan actually. The transformation started in 2013 and this is my conclusion, now that my "window" of opportunities have past. What i done is give VaporGenie's concept a niche in Induction Heat modes and not the least... To understand the implications it would really help to duplicate the configuration, most likely i'd want to start with VG's Sherlock Glass, naturally.

    Thanks for the nice words, it's a relief. It would be great if i could develop "Plan-A" myself but i consider my task with "Plan-B" is over as that's ready for duplication as it is. My plan was to share the fun since the very begining, it turns out this is "Bi-Energy" vesatile as a bonus. Those experimenting with "Plan-A" will only regret not doing it before, just because it was the rational thing to do.

    Relatively to reducing metal contact-surfaces to the benefit of glass i'd have to suggest relocating the "susceptor" inside a quartz shell that's sealed, i don't suppose there's significant delay in the IR heat vector but this would come with trade-offs in terms of interface factors, mainly delay considerations which can render the "bursting" experience too blurred at some point. You see, paradoxically a toke tastes best when the heat front is more "condensed", which is why i came to call this a "time-compress" type of ritual. Anyway, SiC is an all glass path already while taste-alteration (from hot metal surfaces in the path) is minimized by a compact/monolithic disc shape with no thin features to over-heat. In comparison a screen made of tiny wires would be a lesser option, despite its conveniency. In "Plan-A" the Curie temperature (which is permanently determined metallurgically) would limit maximum temperature of the metal surface while the susceptor's mass would set its energy-storage capability. So i figure that choosing a Curie alloy as a function of this IH characteristic would conveniently solve over-heating problems. If hot metal in the path remains an issue then completely separate the heat injection phase from the rest, each air pocket surrounded by red-hot silicium-carbide involves no metal contact-surface at all... But you might as well end up with a "Plan-C" if not careful with propagation delays, i think. Because my consumption method exploits the ability to avoid over-loading by proceeding in bursts...


    Words, words! It's so much simpler with the tool handy. Please rest assured no serious vaporist can afford to miss the fun for as little as a hundred bucks or so! The same structure layout in an equivalent path should be quite a starter IMO:


    3.1 mm thick SiC Front Puck
    1 mm thick 17-Holes Metal Disc (or try DynaVap CCD Screen if ~¾ g)
    2.4 mm thick Top-of-Bowl SiC Puck wrapped in Brass Screen

    All i can testify is that the suggested dimensions are valid for 3 VG pipe series as illustrated, Hybrid-Core ratios finally correspond to a "sweet-spot" where many aspects seem to balance correctly. The only thing that might go wrong in a VG Sherlock Glass might be the annular (spring-loaded) support, shaped like a dual loop: it would interfere unless it's not magnetic at all. As for the Brass Screen i'm afraid it's necessary to avoid early hot-spotting from radiative heat. I'm starting to conjecture past "Plan-B" anyway, creative pioneer spirits are most welcome to take over.

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • juxt
    OK, I think I finally get what's going on here:

    1) the VaporGenie produced a product that's like that pipe you have pictured ( It looks like a roughly butane powered 'vaporizer' that might also just be a normal combustion bowl?)
    2) You personally extended that VaporGenie product by (I couldn't tell if this is really the magic) changing the order of the vapor path, or removing some of the unneeded wooden spacer pieces, and then adding quartz and other components that have better heat management and transfer profiles.
    3) You gave an additional suggestion on how to structure the sections of material screening or holding your material in place to get bigger hits and whatnot.

    I can appreciate the info, but personally I'm not into butane vape that I'm drawing right from the lighter (I know, SB line juxt, WTH!?!, but those are much further from the lighter in the vapor path and have much more time for the butane to burn/evaporate) I would be reluctant to hit on a bowl from butane when that bowl is less than two inches from my lips.

    I also like the idea that you mod your own devices and whatnot...that's fun for me, I've done some stuff with the ones that I like, I made a loader for the Ghost MV1 and some stands and adapters for the Mighty/Crafy. I hope that works out for you!
  • Egzoset
    Salutations Juxt,

    It's almost embarrassing to admit but the last communication didn't work too well.

    My modded VG pipe ain't intended for combustion although it's possible to flirt with it. What i extended is a patented concept, i provide no product myself and the core path had to be made shorter because an excess of hot gases (from clean-burning butane) would accumulate in the Flame-Catcher and cause blue jet flames to self-extinguish otherwise. Materials are submitted to lesser thermal stress simply because less heat gets wasted into parasitic diffusion beyond cannabic contact-surfaces. I did try a glass "tripod" shield/deflector in my core initially but that was years ago. Big hits never were a real problem, what's new is a fair approximation mode not accessible to popular Hot Dry Air Ovenizers: "Micro-Dosing". In other words my customized VG pipe behaves like a device which is cold most of the time, in opposition to the later group that's most evidently slow/thermostatic.

    What i do is to exploit transitionary properties that emerge from a juxtaposition of highly contrasting materials, SiC being an insulator and metal a conductor... As for the purpose of "Plan-B" in a purist scenario that's just that, a fall-back option in reserve for those days when electricity comes to fail. Actually only "Plan-B" is covered by a patent, for all i know VG never cared to include IH modes...

    Personally i view clean-burning butane as a perfect complementary option that makes the device inclusive enough to accomodate users as myself who require self-moisturization. This later feature is paramount to me as i did try an Herbalaire then an Arizer before (for a couple years), which corresponded to a period when i experienced the apparition of allergy signs and even asthma that i never had until 6 months into my conversion to vaporism... Eventually i found out i needed water in the inlet path, which practically no ready-made product offers since electricity and water hate each other, after all.

    In principle both butane and IH modes are accessible simultaneously even during a same toke but it never implied that this would be a requirement. "Plan-A" can be made to work with IH drivers alone, i've even imagined a solution to self-moisturize in absence of clean-burning butane, using distilled water droplets instead (see auxiliary boiler/evaporator parts marked "Tco"):


    With a possibility for continuous analog heat control, (e.g. simplified Curie-based IH driving):


    It's all about temporary heat storage where the "Heat Charge" matches its cannabic "Workload" and hence bowl size or weight... The idea is to make an infinite amount of heat available at the contact-surface in a time period so short it doesn't get a chance to diffuse inside the substrate before it went depleted. Using Curie alloys the maximum temperature rise combined to a metal's specific heat capacity shall result in precise "Packetization" of a short-lived yet highly predictible heat source. Not to mention that the juxtaposition of SiC foam an metal implements a solid-state "Heat Valve" actuated by nothing else but airflow: insulator when iddle, convective/radiative heat source if not - but for a brief moment lasting the time of 1 toke only.

    No pipe ever done that so you'll need to replicate this or conceive your own prototype to get a better perspective. Anyway the more classical solutions are just too dry for me, in addition clean-burning butane ain't even synonymous of butane once it's been transformed into H2O + CO2 by fire, actually.

    In my personal situation the benefit boils down to avoiding definitive abstainance again, just apply basic safety precautions. Going blue was the 1st step.

    Also, keep in mind this proof-of-concept is meant to demonstrate principles through practical easy-to-duplicate hands-on experience, yet in full-blown "Plan-A" mode there would be no obligation for butane at all while my IH driver (power source) would remain away from anyone's face, on a table... The hand-held wand itself involves very few parts and yet promises zero-compromise security, contrary to your expectations. IH techology gives this much designer freedom.

    Now lets assume a VG Glass Sherlock IH setup: users would inject a "Heat Charge" in its "Bi-Energy" Hybrid Core using some portable IH Driver, then they'd take the pipe to their lips though always leaving the power pack behind, since the IH injection vs cannabic phases are SEPARATE. But one may still want to adapt my LAVA engine for some other designs with continuous slow/thermostatic heat generation, i suppose.

    In conclusion it's been a rewarding hobby and that was only my "Plan-B", i like to imagine the rest to come but i consider myself lucky for managing in good time with this adaptation while the stars were aligned.


    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • EconMan
    It is 1:30 am, I just read this odd thread, and so I'm going to do a fat dab of budder and see if I gain understanding.
  • ssaucyc515
    I have no idea what's going on lol although I only skimmed

    Does it get me high or make me breakfast :lol:
  • EconMan
    Ok. it is 9:34am and I must report I failed to gain an understanding. Although I shall search for the Holy Grail again this evening.
  • 01867
    If I understand correctly, this idea is about a hybrid induction/butane powered vapor genie style vaporizer.

    Instead of a the regular ceramic filter there is a metallic section in the center, which is heated through induction. The user than uses a butane torch as normal, but the induction heat provides a preheat, which allows for more instant vapor production (which could hypothetically make it easier to use). The butane combustion also hydrates the air.

    Correct me if I'm wrong Egzoset.
  • Gryfin
    Yeah I never saw this thread but what he's saying isn't absurd and his designs and the way he speaks of it shows good knowledge of what he's doing, just a bit of a language barrier. Regardless, neat design.
    Not a fan of direct inhalation butane products personally although what they say regarding butane is correct, there should be no inhalation of anything but h2o and co2.
    There is a slight nuance in this, being that butane does not completely combust until a certain temperature so you have to be sure your lighter makes a blue flame.
  • Egzoset

    Please lets begin with an excerpt of the original VaporGenie patent (US7434584 B2) which my "Plan-B" prototyping platform was based on in order to ease replication:

    [ https:// patents.google.com/patent/US7434584 ]
    Vaporization pipe with flame filter

    « The flame exhaust and ambient air are mixed within the flame filter and produce an air stream of intermediate temperature. The intermediate temperature air stream is hot enough to vaporize desirable components from the smoking material, but generally is not hot enough to burn the smoking material. »

    In other words a yellow butane flame used to generate some mix of radiative/convective heat vectors intended to be tamed down DIRECTLY (partly "Pass-Thru" style) on their way to the associated cannabic bowl, with some delay related to heat dispersion actually, etc... IMO that was VaporGenie's 1st conceptual error and in more ways than one, not to mention their over-looking of added benefits from an eventual 3+ layer(s) sandwich "Hybrid Core" just as in my LAVA (IH-compatible) proposal.

    Blue flames ain't only cleaner, their focussed power also happens to be required for best access to a "Micro-Bursting" consumption mode involving temporary heat storage in my "Bi-Energy" compatible Hybrid Core. IMO "Plan-B" offers a fair preview on "Plan-A" so to speak: it's a same "Packetizing" structure where energy capacity gets defined by finite parameters as mass and temperature(s). The main difference between butane and induction modes is that the later would need auxiliary boilers/evaporators to supply energized Inlet Water, which then would become the ultimate purist scenario: ZERO "comet dust" (read "impurities")...

    N.B.: My referal to "Comet Dust" is because butane is a petroleum product originating from earth's distant history when meteorites caused dynosaurs to go instinct, whatever. By the way, if Trudeau were anything about "protecting" Cannuck youth there would be "bio" (comet-dust free) butane available on the market right now, with a punishing tax on the non-bio self-vilifying versions of another age. So... An ideal hybrid "Plan-A" with "bio" clean-burning butane included would depend on electro-magnetic IH energy injection to reduce exposure to potential butane factors, while it would remain possible to boost the energy-carrying capacity of our "Release/Transport Agent" via an addition of super-hot (H2O & CO2) exhaust gases from a conveniently portable (reliable and widely available...) blue-flame corona. ... As i recall Hot Dry Air has a specific heat capacity defining unity (1) while steam ranges around 2, which implies the overall specific heat capacity of potentialized hot dry air cannot be 1.0 nor 2.0, yet i feel most confident it's somewhere inbetween. Hence my qualificative when compared to popular thermostatic devices.

    Keep in mind "Pre-Heating" is necessary in any of those 2 modes (though partly overlaping in "Plan-B"), while proper matching of Energy Capacity to its Cannabic Workload (via "Packetization") shall ensure no combustion incident ever happens while Inlet Water eventually "Potentiates" the "Release/Transport Agent" for further improved "Bursting"/"Dosing" support (it seems my "Heat Bubbles" work best if increased energy capacity will compensate for the shortest pulse possible): insufficient time excludes thermalization, hence promotes targeting of the contact-surface while limiting parasitic losses including the Attack/Decay times, which in turn should help to avoid traditional "Baking" because of heat exposure between inhalations. E. G. it's more as if "Self-Moisturizing" actually comes as a bonus of "Potentialization", since super-hot Inlet Water would raise the amount of energy which gets carried through, euh...

    Oh my!... Sometimes i find it really laborious having to read-proof myself!!

    Indeed, Theta proves so true about the language barrier as hands-on experience would make things so much simpler - and that's why independent replication + peer review is most welcome, always. Forget the fancy explanations, visualize through a diaporama of pictures:

    [ https:// plus.google.com/collection/AsJSIB ]

    For example this was the "UFO Element":

    [ http:// oi67.tinypic.com/30i953q.jpg ]

    [ http:// oi66.tinypic.com/2a4zm0i.jpg ]

    To be cut into a 12.5 mm (dia.) x 1.0 mm thick disc with multiple 1.5113 mm (dia.) holes:

    [ http:// oi63.tinypic.com/15nkr51.jpg ]

    So please consider "Plan-B" as an invitation to gain some (analog-like) approximation perspective on the promises of digital-age Induction Heat "Plan-A", e.g. by surrounding VG's FORGOTTEN semi-permeable metal disc with 2 SiC slices cut into their genuine "ceramic filter"; the result of such contrasting material juxtaposition being a multi-function contraption with useful transitional "Bi-Energy" properties. Etc., etc.

    What's for sure is that i can now use a metal top instead of VG's wood sphere and this is because of the radical consumption mode/ritual ("bursting") transition not leaving much time for parasitic heat to cause serious issues anymore. But to do it VG would 1st need to shorten their Flame-Catcher + Monobloc path to prevent hot exhaust gases from causing self-extinction of blue flames. As a by-product then it would equally become possible to move the "Core" closer to its cannabic target, rendering "Micro-Bursting" more valuable because of the reduced delay(s), etc., etc. The absence of "PinHoles" (as in the VapMan) was another important matter i fixed kind of early, years ago.

    Good day, have fun!! :victory:
  • Egzoset

    About a recent discussion:

    ...concentrates made by ultrasonic extraction...bulllee

    Although it's not exclusively using sound waves to perform an extraction i'll confess the idea must have invaded my mind the day i noticed the Herbalaire v2.1 aquarium pump actually induced some fairly strong agitation along its associated aerial path. Or maybe i noticed such detail only because i was curious about ultrasounds... A chicken & egg problem my memory can no longer deceipher!


    Anyway here's what this inspired me which caused my LAVA engine to include provisions for it, in any case:


    The electro-magnetic stirrer looks a bit difficult to identify in my Volcano-inspired fantasy (it's the grey dots around the glass vial, near the central cavity top aperture)... Then much later came another related idea illustrated in the right section of that same image above, to allow my LAVA concept to equally support yet another hypothetical scenario:



    My unverified assertions are that electro-magnetic flux concentration should help optimize the power budget while taming down its radio signature, ideally transmitting in the 600+ KHz A.M. spectrum so we get the option to directly monitor its operation using sound as part of its user-interface. The addition of fixed magnetic poles (magnets) in my conceptual LAVACapsule extension (for the forgotten Fig. 11/12 VaporGenie patent item) would pave the way to simultaneous ultrasonic stirring, while in a single-direction scenario this would come with post-vaporization expected to trim down vapor droplet size even further, e.g. to provide a finer cloud:


    As for optional custom-designed IH drivers i believe the direct 3-Phase Power combination of 3 or 5 cells would naturally result in a fail-safe behaviour where the dead battery doesn't stop the others from contributing to IH power injection. Using a 10th coil for pick-up purposes it should also become possible to steal PWM cycles to adjust power output while possibly implementing a bidirectional haptic/audio user-interface, which in turn would allow minimal designs where resources would be redirected to implement a wireless BT karaoke-like social application instead.

    M'well, the sky is the limit since it's modular this much while sticking to KISS principles heavily depending on multi-function components, etc. YMMV, imagination required...

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • McNuggetsTrip
    2 words... Holy... fuck :sweat:
  • Gryfin
    Ultrasonic stirring... Is this the future?
  • Cri3
    so I've been reading a lot of your vape concept posts and i noticed something did you major in engineering you seam to be very knowledgeable about these concept vapes also where can i go to learn more i have a basic understanding of the different methods of heat transfer convention conduction and induction but thats really it
  • RollingStoned
    I usually come one Vapelife to read @Baron23 posts, but after reading this whole thread i am in a psychedelic trance
  • Egzoset
    Salutations Gryfin,

    Ultrasonic stirring... Is this the future?Gryfin

    Just as indicated previously that's an unverified hypothetical scenario, initially tainted with lots of fantasy originating from 2010, the year Egzoset was created...

    Is this even viable or desirable? Lets admit i'm wondering the same while my LAVA suite was able to retain inclusivity as it evolved.

    So, ultrasonic stirring or not i still see plenty of room for a few same multi-function components to also support basic bidirectional audio transfer, and/or perhaps only a set of buzzing sounds - which still meets my expectations in terms of a universal user-interface: which would render it all operable by blind or visually handicaped persons as well. Overall what's the worse mishap which can happen other than fail?? That won't even change a thing to associated custom-made power stages, provided the pioneering experimenter won't favour 3rd-party ready-made IH-drivers instead, for example:



    Too bad their respective net IH power outputs weren't specified when i found it.

    ...i noticed something...Cri3

    VaporGenie's US7434584 B2 patent belongs to Dan Steinberg, the inventor who registered it on Oct. 14, 2008. Under normal circumstances i'd refer you to him for credential background checks, but it turns out one of the VG guys expressed a clear desire that i should leave no impression they'd volunteer to offer support for something contributed by some enthousiast client as myself - which is totally normal considering MY consumption method & associated ritual differ radically.

    Please re-read the thread for relevant information as needed.

    Alternately, if you took a look at that patent then you may have noticed that mister Steinberg obviously failed to mention electro-magnetic Induction Heat, which i wished he did (and i did write this much in our correspondence, at least twice as i recall):

    ...essentially it's an extension of VG's existing patent...Egzoset

    Yet the reader who still thinks he's all thumbs should simply refrain from engaging into such DiY project as we're practically on our own and this is uncharted territory!

    As always i do NOT endorse cloning and i actually even insist we must acquire a legit VG pipe then accept to void its warranty if anything novel is meant to occur. Many complaints about my stylish pre-emptive language have been formulated over the years, which typically announces a major communication break while in fact we're in presence of a minimal 3 ~ 4 parts assy. not even requiring to work in space - or to come from there!


    Ah. By the way, what's the news about FC's 2 NASA guys?...


    M'well, i can admit often enough i do find appropriate to fuel an impression of complexity, on purpose. Yet the basic truth is that nobody needs special skills other than not being "full thumbs" as there really are very few parts involved! Quite frankly if that's too much to handle then nothing can help.

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
  • Baron23
    I usually come one Vapelife to read Baron23 postsRollingStoned

    Oh gosh...whatever for! haha
  • Egzoset
    I don't, FC was quite sufficient as a sample illustrating installed trolls already.
  • Egzoset
    La suite...


    Relocation of my PinHole feature directly on the capsule itself ain't just confirmed now: such "Main Pinhole" can be rendered permanent, e.g. with no manual operation requirement, though this remains a possible option. There's too little trade-off involved for yet another gain of performance, much like expected except i didn't think it could be left open at all times! As long as the trench is cut thin, around 1 ~ 1.2 mm (max.), stop right before passing through all of the Screw Base annular part to minimize coupling with the Monobloc interstice...
  • Vapedude
    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Encore! Encore!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :cheer: :sparkle: :clap:
  • Egzoset
    All right.

    [ https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK8ednS0skQ&t=23 ]
    YouTube: Chris Tucker - Ruby Rap {The Fifth Element} (2007-Sep-19)


    Ideally the "PinHole" feature needs to be split in 2 complementary parts for the Classic (wood) unit. E. G. DO NOT cut its anular component around a Sphere's Screw-Base, only modify its Screw-Base itself and stop flush when reaching that ring; the resulting vertical channel on a Sphere must be aligned with its horizontal counterpart cut at the surface of a metal Bowl Aperture on the handle... This will establish minute airflow at the mating boundary, allowing a restricted amount of Fresh Air to directly mix with the "Release/Transport Agent" right on top of a bowl during inhalation, which raises the temperature differential a bit further during a Pre-Heating phase for improved "Hot Spotting"/"Baking" delay/protection.

    9 months later here's an illustrative reminder of what i came to tag as the "MonoBloc" and "Bowl" (see right side):


    An update may be posted later, eventually...

    Be warned the wood (large) mounting holes shall gradually get loose if those parts are removed too often, the good news being that a wood model is forgiving if one is sufficiently handy to craft replacement parts, or even create new ones like an adapter for water toys, etc.


    My PinHole feature appears to be Paramount with the Bronze Sherlock because that later model tends to retain too much dust in its auxiliary cavity (& vortex...) under the bowl. It helps with the Aluminium as well so i can only recommend experimentation as described with the wood handle. The absence of a PinHole doesn't hurt performance too much but once i was able to implement it using my metal VG pipes there clearly were no going back. The only issue is how tiny the channel of Fresh Air which directly enters a bowl really needs to be, so i'd stay between 1.0 ~ 1.2 mm (dia.) at most. Hence an optimized dual slot as pictured may actually require to trim down those tracks a little.

    As for the Metal Disc inside my LAVA Hybrid Core it doesn't need to come from Montréal's Prohibition stores (where they only had UFO-shaped smoking filters that need extensive cutting anyway...), consequently just find something with relatively massive branches compared to the holes, contrary to a mesh screen where it's so tiny i'd fear tainted metal taste... Stainless Steel may have a Curie temperature within some suitable range, go figure the IH-driven part! Mass should range around 0.75 g, YMMV.

    Good day, have fun!! :cool:
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