• Rockytdogg
    (if it goes our way)katdaddy
    Wait, you’re a Hoser...? Or is that to show solidarity? Or is “our” just missing the “y”....?
  • katdaddy

    Just solidarity. Hoping the USA watches and learns. (Not bloody likely until Sessions is gone)
  • SunnyHours

    As much as I'd like to agree with you, I just can't...
    Even though I don't drive and I don't drink anymore, I do use Cannabis every day, multiple times a day. From when I first wake up to bedtime...

    It is medicine for me. But with the pre-established blood concentration of THC, anyone using it every day is automatically "driving under the influence" even though being in this state is MY normal, I've been using Cannabis every day for a dozen year. Even if I were to deprive myself of my medication that day to drive, with the ridiculously low Nanograms/ml of blood I would still be in violation and be arrested for DUI.
    To give an idea, the last T-Break I took lasted 2 months and my Doctor's High-End Drug Test for urine still picked up my usage that was 2 months ago...

    I also perform much better when medicated on Racing Simulators and Flight Simulators than when Sober, and yes I really tested it LOL
    Mostly to prove to myself that I was right hehe
    And I'm really not all that into gaming except that I'm a huge Racing and Flight Simulator fanatic. (I can't quite bring myself to invest in a real Racing Simulation Setup, but if a company were to make one that is Futureproof in that it'd be made to remain compatible with future consoles and newer computer technologies, within reason of course and buying an adapter or something...I just wouldn't want to invest a couple Thousands of Dollars on a sim just to have it become obsolete because of a new console or a new graphics technology for PC's).
  • Futurevapors
    And I understand 100% what your saying, and yes I vape every night too, like 0.2g in the week and 1gm over the weekend. but it's not fair that someone can have 6 pints, go to bed and drive 8am get breathalysed and Pass the test. Where if i vape 0.2g go to bed then drive at 8am get breathalysed and be over the limit? That's not fair.

    firstly, can you remember having 6 pints and driving in the morning i can, you are totally hung over, feeling like shit, tired as fuck, headache and are drifting in and out unconscious plus you just wanna close your eye lids but people think that's safe, I did that from my 20's to 30's and there's NO WAY now I don't drink in the week but vape 0.2g per night feel anything like i did in the morning after 3 pints the night before, in fact it's pola opposite, I feel like I've actually had a good nights sleep and totally ready/alert for my 8am drive so WTF is going on. Yes you can't blaze and drive but you can blaze go to bed then drive, and if that's not going to be ok fuck them I'll go on the doll NOT drive to an office to work like a caged animal for 8hours and i'll grow weed and sell it illegally smiling knowing when i die GOD will say, you shown them who's safe boss
  • Baron23
    It is without dispute that the current tests that are available are not fit for purpose as they measure a metric that can endure for 4-8 weeks after using cannabis. It is not clear to me that a time sensitive test can/cannot be developed but the authorities and industry will certainly pour money and effort into attempts on the basis of public safety.

    As far as public safety goes, I personally (as in you don't have to share my view) believe that arguing that driving under the influence of cannabis is fine is at best pissing into the wind and at worst is a detriment to arguments for legalization for responsible adults.

    Just saying.

  • Heroin Batman
    I been blazing for 20 years. I never got a license because of that. I don't want to go to jail for impaired. You can say whatever you want. But say some guy hits you, nothing you can do about it, not your fault. Police come, they test you, you go to jail. Regardless of how you feel etc, you're going to jail. Nothing wrong with biking and transit bro.

    Every time you drive you roll the dice on jail or worse. And nobody is gonna have any sympathy or see your side then. Sorry but it's true.

    God forbid you kill somebody, you can say what you want now, but you'll always wonder if intoxication was a factor,
  • Heroin Batman
    I agree the tests are unfair, but they are still legally binding. It sucks but it's something for drivers to consider. And think about it, in the early stages they will be out looking for you guys, to show they can handle policing this. They will make examples. Why be one?
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