• bum karacho
    i like the feet thing
  • VapeCritic
    I like the feet on it too that's cool :ok:
  • Ooziah
    Great idea about feet
  • LabPong

    Who knew you could vape sugar.....:yum:
  • Vapedude
    I just watched the re-run of today’s Wake & Bake stream, :lol: , and very happy :ok: to see you explaining, why you don’t want a direct air path from heater to mouth, and how picky you are in regards to warm, or even hot air, entering your mouth, and ruining the overall vape experience.

    I noticed in the vid you had a chest/throat inflammation, resulting from a cold. This now becomes even more important (for you), for the next 2-3...days, until you are free of it. Ironically, being in this condition, it might help you design it, to be even smoother n cooler.

    I’m curious which Vapes you are using with the lung/throat cold? I bet it’s not the usual daily drivers, with the exception of the MV1 for a Terpene flavoured Wake n Bake lol ;)

    For sure, I bet you are NOT using The Plenty!! Well at least, not any more lolll :lol:
  • Hammertime
    I just wanted to suggest some possible box mods for A.

    The Wismec Reuleaux is a 3 battery box mod that is cheap, but actually top of its class in performance and durability, I've had one for 2 years and its on of the most popular box mods you could find it at any vape store. 3 batteries is great for battery life but It might not be suited for everyone since that's a lot of batteries to charge.

    The Eleaf iKonn 220w is a beast, smaller than the reuleaux, and holds 2 batteries. Eleaf is a great chinese company that has been trusted here in the states for all their devices for over 5 years now. If you're looking for a box mod they are a great place to start. (They make the pico)

    Honestly for a single battery mod I can't recommend anything but what most vapers already seem to have. The Eleaf Pico is a great device that you can get super cheap.

    A 3 battery mod is obviously the best, but you would ideally need to have 3 batteries, then another 3 backup batteries, and then a charger so you don't have to use usb. Also a 3 battery vape is great but it is noticeably heavy. A 2 battery vape might be best because it will feel solid but not heavy. All these mods / anything by their company I would reccomend as an ecig user, because they are really so dependable and accurate for that purpose. I own them all personally.

    Or you know... something like this is also cool :) https://www.elementvape.com/hugo-vapor-rader-mage-gt218-tc-box-mod
  • PAM
    Perhaps selling the parts individually and not as a "Kit" would be a way around the liability crap mentioned in the stream last night ..

    So far, my favorite Project A prototype is the battery strapped to the j-hook. Looks like an enjoyable , easy, portable , vaping experience, Sherlock style . It's also the perfect example of something simple yet effective , something thought by a stoner who's sharing it to another stoner , the true cannabis way! :victory:

    Some hand crafted vape builders do it for the community too, some at very fair prices considering the energy and time needed to transform a chunk of wood into a vape . Nature of things still make the vapes less affordable to some.

    Looking at Project A , it seems like the price could be half the price or less of the most affordable quality handcrafted wooden vapes and there would still be room for profit margin .

    That makes Project A really cool as it contributes to making quality vaping more affordable for folks , putting vaporizers into more hands .

    Vapcap sells because it works and it's cheap (og glass, og M ) . Cheap to build (mainly stainless , no other "parts" ) = profit margin.

    Project A can break being its made of glass . It would probably benifit Project A's chances of success if individual parts can easily be found and are relatively cheap to purchase including shipping depending from where in the world one might be .

    The Jhook battery strap is fuckin A , it's the total ; first time you see a home made bong or see a "bucket", parachute/vapelung , etc. and your like "I got to make one of these and show my friends" moment. :ok: :strong:

    I think with glass , question I would ask myself before purchase would be ; how much am I willing to spend for something I might really like and end up breaking either in the first week or 6 months in? And , how much will it cost me to fix or replace it when it does break .

    Definitely some nice tips through the bong last night !
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I think the kit idea sounds like a lot of fun. I would definitely check that out!
  • BobCat
    Endorsed by Elon Musk....
  • Bruce
    With this new vape no big boxing. I like the Boxing on the Pax 3 Matte finish edition. save the money of the big boxing by paying big bucks to your favorite fans (3 Bowls on Pax 3)

    Peace, Love and Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Bruce
    I think its a great idea if that is incorporated into the Vape Critic new vape. Glass, you just can't beat it or it will break. Which is why I would suggest it come with 3.
  • PAM
    Lol @Bruce having a spare is definitely not a bad idea!! And dude, id totally take on your '3 bag'o' Volcano' challenge if I had one ! :strong: :victory:
  • Bruce
    valve system is so amazing, 475$. The Arizer Extreme Q as reviewed by the Vape Critic www.vapecritic.com] under 200$ & many like me can live without a valve system.

    The Volcano has a great following and has one and with the valve so cool. but the Extreme Q is better at everything except a valve system. Watch the video on both the Volcano and the Extreme Q.

    $134 on the link on the bottom of VC review. You suckers ... spent all that money on a volcano and my Arizer IQ kicks the living lungs out of the Volcano. Love the valve system, out of the box the Extreme Q can do it all,,,, and to the rest of you Volcano (I have one brand new, hardly used because my Extreme Q. the thing that makes the Extreme Q kick the crackers out of the Volcano . G L A S S <------B-i-Y-a-t-c-h
  • Magicman
    @BobCat You are pro! That is great endorsement.
  • Magicman
    Screw the electric car and buy an orange starship like DERRICK MCMILLON.c4fofcf79d1qqxh2.jpg
  • VapeCritic
    heheheh :rofl: :rofl:
  • VapeCritic
    GOOD NEWS!!!

  • VapeCritic
    If it's to spec I don't see why I won't be able to show you everything next stream :strong:
  • LabPong
    NICE! :ok:
  • zancru

    Cough cough...
    You were saying unboxing live stream this very Thursday at around 6ish PM PST??? ;)
    Jajajaja or yayayaya for @Hazel @VapeCritic
    Stay vaped...
  • Trix

    Very much looking forward to this
  • Baron23
    No, Hazel...we like @zancru. Tom Cruise...not so much. LOL
  • zancru
    I like everyone in this great community...
    Cheers @Baron23 and the rest of the crew...
    Can't wait to have my claws in an A-Project!!!!!
    Those monster hits are really atractive...
    Stay vaped
  • Hazel
    lol yea cruise is crazy.
    Nothin but love for @zancru!! :cheer:
  • Dr green thumb
    They have better battery choices like These Nitecore IMR 3100mAh 35A IMR 18650 batteries are high drain rechargeable batteries specially designed for vaping devices and come in a married pair. The 3100mAh capacity offers a long runtime with a high maximum pulse amperage of 35A and max continuous discharge of 20A. Might get you an extra session or three
  • Cannabliss420
    @vapecritic glad your slide delimema is looking up.
  • BobCat

    Mooch Test Analysis
    Nitecore IMR 3100mAh 35A IMR 18650
    Full Mooch Review

    Bottom Line
    This Nitecore is a 15A rewrapped cell with a useless "pulse" rating (see the Comments section) and an exaggerated capacity rating.

    While this cell has an inaccurate 20A continuous rating in micro print on the wrap it also has a useless 35A "max pulse discharge" rating on the wrap too. It also features "35A" in a huge font which many people will use as the cell's rating when shopping or when a vendor displays it on their web site. For these reasons I feel the large "35A" rating, or any "pulse" or "max" rating, is misleading and shouldn't be used.

    The wrap is not the standard heat shrink plastic. It is self-adhesive and appears to be similar to Mylar. I do not know how durable it is compared to the wraps being used now by other companies.

    This cell says "IMR18650" on the wrap but it does not use IMR chemistry. It uses one of the INR chemistries.

    I was especially disappointed to see this cell's capacity rating set at 3100mAh by Nitecore. It is clearly set by Samsung at 3000mAh (see the 30Q datasheet image below).

    I am rating this Nitecore at 15A and 3000mAh. The ones I tested were rewrapped Samsung 30Q's. Their performance was essentially identical to the 30Q's I have here.

    The two cells that were tested were purchased by me from IMRBatteries.

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