• Futurevapors
    Yeah I too like the idea of a 3 piece so instead of collecting keif i can just use all the material i grind in that session, But kevin advised me that the 3 piece is just the 4 piece without the keif catcher, so that's brilliant as you can just deiced whether you want it to have the keif catching section or not.

    Also I seen on Instagram that the Keif Screen can be removed to clean or even change witch mean it will really last a lifetime.

    This Grinder looks like something you pass down to the family it will last so long.

    I'd say this grinder could be dropped out of a plane and survive!!!
  • welshman

    Forgot to say I’ve owned all those except the slx and they all sit in a draw because they just aren’t as consistent across a range of materials and post-lift I just find teeth grinders a pain to clean. The lift seems not to care how dense or damp material is and really only needs to be cleaned if you want it to look brand new otherwise I’ve had mine for like 3 months and not bothered at all. Also been spoilt by the quarter turn opening.

    Still if anyone who has a lift does get one of these I’d be interested in thoughts as they’re both premium priced
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah man I need to have a go with a Lift!

    But for now i'm heavy focused on owning a Grinder that is bomb proof and having Stainless steel teeth will be so solid through materiel. And being able to put it in the dish washing will be ensure the grinder is cleanable.
  • elykpeace
    Also got a 3 peice comming this way :up:

    Thanks for the fast reply can't wait to check it out @HerbRipper
  • lazylathe

    Why are there no grind consistency pictures?
    I would want to see what the vaporizer's fine grind looks like before purchasing.
    Lots of pics of the process and the grinders but no end result of the product.
    Can you add some pics?
  • Futurevapors

    Hopefully this link works, one of his customers posted this on Instagram


    Grind looks medium to fine and Lovely!!!!!
  • Rockytdogg
    Haha, I had to post this other SS grinder video:

    Looks like the Cycle may be dead tho... kinda cool looking design.
  • lazylathe

    I saw that one but still find it odd that the creator has nothing to show on his website.
    Some use videos would be very helpful to show the end results.

    Years ago I bought the Boomers SS grinder! Perfect for smokers and body builders! Things weighs a ton and the grind is very coarse. Sits in a drawer now but guess I could use it as a paperweight!
  • Futurevapors
    Oh yeah his company is under a month old :wink: He launched 20/4/2018
  • lazylathe
    No excuse in my opinion!
    If I had to make a grinder I would show what people expect to see after they purchase it.
    For my use, a users video showed a grind that is too coarse for my liking, so just buying it would mean I would be selling it again shortly.
    It only takes a few minutes to shoot a basic video showing function from the manufacturer.
  • Rockytdogg

    Ha, yeah, that thing looks beefy!

    Honestly, I think this product has mostly had burning in mind with giving very little thought to vaping. Grind specifics are way more important to vaping than smoking, imo...

    Like, even that quick IG video is a little suspect... if you know what I mean... :wink:

    @HerbRipper, I highly recommend a quck typical usage video at least asap...complete from start to finish.
  • Futurevapors
    Totally get where you're coming from, but when I bought my Space Case Grinder there is no video of them grinder material on their website either or Santa Cruz But there are reviews that can be watched but you have to understand he's a month old and is looking for people to review the grinder, to then be able to put up a video on his website?

    and it's more common for a company to use Instagram to show thing like that and he has got a video of a customer doing what you are asking to be fair, it's just not on the website like it;s not on other grinder websites.

    lets be fair, if you were buying a space case for the first time you would check youtube out first and there be loads of customer reviews to watch none from Space case personally, the only one on youtube from space case is of a guying showing you the grinder next to a flipping Banana no grinding cannabis, where this Ripper is so new that he's on this forum to see if someone whats to do a review ie the vape critic in order to get them youtube reviews up there for customers to see it in action.
  • lazylathe
    I agree with you but the inventor could show his possible clients what they will be getting when using his grinder...
    The grinders you mentioned have been out for years and you are correct, users can search all over the internet to find what they are looking for.
    I get that he has only been online for a month but you cannot tell me that he has not ground up a single nug in one of his grinders. he seems pretty pumped up about them but to me, this is a crucial bit on info to push me to order...

    I relate this to anything else, vapes have reviews before release, cars have test drives before release, machines get tested before being sold even those vegetable spiral pasta makers have pictures of what you will get on the packaging.

    To me this seems like an oversight and he missed a great opportunity.
    It's almost like a beta test with no info before you buy...

    The only reason I am wanting to see the grind is due to this;
    I open a drawer and see:
    New Lift grinder with fine plate
    2 piece Santa Cruz Shredder
    Boomers SS grinder
    New Vape fine grinder
    New Vape Arm band grinder
    Storz&Bickel grinder
    Magic Flight finishing grinder
    Sharpstones in various sizes
    Various free grinders
    All sit unused and unloved due to their grind not suiting me.
    Do I want to add another hunk of metal to the drawer, absolutely not.

    The one user video showed a mixed grind, not my requirement either.
    I will stick to my Kannastor Vape Gr8TR I think.
  • Futurevapors
    totally get that man. The world is very fast pasted currently and also customers want everything at their finger tips.

    I too would like to see it in action but am also trying to be patient and I've only ever seen reviews show products working.

    Also everyone's learning and I'm sure after reading your comments he's learning what us vape heads like to see in new products.
  • VapeCritic
    If I was a grinder company I probably wouldn't show ground up material on my site just to be on the safe side, I'll make a vid for you guys :ok: :cool:

    I'm gonna try and setup separate hosting for videos where I show material and can't upload to commy Youtube :100:
  • elykpeace
    :razz: @VapeCritic

    @lazylathe I can only compare to a piu freebie and scs 2 peice. You have quite the collection
  • juxt
    Are the lift grinders any good? I have a LinCig that I don't really like
  • Rockytdogg

    Well man, I really don’t know what to tell you... like most things, some people really like them and some don't. I really like mine and it perfectly suits my needs.

    I’m not sure it’s ever really fair to anyone to try and compare an overseas knockoff to the original.... but maybe that’s just me, cuz I generally don’t like supporting overseas knockoffs.
  • juxt

    I hear you, I actually got mine from a friend that had to move, but it doesn't really 'cut' so much as 'smush in opposite direction' the plates come out really dirty after just one use.

    I know taste is subjective, but I haven't heard a corus of "LIFT ROX" like I have for things like SLX and Space Case and the NewVape ones, so I thought I would ask.
  • Rockytdogg

    I know of more than a half dozen members here that really like their LIFT and a couple that don’t... mine cuts and drops quickly and easily as it always has since the day I got it last fall. The blades are a little gummy but that doesn’t affect its performance at all. The main “trick” to the LIFT is to alternate the direction when you feel it needs it... I see many people complain about things without ever really trying to figure out how to make it work for them and it’s really kinda sad.
  • juxt

    I think my main qualifier for grinder is requires no cleaning...the SLX has been good but some strains just mar that thing too...and the Space Case seems like it will get dirty but doesn't seem to get stuck on the residue like most of the others. I really like the grind of the super weapon, but it gets the dirtiest of them all. The NewVape ones are ok, but I don't like 2 piece. I saw one recently that has a handle on top, and it's connected to a blade inside and instead of twisting the body you turn that handle ... looks cool but I worry that thing will clog like crazy.

    I'm also hoping this ripper works out, I'll post some thoughts.
  • GhostMV1User
    @HerbRipper I just ordered one also. Went with the 4 piece. Looks like a very nice grinder can't wait to use it.
  • Taz
    @RockytdoggHaHa good video what you've posted there! They got the same funny accent as I do:lol: But ce la vie seems they're gone. And thanks for the compliment about the deck! The strings don't effect the view to much.

    Would be very curious about a SS grinder. They seem to be impossible to get in AUS. Might have to import again.

    PLEASE America let us be the 51th state!
  • pedro matoso
    all that concerns and then they smoke the weed, the paper is also from ss :lol:
  • lazylathe
    I think I used my Lift grinder 3 times before cleaning it and putting it back in the box.
    The fine plate is way too big for a fine grind.
    It's an interesting take on a grinder but not for me!

    What I do love about it is the 1/4 turn and the plate locking mechanism.
  • Rockytdogg

    Yeah man, I hear ya...! I used the code to get a free fine sifting screen with the 4-piece and used it for a week and hated it compared to the medium screen... glad it was free!
  • juxt

    Thanks bro, can't afford to keep buying stuff that will just sit on the shelf. I've been worried about all these coatings on everything though too. I mean I've used stuff all my life that's aluminum and whatnot, and ceramic coating, etc, but not to vape. I haven't seen anything come off the slx, but I haven't inspected it with a microscope either.
  • Futurevapors
    There's no getting around powder coating flaking off. I have the titanium coated space case and although it's top shelf Grinder I know with time it's going to gradually be going in my bowl with my material, you can't see it but over time you've vaped it. And the same will happen with that ceramic Coated slx. Raw Stainless steel is the obvious choice
  • juxt
    I did buy this one, but I appreciate the perspective ... so hopefully it doesn't require much cleaning because that's what makes me put them down.

    Someone was saying you get more particulate in your lungs just walking around FL beaches than you do vaping though, so maybe I shouldn't worry so much.
  • MAbud

    Want to sell it?
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