• justjustin
    I'm also wondering the same thing, summer is pretty broad of estimate but I'm assuming the end of summer. I really hope they are able to keep this eta and don't run into any delays but we all know how new vape pre-orders can go. I agree though, there should be more info and pics out by now, especially if they plan to keep this eta but I know they're working on some videos demonstrating use, loading, flower use etc so all of our answers should be answered shortly.

    I'm totally in. I think this vape will deliver and it's some new and innovative. There really isn't a vape that can be directly compared to the GoFire, so I'm excited. I'm a fairly moderate /heavy user with medical needs and this is exactly what I've been waiting for!
  • Cannabliss420
    @Wesdon any updates on gofire
  • bum karacho
    4 days without loading.i think after a few gramms its empty.maximum 12 loads if there are 3 big akkus inside.i t should be poossible to emptyit in 4 to 6 hours..and no changeable batteries FUCK IT...its also to big. i dont like it. maybe if it makes better steam than mighty ore crafty than i would like it a little. but not for the street.not stealth enough for eu......
  • Cannabliss420
    I emailed gofire, this is what they said.
    Hey there!

    We apologize for our lack of communication on VapeLife, I will make sure to drop an update there this week!

    Everything has been very hectic, as you can imagine. We are putting the final pieces together to for our large scale run and will be shipping late Fall.

    With that said, we have an exciting new feature that we have developed. We will be launching this new portion of our system before the vaporizer, so look out for a big announcement in the next 4-6 weeks!

    Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

    All the best,

  • ginny vapes
    I am impressed with the vape quality I seen in the vid but even if it ends up being available in the Fall, there will a small market for this. probably the reason there was so much vape was because of the cartridge but most consumers will not be able to purchase the cartridge due to location. it seems too early for this device until there is high demand for cartridge dosages. It would be nice to see how it works with dry material. It seems like the design could have left to right filling chambers to switch back and forth or to deliver both at the same time with the draw pulling from 2 completely separate chambers but just my thoughts
  • justjustin
    I was really hoping for summer but I guess Fall isn't that far off anymore...I think it will be worth the wait to have a device that will allow users to learn about what works best for them and be able to repeat that exact dose and also see what works or doesn't work for other GoFire users as well. I agree about the cartridges but there should still be enough features for people to enjoy the device without the Smart Cartridges and hopefully it wont be long for them to arrive throughout the US. You can still load oils/concentrates/flower directly into the device yourself without the Smart Cartridges and you may even be able to add the cannabinoid content of your material into the App to get a estimate calculated dose?
  • Cannabliss420
    @justjustin I really wish they would post more videos, especially on loading your own flower. I dont live in a medical state so I'm going to have to rely on unit and not the cartridges. Idk why their not promoting it more for people after taking their pre-order money. I am starting to have second thoughts. Dr. Dabber did the same crap with the switch and it ended up not so good for flower
  • justjustin
    I don't know why they aren't promoting it or showing it off more either...I know they've been busy with a show recently I believe but I agree, I would like to have seen more by now, especially something or anything on flower use.

    It will be interesting to see how this device works for users in non medical/recreational states or areas where the Smart Cartridges aren't available but as far as I know, the device is fully functional without the Smart Cartridges and I believe you can still estimate your dose...? I hope people are able to input their own lab results of their material into the App to "calculate" an approximate dose when loading directly into the chamber with either flower or concentrate, without the Smart Cartridge and that's totally possible... There just needs to be a formula/algorithm that calculates your dose based off cannabinoid content / lab results of a specific material and the amount loaded into the device, a specific temperature and number / length of draws = mg of cannabinoids per draw/session.

    I really hope it doesn't turn out like the Switch and I doubt it will. I know the GoFire is really marketed for oil use with their Smart Cartridges but they claim flower too, so hopefully it really does flower just as well. I would prefer a device that does one thing really exceptionally well, instead of both mediums just ok or one much better than the other but I'm definitely still in 100%. I am very optimistic though, this is a full convection vape unlike the Switch that is an induction/conduction vape, so I'm not surprised that the Switch didn't deliver on flower vaping. Convection is usually reserved for flower vaping, so to see a device that is full convection but designed for oil cartridges and flower is really exciting because normally convection heat doesn't vape oils and concentrates well but its top notch heating for flowers/dry materials.

    I spoke to 2 guys from the GoFire team and they seemed very proud of their device and excited to get it into the hands of experienced vaporizer enthusiasts because its really unlike anything available and they were confident that we'll love it. This is a step in the right direction IMO and we need more control and precision with these devices if people are going to take medicinal plants seriously and not just as a recreation, which isn't at all a bad thing either but its so much more than that. More than anything else, I am excited to learn about what cannabinoids work for me and different aliments and how my experiences compare with other users. The GoFire is not just a vape but it will be a community where people can share and track their results using the App.

    I am not affiliated with GoFire, I am just excited about this vape and really hope it is everything they claim it to be because it will be a ground breaking device
  • Cannabliss420
    Maybe we'll finally get by Christmas. lol
  • justjustin
    What is the good word GoFire?!? We need some info, pics, videos, updates, anything...
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