• jungpunk420
    trying to decide between the FF2 and the ArGo... any thoughts?
  • BobCat
    FF2 is convection, and Argo is session. Do you have a preference?

    Will you be out and about? Is stealth a factor? Taste? Do you have a price range?

    What are the main things you want in a vape?
  • Magicman
    And remember....
    FF2 is the "iphone" of vapes!
  • Karec
    :lol: :rofl: :lol:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    heya, I used to own the FF2 and I couldn't recommend it all. Hugely expensive for what it is.
  • Rockytdogg
    trying to decide between the FF2 and the ArGo... any thoughts?jungpunk420

    Yeah. Get a Haze Square or a Boundless Tera (available soon)...
  • jungpunk420

    I would really like a convection vape. i own the Focus Pro (my first vape) and the Xmax Starry, and I would like to have something quality with great taste and small size to be out and about. Stealth is not so much of a factor and price range would be in the $200 range (give or take $20). Would be nice if it could vape concentrates as well! Cheers BobCat! :D
  • Lucic and Chong
    Of those 2 in particular, I'd chose the Argo. I've just read far too much negative feedback about the FF2, though a lot of people do love theirs.
  • jungpunk420
    Yeah there is quite a lot of negative press on the FF2... Cheers for that! :)
  • Rockytdogg

    Seriously, if you really want convection you should look into the 2 I mentioned... both are being released eminently and they are both in your price range.... I'm sure the ArGo (hybrid convection) is a decent vape but it is a little more expensive and is relying on their much old tech... which does mean "proven", too, i realize this...

    at least look at them... why not?
  • MAbud
    Haze Square Pro for sure

    Hard to say much about the Tera until they confirm they have fixed some pretty troubling issues out of the starting block
  • Alexis
    What about the Tubo? It does interest me to see just how many pro vaporists speak so highly of the Tubo, especially regarding vapor quality and potency. The impression I have gathered is that it is above the Square in this category.

    Yet the Tubo evades mention frequently when discussing options for the best portables. OftennI exoect due to portability, discreetness factors. But as @jungpunk420 doesn't specify this requirement I thought I would throw it in there.
    I saw the live stream anyway. Bud basically showed the 3 top portables he likes to take out, with a thorough explanation and comparison- The Mighty, Haze Square and MV1.

    No Tubo though, although I think he does like it. I believe some Square beta testers prefer the Tubo to the Square?
  • jungpunk420
    The Haze Square looks pretty cool, but is it bulky? I can't seem to find the dimensions... The Tera just looks bulky, also the reason why I am shying away from the Ghost... Cheers! :)
  • 420edc
    The AGo is the Perfect EDC Vape
  • Magicman

    I spent $88.00 at DynaVap and got all these goodies. No tax (Trump prolly not happy about this), and the shipping was Freeeee!
  • BobCat

    Here is Bud's, @VapeCritic, review of a preproduction Haze Square model. As @Rockytdogg suggested, this vape seems to check most of your boxes.

    The Argo had glass stems you have to load/preload so that may be a bit of a hassle. I have a Milaana I LOVE.
    It is convection with glass stems, but I have to admit the stems are a slight irritant for on the go.

  • jungpunk420
    Gonna do some research on the Haze Square tonight at work. Thanks for all the help gang! Cheers! :D
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