• EconMan

    Been studying :nerd:

  • MothChewMoth
    I love that video game boobs have taken you down this path :starstruck:

    Some would have guessed PornHub, but I should have expected @EconMan to go for the educational video first :rofl:
  • EconMan

    LOL :rofl: Well, I'm a boob man. :naughty:

    But more enjoyable than Porn is Mathematics. More enjoyable than Mathematics is Economics And more enjoyable than Economics is Philosophy. All these are life itself -- merely "applied" versions of the other. :nerd:
  • Azn2101
    It really is an amazing & well designed series and I've been fooling around with it since the original "BattleField" (WW2) and I was like....I wanna say 9 (26&1/2:grin: ). There were so many glitches on the map "El Alamein" where there was a freaking bomber! And if I remember correctly only one side had it and not only that but there was no way to tell where your bombs were dropping and the teammate in the upper bubble could shoot your tail wing until he took down the plane down if let's say he wanted to fly but you got there first lol.

    I completely agree that BF3 was the perfect balance between ground and air that made each game style playable in the way the dev's intended the game to be played. Like how conquest has become basically a TDM for most, Rambo'ing to a point only to get mowed down and the point retaken a minute later, but enough of those people and it does turn into a match, just a really selfish non team based tactics match lol. Which I feel the system even in BF1 tried to get teammate collaboration with the whole "Tanks are at their strongest when the driver has teammates to man the guns" thing but the damage system was so...off with vehicles (AOE on shells & the random bullet spread feature that was implemented) that also had really strange features like that French one that could shoot Gas grenades and also delayed charge explosives shells? Great for Anti-Troop but the best you could hope for against another medium/large tank was use that poisen gas as a smoke screen long enough that when you ditch the machine you'll get far enough away that the explosion doesnt kill you too.

    The very second I saw that BFV wasn't going to build onto the BF4 platform that was so successful and started following BF1 with the whole "Advanced Old-school" playstyle which was intriguing but was such a shock to see them go so far off course from the last 3 SUPER selling titles (BC2/BF3/BF4) prior to 1 and ditch the controlled chaos of BF4 along with the aspect that really drove a lot of people into vehicles: Lack of Stealth Warfare. It's not like Dice doesn't know that they have entire ESport clans that run completely ghosted loadouts so I'm really not sure what was going through their heads by doing back to back non silenced options but im very glad i waited (and still am) on the title. The only way i would buy BFV is if they did a massive revamp for the Pacific.
  • Stants

    Tried a a game last night and ended up just sitting waiting in lobbies for 20 mins then gave up,

    I don't play many games these days, a bit stuck on what to get next ??
  • Azn2101
    Oh man I'm so far out of the loop these days. The last title I bought for someone was a Co-op game where you have to work with someone else to get out of prison or something?

    I had super high hopes for "World War 3" but coming from a company that had less than 100 people working on a full scale war title proved to have a lot of things they needed to work out but I think they're onto something on choosing things like if you wanna carry level IV armor to be able to get reduced damage or get a ricochet from smaller calibre weapons or level II for quicker & quieter movement.

    For BF3 I haven't tried in a long time, BF1 has been all but abandoned except for the historical nuts & Hardcore Junkies, and as stated BFV is just....not what we we're promised.

    Did you try hopping in a BF4 conquest? EU & US servers are always up for conquest on PS4.
  • shortcutlacie
    I like playing all kinds of stuff specially Soulcalibur 2.
  • Cl4ud3
    Heat Signature, lot of fun and frustration.
  • MothChewMoth
    I've had this on my wishlist for a while; glad to hear you dig it!
  • Cl4ud3
    I've had this on my wishlist for a whileMothChewMoth

    Same here. A friend picked it up at launch and even though he hasn't played it the description and video was enough for me to add it as a want. I happened to check my Steam wish list on Sunday and it was on a flash 50% sale, Steam didn't send me the normal alert so I got lucky by checking.

    Very enjoyable game and though I can see repetition becoming a problem long term it was cheaper and lasted longer than some other games I bought this year.
  • deep_meditation
    Anyone else waiting for Little Nightmares 2? I really hope it’s online two-player.
  • John Cocktostone
    Monster Hunter Icenorne
  • MunicipalBlack
    That doesn't look too bad at all. Beginner stuff as he says in the video but cool nonetheless. It's looks very similar to other things I've done on my PC or even when I was custom theming my iPhone 4. Another one of those things I need more time to play around with. The graphic modding would be tough for me, I can do some basic Photoshop stuff but modelling is way above my head. Basically my custom boobs wouldn't look great haha.

    Do you like single player or multiplayer games? Which genres? Are you on PS4? I go through waves where I'll spend all my free time gaming to not playing for days, sometimes weeks. With such a huge catalog of games to choose from these days it can be overwhelming and then on top of that I don't have the time to try everything. I remember having a conversation about gaming a little while ago, and this was before he had a kid, where he said he'll shelve a game quickly if it doesn't grab him but before that he just avoids a lot of games because he knows they're not his thing and he doesn't want to waste his time on them. Yet he's put thousands of hours into Destiny and Destiny 2 because he just loved them.

    For me, multiplayer games are hard to play. The kids need to be in bed and at that point I want to relax. My favorite games are usually those with a good story in addition to good mechanics. The Witcher 3 for example, is a game I keep going back to. It wasn't any easy start though as I played it over a weekend and was so frustrated with the fighting mechanics (started on the hardest difficulty and then decreased it by one) that it went on the shelf for 6+ months. Then one day at work we started talking about it and after I watched the Angry Joe review and I decided to give it another try starting from the beginning and still on the hardest difficulty. I don't know what it was the first time but I didn't have any issues like my first play through. I remember thinking, "what was wrong with me, this isn't that tough" and I put 100 hours into that copy without even beating it. Then I built my PC and I bought it again to experience the much better graphics and to support the developer. Totally new save that I'm around 157~ hours and again I haven't beat it but right at the end and I've beat the first expansion and am working on the second. The story is ridiculously good and even if someone played it through on easy they'll still enjoy the story if that's all they're after. Definitely in my top 10 of favorite games ever.
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    This little kushka is playing overwatch
  • Bruce
    Madden 20'Playing since 1992
  • John Cocktostone
    Anyone else playing Death Stranding?
  • Paul247to
    I have been playing an awesome little game since 2009. Number 1 selling game in the world! Minecraft!! :)
    best game ever for stoners imo. it can be incredibly relaxing and also very frustrating and I love it.
    gets better every year.
  • Ram1
    Red dead redemption PS4 although I am stuck !
  • Azn2101
    Been messing around with Battlefield's Pacific Theatre on BFV's new mode called "Breakthrough" where the goal is one team pushes to capture 2 points and only has so many respawns or "points" while one team defends those positions with an unlimited point count but if they loose those two points the advancing team moves to two new points with different aspects of the map until the final two "choke points" where it's designed as the defenders Operation Post/Primary Encampments to make it harder for the attackers to take those final points to win the game.

    The size of the map is scaled down to 70% of it's actual size of the island so, if you're sucsussfully advancing, it really feels gives the feeling that you're at war, if not literally than for the capture points cause some sectors there won't be planes or tanks unless the vehicles have survived from previous sectors where they could spawn.

    They've brought back significant differences in both teams vehicles as in the M4 Sherman has a 1.5-2x wider critical hit angle and more spots where you'll get a damage multiplier while the Japanese tanks are slower, have more shell recoil so it's harder to hit follow-up shots, and have a larger profile so it's easier to see others and BE seen but at the same time they are really fuckin hard to take down without a group of people getting tired of being killed by it and finally swarm it with AT rockets or a designated attack on it cause the knolls and craters give it damn near perfect line of sight onto the beachhead

    Planes can't just shit out 100-1 k/d games anymore from a new AA loadout rocket launcher so you either have get good at the head swivel and pick your targets and then turn away before in range or fly really high out of range and loop into a dive and cruise really low to get away and even that doesn't work with good shooters but this concept may change with the addition of heavier air vehicles like the infamous dual cockpit Zeros's or GM4 bombers designed to tank that kind of fire.

    Really balanced it out to make it more infantry...capable and am really thinking about going for it after storming some beaches all the way up to the man made tunnels in the side of the mountian on Iwo Jima and dogfighting with Zeros and Corsairs.

    My hesitation comes from knowing I'll get sucked so far into it ill become one with the LED lamp Bulbs in my TV or get smart and put it down and not pick it up again wasting the subscription and game after a relatively small time frame...moderation is such an asshole lol.
  • EconMan

    I'm a WW2 history and Economics Policy buff, and LOVE strategic simulations (less so tactical).

    There is this awesome board game (also made into a DOS game) - Third Reich -- which affords a strategic simulation of the European and African theaters of conflict. It takes about three days to play - 10 to 12 hours per day and the rulebook is about an inch thick. VERY complex game. We introduced an off-rules rule called "fog of war". Before each turn (a turn can take an hour) one takes a dab. After successful armored exploitation one takes a dab. Taking a country one takes a dab. The Axis/German player gets really fucking high which down the road results in dumbass decisions being made, almost inevitably. lol :nerd:

    I've never played Battlefield. That is tactical/squad/platoon level, right?
  • Azn2101
    Haha like WarHammer 40k the rules couldn't get more detailed i.e. "If a Spacemarine battalion fights, and loses a engagement to chaos Spacemarines, the Chaos Marine gets an 'Invigorating Boost" for up to 3 turns for basically slaughtering one of his former brethren haha.

    Dude "Risk" was a game that me and 2 buddies would play against my dad who was an old-school Mainframe Maintainence/Upkeep/Etc. For Shaw Flooring (I think they're based in your state?) And never saw the man lose a 1vs1 game and with a dad there were no "off bounds" or "playing nice" so stomping on 12yr olds and winning was reason enoughfor him to play. His was truly the "Hitler" of the household so it made it rather hard to enjoy "playing/losing" at Risk in my only real experience with the game.

    Wrong thread but dabbing is really twisting my nips right now trying to find the right ENail temp for this AiN but I like the dabs after every significant move, it's sorta like watching "Shitfaced Poker" when people make the most stupid decisions (My babies Milk money!- Futurama) and other people get to laugh or get excitement from their drunk luck or lack thereof.

    When it comes to strategic war games it has to go Battlefield, even though the franchise has taken massive hits from the b2b Historical game models instead of Modern was a ball buster but when I was laying I'm bed watching videos to get a better understanding of some of the maps that people already know like the back of their hand and thought "would I rather have one large "dumb" bomb hit my area (or me) and do a respawns and GTFO out the trajectory from the next strafe and at least have the ability to survive the next volly. OR. Go back to BF4 "Little Bird" Scout Choppers that could literally circle the entire capture point and just waits to see which random respawn point for that flag you pop up at and they just turn the face while still drifting in a circle and shoot you up 10 seconds later and I realized I'll take the bombs lol.

    The only issue is that BF4 has ironed out as many glitches as will ever happen and BFV dev teams just don't seem to be giving it the revamping in a time frame that's necessary. Even in the Pacific, if shrubbery is going to stop a Panzerfaust with no damage to the person inside the Bush on the European Front or Pacific Front than that's an issue no matter what.

    I have always been attracted to tactical shooters like R6V or even the old but good Clancy Ghost Recons with the 4-squad member teams but Battlefield captured me from the aspect that a 5-man determined & prepped Squad (even if you aren't gods of guns) can change the tide if the game for all the randomly thrown together players in a match. It almost makes you feel like YOU are your teams chance at winning; and also how something as small as sitting in a window to spot people for a good tanker or pilot and next thing you hear is a shell whistling by or the BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRR! of a 25/30mm cannon and little does the vehicle know that while it was playing whack the weasel with the enemies spotted I was taking a flag and he was keeping off reinforcements.

    The chaos is less...controlled In BFV though, the extent of Splash damage is just too much. I honestly thought I'd like a realistic game where shrapnel/shock damage would wound at the 15-25m radius but when theres endless amounts of grenades/bombs/artilary/High Explosive Shells/Dynamite/Etc are being thrown around then your health goes from 100 to 0 at 10-20 dmg at a time or straighr to 0 gets really fucking annoying lol.

    That being said I bought it haha
  • Bud
    We're in business, my brother just got a new video card and gave me his old one a GTX 1050 Ti, just loaded up Warzone and its lookin good :ok:
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    And nobody heard from @Bud ever again. Rumor has it the only thing longer than his beard is his kill streak.
  • Bud

    Made the mistake of making my username VapeCritic, first public round I played there's like four dudes yelling in their mic "suck my d*ck vapecritic" :rofl: :rofl:

    Changed my name to St0ve for gaming, douche-neutral
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    :lol: :lol: :lol: Too funny
  • Baron23
    hahaha...yeah, in six months Bud will morph into THIS:

  • Señor Negro
    Rumor has it the only thing longer than his beard is his kill streak.SouthboundPachyderm

    That was me a couple days ago, except that I'm so bad at shooter games. Confinement made me look like an untidy hippie, or a lazy islamist and when I finally shaved I could make a blanket with all that hair :scream: .

    my brother just got a new video card and gave me his old one a GTX 1050 TiBud
    Yup that's the exact one I had and tried to tell you on the last stream that should be enough for starting your pro-gamer career :lol: . Mine died a month ago and that's why I started to look for the new generation cards that, as you already know, are out of stock. My old 560Ti barely lets me play a couple of low-res games :cry: .
    Wait for a DM tho, for more info about newer stuff required/recommended for high-res ultra-quality new games. Gonna take a while tho because it will be a huge, boring wall of text :sweat: .
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    thats right, i can blame looking like an "untidy hippie" on the rona now. Thanks for the reminder. :rofl:
  • zibit
    Dragon Quest XI. It's a Japanese RPG similar to Final Fantasy. I like single player games and JRPG's are my favorite! Good mix of story, combat, and upgrading your characters. You can also forge items, which kind of takes some skill/luck. There's a casino where you can win tokens which can be used to buy weapon/armor upgrades. One town has a racetrack and if you beat the computer racers you can win items.

    The game really encourages exploration. There's hidden chests everywhere There's 5 hidden targets in each area and if you shoot all of them, you get a reward. The reviews said it was about a 90hour game but I usually take my time. I'm 57hours in and probably about halfway thru the game.

    Theres 8 playable characters but you can only have 4 on your active team at a time. Each have their own skills/playstyle. Mostly physical attacks, magic attacks, magic healing. If you like RPG/exploration games its a good one. Its a couple years old but fun as hell, for me at least.

  • Cl4ud3
    For those on Steam there is a @PuffItUp group that some of us here are members of https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Puffitup I'm sure Zakk will invite you if you ask.
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