• lazylathe
    This is the latest iteration of this fairly unknown vaporizer.
    I have the pleasure of owning the SV2, SV3 and now the SV4.
    All previous models were butane powered but not in the conventional way.
    The Supreme uses an aluminum heat exchanger block that has a very long air path that the air travels through before it hits your herb. It is designed to be a mixed conduction/convection style vaporizer.
    The previous models also came with a thermometer, so you could replicate your sessions fairly easily.

    This is the Supreme V2:
    You can see the side of the thermometer that is black.

    This is the Supreme V3:
    New handle style with thermometer easily readable. An awesome vaporizer!

    And a pellet after one hit with full extraction:

    The SV4 is a different take on the same design and instead of being butane powered it is instead controlled by an ENail flat coil and a PID.

    This is the Supreme V4:

    It is essentially an SV3 with a pocket welded onto the side to accept the coil heater.

    With the coil attached:

    This is the bowl loading system:

    The bowl on the left has a removable screen and you can just drop bits of nug in the tube.
    No grinding required ever for full extraction.
    I am not a fan of it so instead I use a FULL CONVECTION mod with this vape as I did with the SV3.
    To achieve this, I need to move the load to the outside of the vaporizer, so I required a bowl of sorts.
    The Vapocane bowl is perfect and the load is also the perfect distance for vaporizing.

    Here are a few videos showing it in use!

    And filling up my large RooR tube!

    Great flavor, awesome effects and rock solid performance with my set up.

    There have been a few issues with the inventors controllers and coils, so i bought my own to be on the safe side and zero issues. Can be left on all day.
    I added a thermometer to mine so I have an idea of what is going on and what temp I am vaping around. It's ugly, but it works for me but is not required.

    There are not too many out in the wild yet...
  • lazylathe
    Quick video showing 0,05g at 335C!
    FULL convection!

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