right on. See if you can do one using the square/diamond head shape of the free pick tool which Bud gives away. It's basically just a long bold line that folds in a square and on itself.

    It's geometrical, everyone who has a pick tool knows what/who it stands for and people who are new would think the pick tool was made to match the logo .
  • FlameBeats

    I’m no artist or anything but here is a logo I scetched on the envelope you sent my pick tool in!! The logo from the pick with the green V and C!! Just an idea
  • robvancity
    Hey @VapeCritic hope you like this

  • Bruce
    Found on Google Images

  • VapeCritic

    That's dope man I like it!

    Sick dude! That would make a great t-shirt design :ok:

    :lol: :lol:
  • VapeCritic
    I'm going to try and hire a professional designer to come up with some real solid options, hopefully this works out :pray:

    Thanks for your feedback everybody it gave me some ideas to share with the designer :strong: :strong:
  • robvancity
    sounds good. Hope you get a high return on your investment Bud.

    Wish you all the success! :)

  • Bruce
    If you aint vapin with a Vape Critic Reviewed Vape then you just aint vapin' BiYatch
  • Bruce
    For the Vape you are making. You will own the Vape world if you make it a GH made Pax tough. Period.

    Peace Love and Vape
  • Bruce
    This is Bud 50sgg9bmoemkv9a13h.jpg
    years from now...
  • BestBuds
    sorry I couldn't get around to this. Lots of life stuff going on for me lately. :down:
    I was tossing around the idea of using "TVC" in a way that is reminiscent of the THC labels. Maybe like a stylized design of your pick tool with "TVC" arched on top and below "100%" with "Stay Up" small under that. I think you can use some futuristic fonts on some, some real trippy late 90s skater punk fonts on some, and some cannabis inspired fonts on others. You can keep the core design the same but change the style of the logo/design by simply changing the fonts. That's where my head was going with it anyway.
  • SunnyHours
    It's been a while since I've designed a logo...

    It has to say Vape Critic? At least I'm guessing...
    Would you want a Logo made in Photoshop or like a real Vector illustration Logo? (A Vector can be scaled up and down as you want since it's geometric shapes instead of Pixels)
    Squared or Circular logo?
    What would you prefer?

    Thanks for the Pick BTW Very generous of you!
  • Baron23
    It has to say Vape Critic?SunnyHours

    NO, Sunny. The point of the logo is to NOT associated the t-shirt (or other product) in public with vaping. Many of us (myself included) just cannot wear a shirt with a cannabis leaf on it, "Vape" anything on it, or similar.

    The purpose of the logo is to provide a cannabis neutral symbol to the public that is nonetheless representative and associated with The Vape Critic.
  • VapeCritic
    oooooo i forgot to update this thread!

    I hired a professional designer on monday to take on this logo project, I should have first design mockups in about a week :ok:
  • metalmancpa
    What direction are you heading with this, since you are trying not to have the logo look obviously associated with marijuana? Will there be any indication of a plant or vape smoke? Inquiring minds want to know :grin:
  • VapeCritic

    This is most of what I emailed the guy to work off of:

    I currently have two main brands: "The Vape Critic" and "VAPELIFE" (vapecritic.com and vapelife.com), and people call me "Bud" as my nickname.

    As you can see they're just simple text logos, and for now I'm ok with leaving those as-is.

    However, I'm starting to produce and sell my own products (vapes and apparel) and I need a nice logo graphic to print on everything.

    I'm going to call it a "symbol" from now on because I think that might be more accurate.

    It might sound strange but I actually do not want this symbol to be easily decifered as a vape or 420 related brand, it needs to be innocuous.

    So no vape clouds or anything like that, and I seem to be drawn to geometric shapes and patterns.

    If you want to toy around with the idea, I'm cool with integrating the letter V into the symbol, but just that one letter.

    Take a look at this pick tool I've been giving away to people: https://shop.vapelife.com/products/vaporizer-pick-tool

    A few people threw the idea at me of possibly using the top of the pick tool design as the symbol, or maybe part of it.

    So, some more info...

    My tagline or sign-off in all my reviews has always been "STAY UP!", and that's the phrase that everybody recognizes as coming from me.

    Unfortunately, someone else owns the trademark on STAY UP and they won't sell it to me, so I'm going with just a symbol instead.

    So maybe possibly integrating an UP arrow into the symbol?
  • VapeCritic
    this guy seems legit so i'm hoping this comes out real good :100:
  • VapeCritic
    oh yea and i sent him this part after:

    "one other important thing I mistakenly left out...

    My umbrella company name is Vapelabs, LLC

    So VAPELABS is what all the other brands fall under, and the new symbol/branding will be used for all of them.

    When I build the Vapelabs website in the future I'm going to use this new symbol as the logo."
  • metalmancpa
    Hopefully this guy you hired will tie your ideas together with a nice logo. To me, sounds like something simple like the top of your pick tool as the symbol with maybe just the letters VL (short for Vapelabs?) somehow incorporated into the logo. And since I like the sunglasses on your icon, maybe sunglasses behind the logo?
  • MothChewMoth
    @VapeCritic how goes the progress?
  • Ooziah
    You are cool man, cool! No BS. Love the logo and Vapelabs is so cool I want something just so it says that.
  • Downsideup

    Whit your shape and a stylized plenty in hand!
  • VapeCritic

    I just got his designs the other day and one of them I really liked and I'm going with it :strong:

    I'll show you guys on the stream tomorrow :100:
  • SunnyHours
    I'm really sorry Bud! I haven't got around to working on your Logo yet, I'm moving Monday and I'm really low on money so I'm hustling to get some funds or something because I need a new Glass Table Top which is 140-170$CAD and I kinda need Grocery Money too and help to pay for the movers, otherwise I'm alright...oh no nevermind, forgot the most important part, Cannabis, my Medication which used to be around 600$/month but now that my budget had to be revised since I had to stop working, I thought I'd have about 200$/month but it almost looks like my first month I won't be able to afford my most effective medicine (during my first month with my new Flatmates...not the best timing!).

    I do have some Flowers I can try and save/ration as much as possible but it won't last 1 month that's for sure...I have at most 8 grams of Flowers, and most of it is leftovers from a BIG bag of Cannabis so, some mini buds, mostly sugar leaves and some kief...so its not the reserve of the century...

    On top of that I live far from my friends who all live in the same 3 identical "Towers"...and I don't think I'll be able to afford a Public Transportation Pass...at least not for the first Month...

    I think it's gonna be a very tortuous month I think. I won't be able to buy myself a little something to eat if I'm really hungry, or just a little something sweet as a "gift" for my good work/a reward. You need to reward yourself once in a while. Hopefully I can get everything worked out real quick...

    Anyways good luck with the logo Errr, I meant Symbol! Hehe
    If the guy doesn't do good work for the logo I, too, was gonna propose the Symbol to be the "wig-wag" at the end of your Pick Tool...

    I could make that logo pretty quickly in Illustrator, that way it'll be a Vector, which means you can resize your logo at will...if you need it to be "40x40 Pixels" or even "25000x25000 Pixels...

    By the way, Loving the Pick Tool!
    Stay Up Bud!
  • PAM
    Cool that others are digging the pick tool symbol , I'd say it's almost a consensus, Bud :grin: Right on, Vape on!
  • BRAVERY600
    Drew up this image that I am currently using for my profile pic. Lmk if you want to use it, I'm down to share!

  • Bruce
    That is a GREAT Name, Vape Labs. "I am digging it" as one wise man said.

    Vape Pawn Shop - Do a live stream, people send you there vapes and you give appraisal, you can add in the history or background to the vapes. History channel should jump on that. Send a few digital pics, have some experts to call.
  • VapeCritic
    Hey guys here's the logo I decided on, it's pretty close to what I had in mind so I'm happy with it, hope you dudes like it too (yes I know it's simple!)

  • VapeCritic
    Here are the other options he gave me also:



  • G-Code
    I like it all, very clean look. Cool stamp too!
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