Having the pleasure of getting acquainted with my first on-demand battery powered portable vape this weekend . So far so good , tasty and potent :)

  • elopro
    looks like milana with woody stem
  • elopro
    any opinios about this vape ???? looks cool nice job
  • PAM
    yeah, I can't compare not having tried other on demand unregulated vapes , I know it uses a different shaped mesh coil and doesn't have any glass joints. As far as opinion, it works good and gets the job done (strong potent high) . I find it more powerful/efficient and more tasty then my vapcap and it performs as good if not better then my log vape. Have only used it 3 times having received it yesterday. Seems to extract very well and feels very durable built wise . Happy with my purchase so far , still need to tweak my technique to optimize performance being unregulated but it worked out of the box, strong cloudy hits
  • elopro
    interesting thanks please more ; )
  • elopro
    and waiting list for this vape is 2-3 months yes ?????
  • elopro
    or compare with millana firewood or tubo or mistvape nomad
  • PAM
    Well not sure what or if anything specific you want to know , it's only my 2nd day with it . Loving it so far , microdosed with it today with success.
    Nice even roast , it can get hot with short stem but I noticed opening lips When it happens helps keep the hits smooth. Releasing trigger when feeling hot air cools things down quickly too. Slower draw keeps temp well.
    It's very efficient on battery as well. I am 6 bowls in with some fooling around and probably good for 1-2 more bowls before swapping battery.
    I cannot compare performance wise with the vapes you have mentioned .
    I went/chose to buy Lil'Bud because I was aiming for a quality portable ,efficient(potent) durabie, on demand and convection vape.
    I am happy with my choice. flavor wasn't a main concern for me but I was quite suprised and happy to find out it brings out the flower flavour very well too .

    website link below says
    Paid : 3-4 weeks
    wait List : 2-3 months
    He's delivered on his word and timeframe, wait times most be accurate .


    Here are pics of my before/after abv from two microdosing sessions today. That's how I like my abv, golden brown . Could probably darken it abit more if putting them together and vaping it again. I doubt I'd get much more from it. the small amount barely covered the bottom of the screen.
    IMG_0871 (129K)
  • PAM
    @elopro, here are a couple videos for a visual perhaps.. it performs really well outdoors in cool weather and indoors at normal room temp.

    using 0.03-0.04 microdosing load per bowl in the vids.


  • elopro
  • beyond6strings
    Well, I can add my name to the ranks of Lil' Bud lovers. I got mine yesterday and I haven't touched another vape since. That'll change, but I certainly see myself using this daily.

    I have experience with on-demand, un-regulated devices and the Lil' Bud is top notch. Very quick heat-up, easy to micro-dose and the taste and quality of the vapor are the best I've ever had. I've been pleasantly surprised by how cool and especially tasty the vapor is too.

    And Mike has great wood chops, and uses quality woods. Mine is a Walnut body with a cherry button section that looks and feels great. No glass, no adhesives. Really sweet box.

    I love my Milaana but given that I've had screen issues I'm going to continue to use Crafty Liquid pads as screens and use it exclusively for concentrates.

    But for flower? The Lil' Bud rocks. Going to try some AK-47 and play some guitar.

    If you've been thinking about a wooden on-demand vaporizer made just for you; check it out http://vapwood.com
  • Magicman
    You know @VapeCritic has one of these. I think he is trying to stay out of the "whittling wars", aka the battle of the "hard woods". These hippies adam, ryan, mike and friends used to be rainbow family. Now they are at each other's throats in search of the title....."Best Wood"!
  • Magicman
    I thought alot about buying a Milaana. However, I am impressed by Vapwood ability to go from design to production in a short time. Ditching the glass liner and stem makes this vape not just another glass stem vape. (Like we need more of these.) All these craft style vape producers are constantly looking for new ways to put a copper roof on a doghouse.
  • PAM
    i think all vapes have their own vape signature and features. So far , LB owners on FC report it's a flavourful and smooth vape. Very versatile and built to last.

    I do agree it does taste great from 1st to last draw of sessions . I don't feel as though I'll break it while using it. Its very sturdy and feels very reliable so far. I could probably drop it, a few times , and still not worry.

    Mike talks about Checkbox's , things people look for in a vape that can be found on the Lil' Bud and LB owners agree it is. Here's the 10, taken from FC ;

    Do you want really quick vapor?
    Do you demand a pure air path without adhesives?
    Is durability and reliability important to you?
    Is pure convection and taste a high priority?
    Do you love the beauty of handcrafted hardwood?
    Are you tired of changing batteries every couple of loads?
    How does almost zero maintenance sound?
    Do you need a hard hitting vape that will get the job done?
    Do you want this all in a light weight, hand held, portable?
    Do you expect to spend under $200 for this?
  • Philly
    did not know they were Rainbow Family. Had some werid times at the gathering s.
  • PAM
    Someone commented on my latest video that @Magicman wanted to see inside of stem / screen / heater...lol .

    First Photo below is of stem , a screen and the stir tool that comes with Lil' Bud. Safety pin can be closed for safety , the dowel handle makes placing the screen inside the stem a breeze .

    Second photo is view through stem with the basket screen placed inside.

    3rd and 4th photos are of the cavity that holds the stem . A screen placed flush against the bottom of the hole protects the heater and its surroundings. In 3 weeks with daily use I have yet to see the screen move or have any herb grains get stuck , there is simply no room for herb to get wedged there . What appears to be a stuck crumb in my 3rd pic is actually a piece of wood that is attached to body.

    As for loading the herb into the stem, I usually use the "straw" method and just sip it in the stem from table or my hand. It would be easy to fill by hand or by pourri g it from a small jar or tube .

    It is very maintenance free & friendly , so far I've only had the brush my stem screen every now and then....


  • G-love
    I am very interested in this vape! Thanks for all the pics and info!!!
  • Magicman
    It's cool.
  • Magicman

    @PAM does the "total package" come with a charger?
  • Bud
    I just re-opened this thread and removed the last chain of comments that became contentious.

    Let's keep this thread about the vape itself moving forward, please!
  • Bud
    Yesterday I got the unit that I ordered, it's very lightweight and looks/feels like the wood was done well:

  • Vapster707
    Looks very nice I'm really interested in the new Timber model myself ...
  • beyond6strings
    @VapeCritic that looks like a sweet Cherry Lil' Bud. That Cherry is going to age very nicely over the years with handling and the light. I've never taken you for much of an on-demand, un-regulated kind of guy, but if you're looking to scratch that itch I've found my Lil' Bud gives me the sweetest, thickest, tastiest vapor I've ever had. And those wood stems-they cool vapor way better than I expected-way better than longer glass stems I have tried. Hope you enjoy it Bud.
  • Trix
    Hopefully review coming soon
  • okla68m
    So, its like an All Wood /portable E-Nano ? Well, I guess Not, in that the only Temp control is in How Long the Button is Pushed ? Correct ?
  • PAM
    Nice Cherry Lil'Bud , Bud! Good to have the Lil' Bud thread back up and running!

    Here's a video of my LB in action , I did a few others with talking and info, the one below is just a short quick rips vid made at request of MonkeyTime on FC .

    Here's another perhaps more informative one while at it ..

  • Magicman
    So glad the ban was lifted. Let's talk Lil' Bud!
  • Cl4ud3
    It's like a Milaana or MistvapeTouch but it has no glass and so has no insulation between the heater and the wooden body. Manual button control to gauge temperature.
  • Baron23
    So, its like an All Wood /portable E-nano ?okla68m

    Eh, maybe like an all wood Milaana tbh. But I agree that both of these vapes really are portable log vapes like an Enano.
  • okla68m
    Thank you..."Log Vape" is what I couldn't think of.....loading the Stem Vapes.
  • Magicman
    @VapeCritic needs to roll this thing out during live feed. I can't wait to hear his thoughts.
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