• Contraradio
    Hi threre, thanks you in advance for reading and maybe even replying!
    In short my question is; would anyone know a powerfull portable vaporizer for HASH, that is not a pen or needs a lighter to heat up and also is reletively small (able to hold in one hand)? (willing to invest if good fit!)
    I'm have not owned a vaporizer before but I am a notorious smoker. I'm a bit done with always smoking joints with tabacco, therefore looking for diversification. I have been thoroughly searching online for some time now, but cannot really find a suitable divice. The Davinci IQ is by far my favorite, but it is not suitable for hash (big chamber, convection) (THIS SUCKS!).

    I really like the IQ because of its small size. It is possible to smoke it without making too big of a statement when outside or in the park (can be smoked unnoticeable, unlinke a crafty,mighty, ghost mv1, pax3 etc.). The IQ is small enough to sneak into a festival and yet powerfull enough for some nice sessions. The only downside is that to smoke hash with it, cloths/fiber is needed (sandwich method), the big chamber can still get dirty and I will probably mess up the divice or lose the 10 year waranty ==> It just seems like to much effort to smoke hash with the IQ, but the device itself just suits my needs so perfectly.

    I'm from Europe, the hash I smoke is solid, sometimes more easy to crumble than other times. For a joint I always make tiny pieces with my fingers. I understand mixing with weed is an option, but I would like a vaporizer for mostly smoking hash.
  • VapeCritic

    Hey somebody else jump in if I'm off-base but I believe the Dynavap VapCap is one of people's go-to units for use with solid hash. I don't have access to that otherwise I'd answer myself!
  • Rockytdogg

    @Contraradio mentioned no lighters but there is always induction heating... I’ve never used my M for hash, heck, I can’t even remember the last time I did or saw any... but I’ve read about people having different methods depending on the consistency for use in the vapcap... usually it involves slicing it very thin and using a fiber layer between 2 screens, I believe...?

    Good luck!
  • justjustin
    I know the predicament...I always enjoyed the haze dual for hash or all consistencies because you can just fill a Can with as much or little as you want and wipe them when there still warm to get the leftovers or just throw it in alc. while you use a fresh can.

    I have also had success with my grasshopper and I've made capsules that fit and Can hold tiny amounts of material like hash but you can also take some good gotten for cigs/mods or hemp fiber and mix the hash into that for a lot of vape s including the gh.

    Another one i had good success with was the mivape....it had quartz cups and you could throw a little hash in the bottom of those and it really worked quite well but you just gotta be quick to wipe while they are warm or you gotta soak. I'm kinda iffy about using my mivape anymore though because there is lose insulation in mind that could be potentially draw up through the heater and into mouthpieve, lungs.

    Sidekick is pretty good with their can and that works about the same as the haze dual.

    Pens are really the best way to go imo, at least at this time. There are so many atomizer that work great from exposed could to buckets for ez clean like quartz, ceramic and titanium. I recommend Source.

    I'll give it some more thought but I'd like to hear what others do...I really enjoy traditional made extracts but they can be difficult to vape
  • Cl4ud3
    I've had experience with traditional solid pressed EU hashish in the Vapcap, you don't respect the click and give it a bit of extra heat. Never had an issue with it but I have been recommended, by someone in Amsterdam, the Vaponic Plus for hash.
    It is supposed to be excellent but I can't comment personally. Unfortunately they are butane powered.
    If you have to get a battery unit then your choices are harder, you need one easy to clean as hash can make a vape dirty quickly and one with a high temperature. The Haze V3 as @justjustin mentioned is a solid choice and one I have used myself but I still feel the butane options are best here.
  • Karec
    forget about the IQ for hash, i think u need a wider chamber than the IQ, i would go for a mighty, using the concentrate pad and making the Hash as small bits as you can, i know the type you are talking about, moroccan hashish can be hard when you get the low end stuff bricks.... for me i just quit 10 years ago consuming that crap... from rubber. waxes, and other nasty stuff the moroccan uses to make this type of hashish and its a crap, just to make money! try to get better stuff like pollen hash, kief, bubble hash all from Morocco... if its good u can even press it for Rosin and even get a really good and activated kief.
    Talking strictly about vapes, go for a wider chamber, like i mentioned before the IQ chamber is more tall than wide and you won't get real results (your experience with the IQ say the same...)...if you are a notorious smoker (like u mention) the Dynavap can be a good way to make a transition from combustion to vaping or at least is what i think but not stealth at all...like all that need a torch... i only use my stuff so i can get good pollen which i press and use the "leftover" that looks like the type of hashish u mentioned on top of herb...
    If you want something stealth to use in festivals, do rosin and get a pen nothing can beat that stealthiness... or HVT SAI was doing something to use with dry herbs and that looks like a ecig...
  • Contraradio
    Thank you all for replying! Awesome to see there is a community to help eachother!

    , The VapCap is indeed one of the most used vape's for hasj, only I dont really prefer it again, imo ;) ).

    , In the EU it is very easy to get hasj. Prefer it over weed because my eyes get very insane red from weed. Shops sell both solid or pollen hasj, so no problem there (prefer high quality). Read on other forums that putting sticky hasjisj in the freezer for a few minutes before vaping also helps.
    As you also mentioned, the sandwich method is listed a lot online. I don't really want to mix it with weed though (cocktail = even more red XD), but I also read a lot about mixing in normal herbs or even using degummed hemp fibers as a filter. This sounds very appealing, but still kinda afraid of messing up the vape system. Anyone got some opinions to share? \o/

    , Thanks for posting your experiences ;) . I've also read a lot about the Haze V3 dual, but I think it is a little to big for my preference.
    Out of the vape pens I think the Grasshopper looks the best. Although I still think a normal mini vaporizer would suit my needs best.
    Maybe the miVape is suitable for using hasj surrounded by degummed hemp fiber. But if you already state there is lose insulation, it doesn't really sound appealing.
    The sidekick is a little to big for my preference. It looks a bit slicker than the Haze V3 though.
    I'll check out Source ;)
    Hopefully some big companies or manufacturers will see all the forums and questions online about hash/hasj vaporizers. Really think there is high demand for it! I'm very willing to invest if the device is built with good quality and answers my needs.

    , Thank you for your reply! The Vapcap is mentioned a lot, have not heard of the Vaponic Plus. I'll try to read some reviews.
    Very spot on!, I'm very restricted because of the battery, cleaning and high tempature wishes. I do really think there is a solution for me out there haha

    , I'm losing faith in the IQ. The chamber size is indeed a problem. The device itself perfecty fits my needs though > overall size, slickness(!), battery, powerfull, portability, tempatures, cleaning etc. I would really like someone who ones the IQ to share their opinion.
    Hahah, thanks for worrying, you awesome, but no need. Never smoke crapy hasjiesj, I travel a lot in EU between cities like Amsterdam and Barcelona, always able to get my pollen, kief or ice-o-later. I mentioned solid in my original post to make clear I don't mean concentrates.
    The HVT SAI is a really good tip! Thanks again!
  • Karec
    Mate i worried with everyone who consumes that nasty sh1t :lol: :rofl: :lol: so i guess u dutch, by the easy of getting good stuff on a shop :lol: :rofl: :lol: i recently am auto sustained so i know what i put inside my body. Yes the IQ is good for some scenarios and is a good-looking stealthy small portable design vape but dont perform like Mighty or the Crafty, i won't recommend the Crafty (and i have 1) due to be a device that have a design flaw making the thermal fuse to fail... but i would if this was not the case.... and the Migthy is just insane big to be considered a portable....did you try the hash with the IQ Pod? I only have the wax Pod but i never tried it with hash or ice-o-lator (which i also have in my arsenal of goodies :lol: :rofl: :lol: ) u can also use the herb pod with a screen mesh inside, but im only brainstorming ... and i think this would work better than using with the wax pod...
    Come to Lisbon we can try it :cool: or i can just do it for adding up info for you, let me know.


  • Rockytdogg

    Yeah, sorry, I was thinking harder, compressed black or blonde hash... I do see really nice loose 60-70% TAC bubble hash around but haven’t tried vaping any yet.
    I’ve vaped my kief catcher kief sandwiched between 2 concentrate pads in the mv1 or with weed sandwiches.... and only weed sandwiches too in the VapCap... I have hemp fiber but haven’t tried using any yet... seems like a pain but I will one day I’m sure.
  • Ieyatsu
    I'm also from Europe and have easy access to hash. When I start vaping instead of smoking I make some research to find the best way to vape it, haven't found any way that really convinced me to use it directly, so what I do is extract the oil/rosin and then use it whit a enail or a pen.
  • CreativeWriter
    I´m from Spain and I vape hard hash sometimes. I have Mighty, Iq, Pax3, Arizer Air 2 and Vapir Prima and the surprise is that Vapir Prima vapes concentrates like a champ..and hash really really good...much better than mighty and much bmuch better than Pax 3. I mean only hash or concentrate with no dryherb sandwich. Concentrate in oil pad is awesome and hash too..but oil pad is more dificult to clean (this vape is really easy to practically 100%cleaning)One tip I use is to put a normalpipe screen in top of oil pad and the put the hash...when I have to clean is super easy...you only have to put off the normal screen. i also use a screen in top of the chamber(so its screen doesn´t get clogged with the hash or dry herb if you are using herb)Vapir Prima is really underrated and I love it...and with concentrates kicks off my other vapes by far. With dryherb is also awesome and reliability is fenomenal...amazing no problems in 2 years. For concentrates is the only one of mine I can recommend
  • Jack-vic
    Haze v3 works great with hash!! :-)

  • Karec
    good input and your collection of vapes is good
  • CreativeWriter
    yeah...my collection is really nice and I enjoy every piece depending on the moment. I start with Vapir Prima and I quit smoking since first moment.Since then I start to love vaporizers and now I have 5...i think the five are top tier and I'm really happy with my five
  • Karec
    i think u add a desktop unit to your collection...
  • Nobruno
    @CreativeWriter can you detail how uses hard hash in vapir prima? You put the oil pad, a normal screen and the hash on top? The hash smashed on top?
  • CreativeWriter

    You can put your hash in top of the normal oil pad....the problem is that cleaning it after use is going to be difficult. So I put a normal screen in top of oil pad...and the hash in top of the normal screen...but I don't smash it...only put in top ...I have broken the hash piece by fingers in little pieces. Then I put another screen in top of load...so the vape don't get clogged and you can put the load not so tight. The result is amazing and to cleaning is just taking off the screens
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