• maidenmann
    Hello everybody,

    My aunt has Arthritis, she's an old lady who still works as housekeeper. For obvious reasons she's unable to consume weed on its psychoactive forms so I'm trying to make her a balm. I've been reading about it but I have one big question, should I use ABV or undecarboxylated material? I know THCA works against inflammation and THC works against pain reliever. Should I use green material? a mix of both?

    thanks for your answers.
    Stay up!
  • Dave63
    Interesting questions. I'll be standing by to hear the response as well.
  • 420edc
    The issue is coming up with something that will penetrate the skin. Get her some good full spectrum CBD from a reliable source which she can consume orally via tincture.
  • Baron23
    from my experience, transdermal is not a great way to ingest cannabinoids.
  • Russ

    Having to deal with spinal damage for the last 18 years, I can recommend a product called Biofreeze.

    It doesnt have cannabis in it but it does work very well for topical treatment. I highly recommend it.

    When I have a bad day (hurts to just to breath) I give it the triple treatment. Ice for inflammation, Biofreeze to keep everything from tightening further, and vape Cannabis for the pain.

    I usually have my symptoms under control within 24hrs.
  • maidenmann
    thank y'all for the comments. The thing is I live in a country where everything related to cannabis is illegal, so having access to CBD oil or CBD strains is nearly impossible. That's why I'm trying to make a balm with regular cannabis with unknown THC/CBD levels. And it cannot be ingested because of the undesired psychoactive reaction. Somebody suggested to make some RSO, but I'm unable to spend 8 hours in the process. Thanks again for your help.
  • Baron23
    Lots of DIY recipes on the net. I personally don't find topical application to be a particularly effective delivery channel for cannabinoids. But others disagree.

  • lazylathe

    Also check this out, been online for a long time and is well respected!

  • artv4nd3l4y

    Have you looked into trying terpene based topicals? I've been mixing some actually with coconut oil, I think that's probably one of the easiest ways.

    You don't want to decarboxylate the material to get the full therapeutic effect of reducing inflammation, however that is an interesting question about whether using both could be beneficial, I would think so. I have been reading similar research for different reasons, but I think it applies here. From my understanding, most topicals do NOT enter the bloodstream even if they contain activated THC, and therefore are unable to produce as strong a high as edibles i.e. The exception is transdermal patches that can enter the bloodstream, this is according to Leafly. To me this means you can use THCA, in addition to THC to get the maximum benefits for your Aunt, without having any risk of psychoactive effects (oh no!).

  • maidenmann
    thank you all. I will do some tests and tell you the results.
  • Keystonekicks215
    I have found really good relief from cbd products (capsules, tinctures, balms). On really bad days where my knees are killing me I may ingest all three types. I usually take a tincture in the morning as part of my routine. if needed I will supplement that with some balm in the problem area (generously on and around my knee) and then a capsule on top of that if it's really bad. I find with all of that I usually get the same relief as a strong ibuprofen and maybe couple of beers or something. It makes the pain a lot more manageable but is by no means a cure. for your aunt she would need to start light and see how her body reacts to it and build from there. You can usually get a balm and tincture at a fair price. I try to make sure its not made from isolate and made from whole plant hemp extract. Fully Activated has some pretty good prices if you need a lead but I'm not sure what's available to you since it seems like you may not be in the US. I've been experimenting with a number of different products lately and I can honestly say that cbd is an awesome, all natural product for relief (pain, anxiety, plus more)
  • Dr green thumb
    I use medicinal and use topical oils and they do work. Please check out this article https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/how-to-make-diy-cannabis-topicals I wish your aunt well.
  • EasyToSlip
    infused coconut oil is great. Use green product. Trim or second level buds... Try a strain with higher CBD. Do decarboxylate. Many recipes on line. https://wakeandbake.co/cannabis-infused-coconut-oil/
    I use as a topical for arthritis in my hands and it is great.
    The infused coconut oil is also a great lube :joke: !

    Also eating CBD oil capsules will help.
  • BestBuds
    I make a back rub our of arnica, eucalyptus, coconut oil and AVB or decaboxilated bud or shake. I measure it out and toss it all in my magic butter machine and 2 hours or so later it's done. I strain it out and pour the oil into a repurposed container and let it solidify. It makes a great muscle rub. I used to make this without cannabis and it works great without too but the cannabis definitely superchages the muscle relaxation. No high what so ever.
  • Baron23
    Also, look at this thread...and in fact, glance over this subforum...LOTs of good info on topical and edibles. Momofthegoons is really into this stuff and sent me some bath salts and a MJ infused salve to apply topically. Check it out.

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