Sup @JMH

    Thank you and you’re welcome . It’s my pleasure to include you guys however I can .

    It is a gorgeous LB I have , I love my Lil’ Beast ! Yeah I wondered too, it’s like the bud almost came out greener then it started :rofl: at 390F / 42.0W on my Elite Medium profile , it’s not like it was on low either. I’ve had lots of practice on the unregulated LB Classics perhaps , still the Elite is quite easy to operate and dial in to how ever you vape , slow or fast, low or high temps.

    Thanks for watching I’ll do another Elite vid after you get yours , we’ll be able to vape a sesh with the same vape , it’s basically “live” I guess , not in real time , but live when you watch it :rofl: :rofl:

    I was vaping Bubba’s Gift , a humbolt? seeds strain . Organically grown, indica dominant hybrid. Like 80/20 or maybe even 90/10., not much a hybrid ..

    Vape on :strong:
  • VoidOfCourse
    Great session, bro! High five.

    I've never touched a setting in or used escribe either, just started temp stepping first session and haven't stopped... I never even had to changed resistance.

    I really like the stir tool hide away idea.

    Well done on the vid! Getting better and better. The close up and roasting tube shot lighting/focus were all super impressive improvements from the last vid. Perhaps switch up the roasting tube shots to a 1 then 2 hit pattern for vid flow etc? Vapor clouds still looking good , nice going!

    I'm impressed that you made that soo quickly without a COURSE of action?!
    This is freestyle??
    Dude if you ever started taking it seriously with planning, scripting, editing and all that ish then I believe you'd be a better or well revered YouTube "vaper".

    Nice and chill extracting one with the Waple LBE to that, thanks for the good vibes.
    I much appreciate the content, best of luck to PAM production.

    Thank you so very much for the shout out my friend!!
  • Z Master
    what’s up!!!
    Yeah I remember you saying 390*F & it literally stayed green the whole time haha, definitely not a low temp. Practice makes perfect, the Elite looks pretty simple to operate. At least you make it look that way haha, It does look simple tho.
    Hell yeah, I’ll definitely let you know when I get mine. It will be like we’re vaping together hahahaha. I’ll pretend to pass you my Elite & take the hit for you hahah. Bubba’s Gift sounds bomb! Yes developed by humbolt, only know cause I had some like 3 months. Bubba Kush crossed with God’s Gift, a great strain. Looking forward to seeing more videos.

    Dude if you ever started taking it seriously with planning, scripting, editing and all that ish then I believe you'd be a better or well revered YouTube "vaper"VoidOfCourse
    VoidOfCourse said it best!!!!

    Stay Medicated!
  • PAM
    @VoidOfCourse freestyle baby!
    Thank you for the suggestions and compliments,
    Your positive vibes , contributions and love are much welcomed !

    @@JMH lmao! you fit right in with Void and I bruh , thanks for playing along ,I’ll even do the vape switch reaching for the vape behind the camera to “fake” the pass even better! Hahaha .

    I wonder if @VoidOfCourse LB Classic is still standing in the corner “Blair witch style” with the Elite doing it’s witchcraft .
  • Z Master
    thanks, & you’re welcome!

    You have me dying hahaha, team player rite there haha. I gotta stop vaping for the night!
    Have a great night
  • PAM
    team player rite there hahaJMH

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