• Nwhite2443
    Playing the beta of Elder Scrolls: Blades on my phone. My new addiction.
  • ssaucyc515
    If any one plays apex on PC lmk! I have 20 season 1 wins on Bangalore and about 1100 kills top 3 170 times.

    I play for fun , casually so no worries if you're not competitive. And if you are we can go that route :cool:
  • John Cocktostone
    I sucked too bad so I play division 2
  • MothChewMoth
    @ssaucyc515 if you don't mind playing with a dumpster fire of a teammate with no aim...

    I haven't played enough to be much good, but I'm down if you are, haha.
  • ssaucyc515
    I'm down bro! My origin name shaqwandra right now I think... Long story lol
  • Brian420PM
    The only game I play is the resource game Forge Of Empires, 3 years now, every day :)
  • MothChewMoth

    Damn. There was a flash PS4 sale and I snagged it for my crew on that platform. Too bad there's not crossplay...
  • BudsofWar
    I hadn't done any gaming since gran turismo 4 on PS2 until I saw a 1TB GT edition PS4 n I thought I'm having that..... it arrived yesterday..... feels good to have a PS pad in my hands again.
  • Señor Negro
    After playing for a while to "Sekiro: Shadows die twice" I am again disapointed or, at least, did not find good enough for my expectations. :down:
    For me being unable to avoid comparing to Dark Souls saga in every single aspect I can think of, I have to say that it doesn't reach previous quality level on any (except graphics?).
    Don't get me wrong, it is still an ok game, but doesn't reach the level I ask for a game to be remarkable. 6 out of 10?
    Yeah, my min quality game requirements are extremely high :sweat:

    On the other hand, I recently purchased a Borderlands 2 bundle after hundreds of hours expended on it.
    Yeah I know that sounds bad: I cannot explain why the game was on my PC without me paying € :roll: :snicker:
    Even if I consider the game good enough for my money the company has shown an alarming tendency to greediness that doesn't deserve to be cheered up. That's why I buy now after years at an extremely discounted offer. And because I'm a cheap beech :sweat:
    Anyway Borderlands 2 (and the first one too) is an excellent choice for those looking for an shooting immersive open world game (Diablo style regarding RPG, leveling and items dropped) that doesn't require you to be a shooting games fan (I actually hate 99% of those :groan: ) because it has that something ... special that makes it unique.
    That, and the extremely-spicy-black-disgusting humour that I find hilarious :lol: :starstruck: :rofl:

    Not trying to sell anything :sweat:
    But maybe to promote high quality standars on a overpopulated market? :chin:
  • wall
    Anyone playing black ops 4 on xbox?
  • MothChewMoth
    the Borderlands series is AWESOME. I'm REALLY excited about the recently announced Borderlands 3.
  • Señor Negro
    I wouldn't be really excited seeing it's going to be exclusive for 6 months only for sale on Epic Games Store. Weird move IMO but doesn't really affect me as I can wait for much longer :lol:
  • MothChewMoth
    I'm not sure why people don't like the End of store. I'm diversified already (Steam, Origin, GOG, Humble, etc), so one more new service isn't a big deal. EXCLUSIVES on the other hand, are annoying. Hopefully the back end infrastructure still allows for people on various games clients to play together.
  • DregerUS
    I'm getting really into this PC version of the division 2...
    I was re-listening Bud's last stream while playing and grouped up with a random person. For about an hour I was partnered up with a male character with a gritty look. I could tell that the person was talking to me the whole time but I had my beats headset connected to the phone. To my surprise ended up being a lady from Brazil married with a one year old.

    S*** you need to get started on dinner

    Did a work out today clear the dishes from the dishwasher and the sink clean up all the garbage cans threw out the trash

    Some chicken on the grill Spanish yellow rice got to get started
  • MothChewMoth
    I'm enjoying it on PS4. A little bummed I can't sync up with some folks on here, but have a couple buddies I'm rolling with. For the most part, I've been solo so far. About level 8 or so.
  • DregerUS
    I'm enjoying this game so much if anybody jumps on the PC version I'm more than happy to create a character and level up with you
  • MothChewMoth
    I'm keeping an eye out for sales...
  • OhHello
    I still do tons of Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, COD blackout, PUBG, GTA 5 on Xbox One

    @wall I do
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