• SirSixPence
    Sorry I didn't see your post. Its black ops that's free for a week.
  • Will90
    Double XP weekend... let’s get it :fire:
  • SirSixPence
    If anyone is looking to play Black Ops or Zombies? My blizzard ID WALTER6PENCE #1753
  • SirSixPence
    Ran into one of these last night. It kinda shocked me.h1qde55x6nfn255r.jpeg
  • zibit
    Usually I play NHL 07 with my friends, we get together locally and it's great. After trying a lot of sports games, it's the easiest to learn and the fastest pace! Good for up to 10 players at a time too.

    We tried soccer, baseball, basketball, football but we always go back to Hockey. Every score is celebrated like we won the game, its great! Highly recommend to anyone who wants a fast gaming experience. Even my buddy who's never used an xbox controller jumped right in and actually scored the first goal of the game. Huge smiles and laughs all around!

    EDIT: And hockey rules are so easy to learn, Offsides and Icing are the only major rules, followed by some pretty basic ones.
  • Bruce
    Madden, after a nice session, I played over 1000 games this season and have won 75 more than I lost. Vaped and Madden perfect together!

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    The Vape Master
  • Alexis
    haha, loved reading that just now mate and seeing how you’re not apparently so “down” with the whole maniacical (new word) killing central theme.

    Myself....I WAS actually going to have a play of nice old innocent, colourful MarioKart but after a shower and a vape I’m overall too medicated (okay, wasted lol) and just exhausted to be asked now.

    So another day...

    Anyway hope you’ve been good yourself zibit.
  • zibit
    @Alexis Thank you for the kind words, I don't get many of those these days.

    I don't mind shooters, I just have a pretty old PC and can't play the ones Bud/Senor/Cotobei/Six play.

    Mario Kart is great! I used to play all the time on n64 and when the wii came out. I do enjoy a nice laid back game. Hockey's not really laid back but we only play on weekends. I'm not even a big hockey fan, I don't watch NHL at all really but the gameplay is perfect for local or even internet play. I vape, they smoke, and we have a few drinks.. Makes for a great weekend evening! And we play on the same team so we're all rooting for each other. Until the All Star game, then it's me vs my brother!

    I hope you have a good one Alexis, I really mean it! :grin:
  • Alexis
    thanks mate I know you mean it, like all your “mumbles” lol :wink:

    And no thanks needed for kind words. I try my best to offer a free service, but my tongue can cut sharply too when I feel it is warranted. I just be natural I guess.

    As a kid, there was always a unique excitement about the Joe Madden Ice Hockey SNES and Michael Jordan NBA games. So I can easily get how you enjoy them in that warm friendly atmosphere with your pals.

    Yes I’m admittedly not at all into the killing myself. I realise that’s terribly uncompetitive, and at the risk of ridiculing myself, I’d be very happy if Bud and the guys were just landing on an island, running about checking out sights and catching up lol!

    But that’s just me.

    I am close to having a little whizz on a Mariokart game, just had an edible dose with CBD oil, need to eat ideally but too tired to do that atm, too hungry and restless to sleep.

    So it’s usual- get right time. A quick game for distraction might help. One strong glass of kava left too.

    Take care zibit.
  • SirSixPence
    Call of duty servers are down! Cant even play single player mode!
    I hate buying games tied to a server. I miss and also don't miss physical media days.
  • SirSixPence
    Correction only Black ops servers are down.
  • Will90
  • v0id
    Super Mario Odyssey is pretty good :gasp:

    Not my usual style but its like dark souls and the Mario franchise had a baby, pretty good recipe for success.
  • Señor Negro
    Got tired of shooters, so I uninstalled Warzone for good. Not sure if I would ever come back but I'm sure enough to say that won't happen anytime soon.

    Right now I'm playing Hitman3. My assassin skills are way better when they don't see me coming. :smirk:
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