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    I've been reading a lot of misinformation about this, and would like to debate whether or not coconut oil can be used safely as a liquidizer. To start off, there are products that already have coconut oil in them, particularly CBD oils. The main reason coconut oil is a concern, is because you will see there is a potential "risk" for lipid pneumonia. I believe I can explain where this comes from.

    You will notice all marijuana based coconut oil products use fractionated coconut oil, for a very specific reason. I think this is where all the BS comes from, using NORMAL COCONUT OIL is the concern. Fractionated coconut oil removes nearly all the long chain triglycerides, which are the concern, it consists of mainly MCFA medium-chain fatty acids. According to: https://www.biocbdplus.com/vape-mct-oil-benefits medium-chain fatty acids are the exception, they do not accumulate because of their naturally high absorption rate.

    Also according to them:

    Further research tells us MCT oil does not cause lipid pneumonia because:

    MCTs have a smaller molecular size, therefore are quickly and completely absorbed rapidly like glucose.
    MCTs do not act like a “fat” and behave more like a carbohydrate.
    MCTs are more water-soluble because of the small length of carbon chain.
    And other complex reasons.

    The only other concern would be the type of fractionated coconut oil, obviously higher quality would potentially have less long chain triglycerides. Without much research on this though, it's hard to say how pure it really has to be. Would a few long chain triglycerides be of no concern, or would it? There are no standards for this unfortunately which is the danger currently.

    I'm not saying I would be comfortable with vaping fractionated coconut oil with these questions unanswered, but I do believe everyone is full of **** saying that all coconut oil simply causes lipid pneumonia period. Amazing how many products are out there already with coconut oil, you would think we would hear of ACTUAL cases, instead of POTENTIAL lipid pneumonia.
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    Connoissuer Concentrates used this BS information as marketing. LMAO people are just stupid. Look at the comment from Justin, he came to exact same conclusion as me.


    Justin Lobretto Love your products. I have looked over much info in lipid pneumonia and because of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) unique qualities being a medium chain it is not absorb like a fat but more like glucose. The exogenous lipid pneumonia can be developed by inhalation of animal fats, vegetable oils or petroleum jelly. ... One of the exceptions is MCT oil. MCT oil is fatty in nature, but the physiochemical property of MCT consists of MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids). These are absorbed like glucose not fat and therefore can not cause lipid pneumonia. I’m sure there may be other health effects from vaping MCT or any other substance but lipid pneumonia from MCT just isn’t the case. If it were then we’d have atleast 1 reported case after years of MCT oil being used as a base.
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    I would conclude that if you can verify fractionated coconut oil has only medium-chain fatty acids, MCT oil is safe according to the manufacturers using them in their products. I don't see any way to verify the number of MFCAs vs long chain triglycerides though.
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