• mtngirl
    Convection only. Portable or Desktop. What are your top five?
  • justjustin
    That's a good question....For me, flavor is very important and I love all the different flavors out there. Vaporizers bring out the true flavor of these herbs and I don't think I could ever go back to just smoking.

    My top 5 portables:

    1 ) Ghost MV1: my go to vape for flavor and just my all around go to at home . I think it produces the most flavor and for longer too than any other vape I've tried and I've tried a lot of them.

    2 ) Grasshopper: amazing, punch you in the face flavor but flavor seems to taper off quicker than the MV1. This is always a vape I bring in adventures.

    3 ) Firewood 4: amazing, pure flavor but vapor is rather weak times.

    4 ) Tera : Flavor has been great and it holds a lot of herb. Mostly Convection

    5 ) ArGo: not full convection but a hybrid: pure glass provides clean and full flavor.

    The Firefly is also a convection vape that I've heard has amazing flavor but I've never tried one.

    Honorable mentions:

    Herbalizer: great, pure vapor and extremely flavorful, especiAlly at lower temps. It definitely deserves a top spot.

    Elevape SV: super pure and clean tasting vapor. Sometimes produced the most flavor I've ever experienced but it was an inconsistent vape.

    CFV: super flavorful vapor. Very pure and clean. Draw was too restricted and vapor was too weak and light, even at 400f.

    MiVape: had really nice flavor but it was a finicky vape and I didn't feel safe using it with all the loose insulation around the heater/vapor path.

    MiniVap: great, pure flavor but draw was too restricted for my taste.

    Might/Crafty: super, no nonsense vape s that are ez as Pie to get huge clouds and vapor is extremely flavorful
  • juxt
    ONLY considering taste,

    1 - Glass Symphony / Elev8r
    2 - Ghost MV1
    3 - Argo / Solo 2
    4 - Ti Dynavap / FlowerPot
    5 - SB line (last only because of the addition of the wood flavor to each hit ... not pure but it's very tasty.

    I use the GS and FP the most at home, and the SBs, Mighty and Ghost on the go. I've retired almost everything else, but I do pull out the volcano when people are over.

    EDIT - dang, didn't read the convection only until too late :( so, take out the Arizer stuff right, and the dynavap? everything else is convection I think.
  • BobaTheFett
    Best flavor firefly2 hands down
    Coming in close wit second is mv1 the mv1 gives much stronger hits but for flavor purity ff2 wins it if it’s all about flavor ff2 would win not many are a fan of it but once you get the technique it’s awesome back when I began medicating again it was great but now my tolerance is to high for it to use it for where I’m trying to get lol
  • Bruce
    #1 GHOST MV1, #2 GH the rest I have are eithert hybrids or conduction.
  • To the Cloud
    When did you get a Tera that wasn't all messed up ? Thought the new batch just started shipping and even then have heard the initial couple sessions have that Chinese made taste
  • Other Side
    Shit.....in no particular order. These are just ones I like:

    Supreme 3
    LSV (underrated for the price IMO)
    Stickbrick line (if you know how to control the torch and don't mind some added wood taste)

    Any RBT product (Zion, Milaana, Splinter)

    Other ones that are pretty good but not my tops for taste-

    I used to think the Mighty was ok but with all this pure convection in my collection in now feel it tastes like crap!
  • juxt

    Good call out dude, I left EVO out and totally should not have...
    but on the SV3, even when I only heat it to ~338 - 345 I get a metallic tint to the flavor, even through water...almost like doing an air draw through an aluminum can if you can imagine.
  • MAbud

    You tried the New Vape Flowerpot? Curious how that ranks against the other desktops you mentioned
  • justjustin
    haven't got mine. The original was fine for me, never had an issue with any funk or off gassing and I thought it produced really nice, flavorful vapor but sent it in to be safe. If you've tried the CFV, the Tera tastes just as good but it's a beast in comparison and clouds come easy!
  • Other Side
    oh yeah that's up there too. I borrowed it tho. Don't own it so it slipped my mind.
  • MAbud

    Awesome, thanks. Thinking that will be my 4/20 pickup
  • Other Side
    I have heard that from others on the S3 but personally I don't sense it and I keep the temp low.

    I also left out the SSV with the glass transfer wand. That shit is pretty good too!
  • MMongo
    I love the taste from my Vapman more than any probably.

    Runners up dynavap Omni Ti xl, ghost, firewood4 and Milana
  • Futurevapors
    Butane and Battery are different in leagues.

    Tastiest Butane I've had if of course is:
  • welshman
    Vapes I own in taste order:
    1) ghost mv1
    2) air 2 (Conduction)
    3) flowerpot (as long as the glass is clean)
    4) dynavap omni xl (hybrid)
    5) mighty (hybrid)
    6) plenty (Hybrid)

    For concentrates (other than the ghost this is all conduction)
    1) flowerpot WA with SiC dish
    2) source nail xl with quartz dish
    3) ghost mv1
    4) flowerpot showerhead
    5) omni xl
  • Sebastian
    Ok here is my ranking:
    1) herborizer ti
    2) elev8r
    4) sticky bricks hydro max
    5) lotus
    6) evo
    7) plenty
    8) ff2
    9) volcano
    10) cfv

    I just ordered the haze square pro yesterday which wasn't delivered till now. So this one is not in my competition.
    I also don't own a glass symphony (not available in Europe).
  • MAbud
    Kind of interested in the elev8r now that so many people seem to rank it so highly for flavor
  • Alexis
    im a little surpirsed actually how the Elev8r is not showing as the top dog here in a more emphatic manner. IME it blows the FP away, Herbo Ti is good but not nearly as pronounced/defined as the Elev8r.

    The Vriptech heat wand- I never triwd but I VAS for one day. But I believe there might not be a desktop that can beat it on flavor purity.

    When I used the Glass Symphony for one day- I was quite underwhelmed with the flavour actually. I was much more impressed with the FPSH for taste. So I would certainly put the Elev8r above the Symphony.

    And the VHW surely above the GS too on pure flavour grounds, at least I gamble on it..

    Never used an EVO but I know it has a strong rep for flavour.

    @MAbud when you get the heating just right the Elev8r gives you the best and purest tasting vapor I ever had for sure. Very techniqie dependant though to nail it just right.
    But even at higher heat, and with morr harshness it never tastes bad. Almost to the point of combustion it is always very neutral.

    I would actually argue that the Elev8r is maybe the LEAST BAD TASTING vape across a broad temp range, and throughout the load as it diminishes.

    And the best or equally best tasting when heated just right.
  • shaolinmilk
    Top 5 strictly for flavour in my collection:

    1. ELEV8R - This shit is nuts, absolutely insane when it comes to the flavour
    2. EVO - Amazing flavour, extremely consistent. Loses to the ELEV8R for sure in flavour, however it is up there with the best of em
    3. Grasshopper - I think this is at least as good as the EVO in terms of flavour, however the taste trails off after one hit
    4. SV3 - Amazing flavour at lower temperatures - Loses to all of the above in terms of flavour
    5. Glass Symphony - Punches you in the face with a blast of flavour, however the vapor is a bit on the warmer side of things so it puts it in my 5th spot

    Honourable mentions: Tubo Evic, Mighty and Sticky Brick w/ hydrobrick attachment
  • BlluntRapp
    Top 5 flavour

    1. Elev8r - Like many people are saying, the flavour on this is insane (mainly the dry wand, through water i find about the same as my others).
    2. Evo - I use anywhere from 1-3 on the dial for dry herb and the flavour is still great.
    3. Flowerpot Showerhead - Great flavour at lower temps but i like to cook the fuck out of it.
    4. Volcano Digit - Sort of the same as the FP, I generally start on 210c or 220c so the flavours not bad but is far better at lower temps.
    5. Might or Ghost - Mighty just with the CU and glass mouthpiece i find has nice flavour that lasts for quite a few hits (I only use 210c). The Ghost.... I find this vape annoying as fuck so it never gets used, but the first hit the flavour is decent.
  • BudsofWar
    well i hope i'm saying elev8r in a few days too :)
  • MAbud

    I feel so much pressure to buy one now! We should all group and order to get the 42% off
  • BudsofWar
    on the face of it that's a great idea
  • Rockytdogg

    Who wants in?

    4 kits + 4 small glass jars get us there....?

    $68 plus redelivery charges (which would only be for 2 and it can be spread out over all 4 totals...?)
  • MAbud
    I’m in
  • LabPong
    Who wants in?

    4 kits + 4 small glass jars get us there....?

    $68 plus redelivery charges (which would only be for 2 and it can be spread out over all 4 totals...?)

    Or just get the Glass heater and sick clip........add your favorite 18mm female to X adapter and you have the vape! Those are the only 2 parts I use for torching or using my coil with.
  • Rockytdogg
    thanks for tips, man!


    I believe we’re under $65 each now including shipping...,.?
  • duff
    Well not to encourage VAS but...

    Cleanest tasting for me goes to the Elev8r, Tubo, Vriptech Heat Wand and the Evo.

    Absolutely delicious but not quite neutral goes to all of the Sticky Brick and RBT line ups. The flavors on these are much more complex. They are lip smacking.
  • pedro matoso
    hello is there any difference between the elev8r and the tubo or the taste is similar, thank you for your help?
  • Futurevapors
    Hey man, with regards to the Elev8r, does it have a hole in the top for air circulation, could you use a micro torch, and how long do you heat it.

    It looks very interesting but i also like it needs heating for long periods of time?
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