• Bud
    Just got my 2018 Dynavap "M" order :ok:

    What do you think, maybe a little giveaway action next stream? :wink:

  • PAM
    I'll admit, looks more functional the Original M. (Knurled , carb placement, fins, spiral grooves, mouthpiece shape even perhaps) very refined ! If caps are fully inserted in pics, the end of cap : fin seems more spaced too ! I'd always pull cap out a tad to allow more air circulation between cap and fin.... Damn they look nice when new!
  • G-love
    I almost purchased one this last weekend when they were giving the free ti tip with it as a bonus. Please review I am interested but not sure if it would be for me. Im looking for something that will medicate heavily and have great taste also. thx Bud!!!!
  • MAbud
    Put the TI tip in them. Definitely a big upgrade
  • bener
    I’m rocking an M18 with the Ti tip right now. Compared to the same Ti tip on an M17, I feel the M18 is a bit less restricted, seems like a slightly bigger draw.

    The grip is better, and it’s easier to locate the hole in the new version.

    I had been rocking the M17 with Ti tip for a couple of hours before the M18 arrived, so the data might be slightly skewed :joke:
  • G-love
    Hi @bener how would you compare the experience to the MV1 or the Mighty (I think I saw you have both might be wrong)? I would greatly appreciate any info you could give. I love the Mighty for its consistency and even ABV every time. I love the MV1 for taste and effect but am not happy with the ongoing battery issue (If you don't have 2 batteries forget it I'm sorry it's true though) and sometimes it can be picky with the herb on hand like if it's not dry enough. The butane flame aspect of the dynavap turns me off but prove me wrong! I'm all for it if its not a hassle!
  • LabPong
    The butane flame aspect of the dynavap turns me off but prove me wrong! I'm all for it if its not a hassle!G-love

    No need for butane......torching is old skool yo!

    Soon you will be able to get an Induction Heater direct from Dynavap. Or you can get in line or find one of the ones that started the whole vapcap IH revolution..... @Pipes induction heaters. He is a guy from Canada that came up with this design to be used with the vapcaps. He makes them in 3 different versions, with a new one retiring another design to be smaller. He is on the FC forums. Look for member Pipes there in the DIY section.

    Makes using a vapcap more enjoyable and easy....super easy with excellent results. I have not torched my dynavap since 7 or 8 months ago now.
  • bener
    how would you compare the experience to the MV1 or the Mighty (I think I saw you have both might be wrong)?G-love

    I like both the MV1 and my Dynacap Ms, I don't currently own a Mighty though I have used those too.

    I think each of these vapes are so very different, the comparison may be moot. I use them differently too. I will usually use the MV1 when I am 'sipping' while listening to music or watching a movie, etc. I fill up the crucible holder (sometimes with a variety platter) and relax to enjoy.

    I like to bring out the Dynavap when I feel like a few tokes from a bong :razz: It's a little less 'passive' in that you do have to pay attention to the clicks, but anyone that's ever smoked a joint can certainly handle the "technical" details :cool:

    One can vary the size of you load with the Titanium tip, and with a little user experience you will learn to finesse the heat you apply to get the size hit you want. So, you can tailor your experience somewhat.

    I'm often surprised by how big the clouds from a Dynavap hit can be :-)
    Don't let its small size deceive you -- it's mighty surprising what a punch it can deliver.

    I think you'll find the Dynavap a welcome alternative to the MV1 experience.

    If you haven't already, check out the Dynavap videos.

    DynaVap Adjust-A-Bowl Tips (for Titanium tips)

    10 dynavap (vapcap) Tips And Tricks

    You also mentioned that you're not a fan of butane. I'm not either, but using a butane lighter for such a wonderful vaping experience, is, in my view, a rather small price to pay. The induction heathers, as @LabPong mentions, are also a possibility. I'm not sure of any timeline or expected delivery for a Dynavap product, but others may know more.

  • G-love
    Good morn all thx for the helpful info guys!! Happy Friday!!! Vape it up!!!
  • Futurevapors
    Hi yeah man, 240 giveaway!!!

    if we're out guys and batteries die or vape stops working, having an M in your pocket might be a life saver.
    I don't currently own any Dynavap so this would be a very welcoming giveaway Bud!
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Kuzko
    You just missed the “buy an 18 m and get a free Ti tip” promotion.
  • MAbud
    Still the best $100 vape spend by far. For me the TI tip is a must as the flavor is much improved over the SS. But yeah, the free tip promo was an awesome deal.
  • kpx420
    I don't love my 2017 M but its OK.. IS the 2018 M a big improvement? I'm kinda digging that new grip on it, as the 2017 M flew out of my hands more than I can count..
  • Cuckfumbustion
    I think the 2018 M lives up to being 'this years model. Even the o-rings have been approved. 2017 M still offers something different in it's design.

    The 2018 has more airflow. Mass is kinda different with the fins.

    Ti tip has more airflow and quicker heatup/cooldowns. SS stores heat more - more conduction as well.

    So many flash sales. The 2018 M is already at 20% off, as the rest of the site, Except mersh.
  • kpx420
    Got this is on time for 420 wit the Ti tip on 4/19, ordered 4/16.. 6fy0s3mbbiylb0cg.jpg
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