• Dr green thumb
    https://www.getleaf.co . found this I doubt this would kill the power grid.
  • Lucic and Chong
    Was it a special clause is what you’re sayin’?Vapedude

    Pretty much, and I do kinda get it, as much as it may affect me. If it was my multi million dollar investment, I'm not sure that I'd be thrilled with anyone who wanted to being able to grow in my building. A lot of people have no clue about electricity, heat , humidity... and could potentially damage and devalue a place.

    And cigarettes are legal and they can ban them in buildings, so the precedent is already set for marijuana smoking. Non smoking buildings are the norm here in Vancouver.

    But growing is uncharted territory. It will be very interesting to see the first few legal challenges and how they turn out.

    Apartment tenants could be evicted if they grow pot when it's legal, warns major Ottawa landlord
    "B.C., Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia permit landlords to impose restrictions on cannabis growing even for tenants with existing leases. Ontario landlords unsuccessfully lobbied to be allowed to do the same thing.

    Can landlords ban you from smoking marijuana? It depends on the province"
  • juxt

    I really like how easy you make this research and discussion, thanks!
  • Vapedude
    Of course I wasn’t talking about growing 10..20..or more Cannabis plants lolll :lol:

    Common sense in our society, is going down the toilet.

    I mean, growing in your apartment 30 tomato plants and some Asparugus thrown in for good measure, will cause humidify issues as well, and that wouldn’t make a landlord happy either.

    1-2 plants, not.

    Incendentally, I own a building I rent out ;)

    I have zero problem someone growing 1 fucking plant :lol: .

    I would never report that to the Governmind goon squad. I mean, why would I??????

    Legalized Mafia + Mainstream Media + A Public That Doesn’t Know How To Interpret Anything, And Just Nod Their Heads Up and Down, While Occassionaly Shaking Their Fists UP In The Air In Disbelief, Because They Have Been Dumbed Down and Don’t Know How To Call Them Out, and Essentially Shut Them Up In Any Debate = :vomit:

    I’m not picking on you Lucic and Chong, but I keep things real, and I will respond to these folk and their followers, which incidentally I do.

    Fuck I need to Vape ASAP, haven’t Vaped today :grin:
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