• LabPong
    Hey man, with regards to the Elev8r, does it have a hole in the top for air circulation, could you use a micro torch, and how long do you heat it.

    It looks very interesting but i also like it needs heating for long periods of time?

    The glass heater piece on the Elev8r has a hole in it where the air starts from.....you heat under the hole. A normal small torch.....1 to 4 jets is too small.....you need a massive torch like the Blazer Big Buddy Turbo. Then the heating is about 30-40 seconds to start...then as it is heated up some... 10-20 seconds on reheats per average.

    I use a coil on my Elev8r 80% of its use.....other times when I just want super fast medication for a hit or two.....the torch comes out.
  • Futurevapors
    30-40sec's? I Can totally understand why you're using a Coil instead!

    I've been looking that them glass tube's today where you put your material inside and then torch the glass around that area and within 3-5 sec's you have vapour :chin: much quicker.
  • Mturner7
    1. Vapexhale Evo
    2. Glass Symphony
    3. Newvape Flowerpot
    4. 7th Floor Elev8r
    5. All S&B vapes

    Not in order
  • Alexis
    hey man hope its a good day. Yes bruv the Elev8r has a fairly small hole in the top, like 4 mm max diamater. However- there are a few freaks out there with no hole! I have one as discovered 2 weeks ago. Thought I had a reserved "nubbed" heater when my original finally broke from coil bruises. The glass "nub" was handy tp rest the coil on, so that it didnt sit on top of the clip making it too hot to handle to stir, reload etc.

    7th Floor stopped making them with nubs so I held onto that one as backup for the coil, only to dind it had NO HOLE!
    So I am using another nubless heater I bought to sell with my spare Elev8r. Now the coil sits on top of the sick clip that secures the heater to the bowl. So it gets so damned hot that clip now, waiting game to stir and check load etc.

    BUT- the performance with the coil lower down there on the clip is MUCH BETTER. Much stronger vape since, so I dont think I would even return to the convemienece of the nub, as it would sacrifice performance.

    And this to me is a big Golden No-No! Cant lose vape performance. Optimum performance is always the goal, fit the furniture around that right? Ideally anyway.

    So no nubs for me. But quartz heaters are due by July likely too.
    So I have to ask @Futurevapors , are you thinking what I think you're thinking? If so, then yes you CAN use the Elev8r like the Sticky Brick and inhale the heat from the flame directly into the air intake.
    A few people have tried it but that is not how the Elev8r was designed to be used.

    I really wanted to get a sticky brick myself personally but I have serious allergy problems and react to everything and anything like you would never believe. I was concerned about being able to tolerate the heating method with the Direct flame so I did some test runs with a bubbler and the cleanest butane and I had a really bad reaction to it each and every time.

    I have seen and heard all of the arguments for the safety of it and the absence of any harmful by products etc and I'm not disputing that at all but for certain there was something there for me to react badly to but I'm incredibly sensitive to all things and reacts to very harmless compounds all of the time where I am simply suffering symptoms rather than being harmed if you get me.

    However it is worth noting that there was definitely something present in the air for me to react to.

    I just recently spontaneously bought a vapexhale cloud Evo on offer in the UK. I have already sold it to my friend it was another vaporizer I have a very peculiar intolerance type reaction to which is not material based in any way.

    I have always heard about the amazing flavour the Evo provides so I was very interested to try it.
    I was surprisingly underwhelmed by the flavour actually and this experience taught me just how incredible the flavour can be from the Elev8r with the right heating techniques and clean bowls etc.

    I'm not speaking bad of the Evo at all I couldn't get a real impression of it because I suffered such an allergy type reaction to it every time but I was never blown away by the flavour at any point. I realised it is because the Elev8r has spoilt me in this regard without me quite noticing it happening.

    After I gave up on the Evo and went back to the Elev8r I was gobsmacked by the flavour instantly and realised what I have been taking for granted. The effects as well which still to me rival just about every vape I have hit in terms of potency.

    But for sure, taste wise I have yet to try any form of cannabis consumption or device that has equalled the Elev8r. But there are trillions of vapes I have never tried so please add salt and pepper to that! :wink: :grin:
  • LabPong
    30-40sec's? I Can totally understand why you're using a Coil instead!

    I've been looking that them glass tube's today where you put your material inside and then torch the glass around that area and within 3-5 sec's you have vapour :chin: much quicker.

    That may be true with the time on one of those simple tube deals.....but I can guarantee you the effects and extraction process are no where near what the Elev8r can do.

    Also....the initial heat up is long...but not following ones. The coil is not as fast on startup draw....but can continue to give faster consecutive draws than torching.

    It is like the difference between the vapcap and the Elev8r. I have both....and can assuredly tell you they are 2 very different animals.
  • Futurevapors
    Hi Buddy. Yeah I stupidly thought the Elev8r would only take the same time as a Dynavap to heat and with a mirco torch, and I was looking to use it in my SBL OG but as good as that might be the torching times are out of the question for me.

    It was actually the Dreamwood Roasty S i seen someone using witch looked quite cool how it heats the Glass to vaporise the Herb.
  • rft360
    1. Cloudevo or ELEV8R (only got to try it once...)
    2. Ghost MV1
    3. Mighty
    4. firefly
    5. solo 2
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