• Futurevapors
    Well said Labpong. Power is nothing without control.
  • HerbRipper
    it will def be added cost but might be a featured item at a higher price. We would always give the customer the option if they want to pay more.

    I am meeting with another engineer today to bounce ideas off to get these issues fixed.

    Hang with me guys, if we all work together then we can make this happen. It we destroy it then well it gets destroyed and nothing will come of it. There’s a reason there aren’t many stainless options out there, it’s not even close to being easy to machine or buy at reasonable rates.

    I love hearing your ideas though, you really could be apart of something big! Thank you for everyone that has stood up for me, you will be rewarded!

  • Baron23
    To me, my grinders are tools........not art work or show case items. So the less bling and more performance are only welcomed.LabPong

    Me too and I believe that powder coating the outside, while that's probably completely safe from a materials POV, it does sort of undermine the "100% SS" marketing claim.

    Screw the powder coating and just make a very well machined and polished device and I believe that will be well accepted.
  • elykpeace
    Need ideas and input on this here herb ripper. It's a solid stainless steel grinder made by this dude Kevin in Cincinnati. He needs input from us in helping him build the perfect grinder.

    I've been emailing back and forth with ideas to make this grinder a great one

    smaller holes from grinding chamber to the catch.

    more refined flat surfaces/clean up

    threads!! They do the trick however it needs improvement.

    ( Had a ball bearing in the keif catch to help speed along the process) pretty awesome idea.

    mentioned powder coating the outside various colors?? That's in the back of his mind already. I'd still like a natural stainless steel

    Ideas? Feedback? Thanks! Peace and love!

    Edit: I don't work for this company just trying to make a good product great and we have the opportunity to have an American made stainless steel grinder with our input

    I've cross posted this in a couple places we already have a bit of a discussion on here but I thought I'd throw this out there for those who are only on this forum (hahahaha) vas
  • Futurevapors
    I just love the support am seeing in the vaping community and this forum!

    You're bang on Elykpeace! We all want the same thing here. Solid material, perfect grind, lifetime warranty and affordable prices!
  • GhostMV1User
    I'm fine with no colors, just a thought on my end. Definitely not interested in a patterned design.

    The threading does need a bit of work. I usually need to try more than once to get it.

    It does grind. It without a doubt, grinds up the herb. Varying hole sizes or screens to swap out good idea.
  • juxt
    I think I said it earlier, but two must have things:
    1) no burrs
    2) completely smooth machining with no ridges, gullies, pockets or other little areas where gunk can get trapped. It should come out of the milling machine looking like it was melted and put through a mold.

    I also agree about the threading...I can see that you've gone for the 1/4 turn, and it works well on basin to herb chamber, but connecting the teeth part to the herb chamber is much harder to get the threads to catch and I also have to put some work to getting that part closed properly each time.

    Still haven't had a chance to try the grind consistency, but will run the dremel over it this weekend.
  • lazylathe
    My thoughts:

    Bare SS - no coating that can possibly chip off over time
    Smaller holes for a finer grind, possibly switching out plates similar to the Kannastor
    Smooth and high polish on smooth areas, blackened knurling is a nice touch
    Rounded threads for 1/4 turn open/close, needs to be smooth and easy
    Super sharp teeth that grind up to the edge with no ridges, they compact material

    Kevin and I have chatted back and forth about ideas and these were a few of mine, some may be new.
    I love that it is made from SS and is indestructible!
    With a few refinements this grinder is going to be exceptional!
  • Pakalolo2
    What an amazing opportunity you have here Kevin. In just a few days this forum has offered you several fantastic suggestions to improve what looks to be a great product even better.

    I would recommend however that you may want to consider keeping it simple as possible to keep your cost at bay while realizing the price point you need to crush it.

    No coatings - No Burrs - No competition

    Crush it Kevin and I'll buy a couple for friends too!
  • Futurevapors
    Well said Pakalolo2. isn't it amazing when a company is seeking feedback from it's users, This has to be the best route to getting your product exactly how the users would like it, Win win!!!

    With these changes out the way I honestly can see everyone on a global level wanting one of these bad boys!
  • slamcmy
    Hey! I would love to sell you The Ripper now but there has been some feedback that we are working with to make it better! If you can wait a month for all of this to be implemented I’m sure you will be satisfied with our grinder!

    Ohh yeah .. i can definitely wait @HerbRipper .. I've been using my S&B plastic grinder for the last year, so i think i can wait 1-2 months more :lol: :lol: , i'll keep an eye on this post to know when your grinder is ready .. Thanks for answering :wink:
  • Pakalolo2
    No worries, take your time and make it right. We'll all be here eagerly waiting for what your team and the input from this forum comes up with...could be amazing!

    Besides, what's a month or two.

    While we're waiting, I'll be playing with my new Chewy 2. So far I gotta tell you that I'm impressed by the simplicity of its design and the resulting ground herb is getting along very well with my Ghost MV1. Kinda cool but, I really want to see this SS Ripper crush it.

    Good on you Kevin.
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