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    Yeah none of the RBT gear will work with the Nomad. The Nomad is much smaller and the glass stem is equivalent to a 14mm joint in size (not shape). If you are sensitive to heat you will need to do something about it because the Nomad has a short air path and of course it's hot convection heat.

    As for performance it is quite good! The Milaana is actually the closest vape I can think of as far as vapor quality so I'd say that's pretty good!

    It comes with two stems and you can drop them right into a 14mm female connection without any adapter. It's relatively sturdy but it's not like a jointed glass connection.

    All the Ed's stuff landed last night! I'm about to list the nomad stems actually so I'll put a pic here for folks to see.
    Small stems on the left are the same size as the stock glass stems. The ones on the right are a bit longer and have a 14mm male WonG connection.

    Sold out of the long cocobolo and blackwood Splinter/Milaana stems already so reupped today with Ed!
  • Mangu
    Are you using the “Low Temp” or “Hight Temp” heater module? Do you prefer one over the other?

    @BestBuds unless you were one of the people who got on that list very early then there’s a good chance you will be waiting a longggggggggggg time for yours. Shoot the whole design might change by then haha. I was recently added to the list and was informed that turn-around is about 3 months. And they’re being produced in batches of 30. And there’s about 250 persons on the list....The good part is I should have finances buttoned up by the time it’s my turn.
  • BestBuds
    I only got on the list in October...
  • Kinick23
    Took about 8 months before I got the notification..
  • duff
    duff Are you using the “Low Temp” or “Hight Temp” heater module? Do you prefer one over the other?Mangu

    This is the high heat module but overall I prefer sipping with the low-medium one.
  • SourMalk
    So it seems as though my dreams have been shattered. I should have know that such a piece of art would have such a wait list. No worries though I don't mind appreciating from afar. Very interesting to look through his Instagram pictures. Really makes you appreciate the process that goes into making these.

    Maybe a longshot but if anyone is interested in selling their used Nomad I would be more than happy to jump on that opportunity. Thanks!!
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