• Señor Negro
    $60? I don't think so. Wait until they launch a plethora of DLCs that make it more like $150.
    Or even more.

    I would not recommend buying a "AAA" until a year or two after the launch date, so you could find a "Game of the Year Edition" or something else that makes their price reasonable.

    There are out there, unfortunately, so so so many games that keep disapointing fans, but who cares if those big companies keep their incomes flowing ??
  • Z Master
    Buying The Sinking City when it comes out! Gonna be a trip
  • MothChewMoth
    some folks like supporting the devs, and don't mind paying $80 for a years worth of content. There past versions are gems and I feel it's earned a pre-order from me.

    I certainly buy most games heavily discounted if I don't care about playing at launch, but this one I do want to play with friends and early.

    There are a whole mess of sociopolitical reasons for and against pre-orders, dlc, game production practices, etc. I'm general I've found the majority of devs I know prefer I buy their game to support them if it's a brand I'm passionate about and want to see flourish.

    YMMV, to each their own, etc. For those buying at launch on PC hit me up!

    EDIT: I'm not disagreeing with you, just showing exceptions. Bungle/Bungie burned me on destiny 2, but I've found success with others.
    Street Fighter 3rd Strike
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Darkstalkers Resurrection
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    My main games^

    Excited for CTR nitro fueled coming out.
    As well as Mario Maker 2, since it has “3D Worlds” Power ups.
  • EconMan
    Buying The Sinking City when it comes out! Gonna be a tripJMH

    Still into Resident Evil but I'm hearing good things about the SInking CIty....
  • MunicipalBlack
    I'm on a No Man's Sky kick right now, I haven't played since launch on PS4. It's such a perfect chill game when I'm baked. It's coming with a free VR add-on this summer, I'm really pumped! Word of warning, it is very monotonous.
  • MothChewMoth
    my buddy let me borrow that and I was going to check it out next week. Feel free to add me if you want to sync up!
  • John Cocktostone
    I need to reload the game. I forgot how stoney it is
  • nowayout
    Hi all! I was playing Fortnite for a while...until Apex showed up! I just never practiced the building part of Fortnite enough and always had the disadvantage with building pros.
    Apex, I feel is just more my style. I absolutely love that the characters have personalities and abilities.
    Before that I was playing COD. But no one plays the MW Remastered anymore and Black Ops 4 just needs too many 10GB or more updates too frequently and my internet is my phone hotspot so I can't exactly use as much data as I'd like to. :/
  • Ctipp22
    I miss video games but I've been so damn busy
  • MothChewMoth
    what platform? @ssaucyc515 keep meaning to team up in Apex on PC but my schedule recently went to shit and I'm never on, lol.
  • nowayout
    Xbox One. There's no cross play is there?
    I do have a PS4 that I don't really use. I've been debating to install Apex on my Surface Book...
  • MunicipalBlack
    I didn't mention but I'm playing on PC now. I still have NMS on PS4 but I didn't renew my PS+ a while back once I built my PC so no online for me. Thanks for the offer though!
  • EconMan
    Have not played it but this just hit the news

  • deep_meditation
    I downloaded sinking city but haven’t played yet. Pre-ordered but I think the release date was yesterday. I’m still on RDR 2. I don’t have much time for these games but they’re a great way to blow off steam.

    I need to keep working on LANoire as well.
  • Trix
    Outer Wilds!!!
    Dont research it just try it and be blown away!!!
    Super cool, trippy, exploration, and discovery game.
    Don’t take my word you really have to experience it to understand. Possibly game of the Year?
  • Stants
    Spent the last few days trying to 100% red dead2 just trying to hunt down the final few animals & grind through the gambler challenges, bought bf5 on release but just can't get into it, in my opinion its lost it's way a bit, bring back bf3 & 4 !
  • deep_meditation
    Has anyone started Sinking City? I’m in the midst of a lot of personal stuff so I don’t have the time to dedicate to this until Late August.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    I play the leave at 12 game.... :worry:
  • Dr green thumb
    I had completely forgotten about this thread.
  • MothChewMoth
    how are you enjoying the "features"?

    I'm still on my Rocket League kick, but have been playing Hades also, which has been fun. Currently waiting for Borderlands 3 to drop on PC.
  • John Cocktostone
    well I played 15 years ago at launch so me and my fellow mates, all in our 40s now and career minded, are reliving the MMO life.

    Grinding is hard on the body now and I cant do those 12 hour sessions like I used to.

    I miss the quality of life features like dungeon finder, mage tables, etc but there is something about the nostalgia of WoW Classic that feels right at home.

    Cant wait for Borderlands 3
  • EconMan
    Dino Crisis 2

    Played it for the first time in 15 years this last weekend.... it was awesome.
  • Azn2101
    I hadn't played any video game seriously or not to just mess around with a child for such a long time, but tonight a buddy came by and convinced me to dogfight his brother on BF4 & BF1 on the PS4.

    I got smashed in BF4, Practice makes perfect for when to throw on those afterburners during a scissor or a yo-yo and when to to get gtfo to drop off someone's map or freelook swivel. BF1 I actually beat him out cause the maneuvers will always produce the same results and the "speed boost" if used correctly can just cancel out the opponents "speed boost" so if you see them going into a maneuver you can generally anticipate where they're going to be and while you're doing that the opponent is trying to anticipate the same thing and it either turns to a straight blow out from getting caught and shot by those incendiary rounds, Crash from darting into their tail or trying to dip out using a speed boost and T-boning each other, or a repeat of maneuvers until one of the other two options happen. So after that round we stopped playing BF1.

    Anyway we hopped on a BF4 Conquest Golmund map and i hopped in the Attack Jet and he rode Stealth and first match I JDAM'ed a moving jeep making a off-road B-Line for F from Russian spawn and it just felt so great. Then a bunch of misses later I was actually just trying to break line of sight with their mobile AA cruising over A&B but saw a solid line of fire coming from one of the houses higher on the hill behind and it ended up being 3 dude's shooting from one window and I had to try and BAM! Landed a JDAM through the window. I was very surprised how easily I got back into emptying the 30mm rounds in a Strafe and finishing with the JDAM but without the cover from his brother in the Stealth I would've been shot down so many times.

    It was so fun but I could see myself losing all my free time to BF again so I was almost glad he left when I just started to get into the swing of it again.

    All my brain can think of is taking a few dabs and hopping in my mental "Couch Jet" again lol.

    Anyone else still play BF4 or was a fanatic of the game?
  • Stants

    I loved bf3 & 4 spent far to many hours on it, last time I looked it was nearly 300+hours that was before child though so had a lot of spare time on my hands, enjoyed bf1 but just cant get on with bfv 80 quid wasted on launch date and I've literally put about 3 hours in, maybe it's not having the same group of friends to play as a squad with or maybe it was because it's gone too far to cater for casual gamers like cod,

    Really enjoyed the nerdy ness of the bf series back in the day &the games of conquest that would last an hour
  • EconMan
    Gaming technical question. I love Resident Evil type games (3rd person, find stuff, solve puzzles, limited ammo, stealth, and a little action. I ONLY have played on consoles.

    How do regular folks create these beautiful rendered "mod" naughty versions ? I mean the quality of "sexy Claire" is as good as the regular Claire Capcom designed. I am very impressed, perhaps because I don't know how they do it.... obviously on a PC they replace files, but the replaced files artwork (vector graphics?) are so well done. Amazing :100:

  • MunicipalBlack

    I'm with you, the quality of mods out there is amazing and it seems like it would take a long time to model new characters, costumes, etc. There are some really good sexy models for Fallout 4 that look much better then the original game. I'm glad there are passionate, talented, selfless gamers willing to make all this stuff for free.

    I haven't been gaming much but No Man's Sky in VR is my current go to game.
  • Hapo
    ...S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat...

    ...Dell laptop...
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