• EconMan
    I think mine gets shipped today, and I'm almost out of flower so I've made a special "reserve stash" for the three plates, in case the forecasting component of my supply logistics break down.
  • HerbRipper
    Orders getting ready to ship!
    57413116737__E87B58E7-D254-4106-980A-788835F32E54 (2M)
  • Pakalolo2
    Little man will be more help someday!
  • Baron23
    Nice baby, man. Congratulations....that's the important stuff in life :up: :strong: :100:
  • HerbRipper
    that’s the plan!
    yes sir! Being able to work and hang with the kiddos is the best set up lol
  • EconMan
    Lol. I have this awesome grinder coming and I’m almost out of flower. Both sources are out of town.
    Prohibition sucks. Fml. :grimace:

    Bottom of the barrel :scream:
  • Tdog420
    darn! That really sucks!! My grinder just shipped and i have an over stock of product. I wish i was by you so i could give you some.
    * purple panty dropper
    * mango sherbert
    * gunslinger

    Ps. I will post my first impression in a couple of days after i get it. So excited to try it out!
  • LabPong
    Bottom of the barrel :scream:EconMan

    Milk that last amount out with a vapcap for sure!
  • Dr green thumb
    that's about a mornings worth of bud. I hope you get some more soon.
  • Trees138
    That blizzard that beat us up must have held up my shipment in Denver. The Ripper is due to land tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to a another tool that I should have for the rest of my life.
  • EconMan
    Thanks everyone.... the good news is I am as of today I am just swimming in good quality :love: LIT :love: carts from colorado.Lots of variety. And I have about a gram of rosin pressed and aged. So I'm ok medication wise.... but being out of flower itself is just wrong.... It's appears there is little I can do about it until at least monday, unless I want to pay "rich suburb prices". The irony is I could score about 10 minutes drive away but not paying $450 for quality I generally pay 175-225 for. My connections are like DHgate... I eventually get it but I better order in advance. lol :joke:

    And thanks for the offer @Tdog420 :cool: A friend without weed is a friend in need, and a friend with weed is a friend indeed. :joke: I would do the same... :heart:
  • Pakalolo2
    USPS has just alerted me that my new matte finished Ripper won’t be delivered until next Wednesday 3/20! 7 days? WTF?

    Hell, Bud and Hazel’s package took 2 days. Go figure. Can’t blame Kevin though, he got my grinder out the door and ready for delivery the day after I ordered.
  • 420edc
    USPS has been really fuckey lately. Sent a domestic order on the 1st via USPS Priority, it scanned at 1:45am today, still not delivered.

    Loving my Matte Ripper. Thanks Kevin!
  • Tdog420
    Matte ripper supposed to arrive tomorrow. Thoughts soon to follow!
  • MunicipalBlack

    Are you still looking for beta testers for the fine and coarse plates? The all SS design is very intriguing.
  • EconMan
    Ok. Just got it. Used the last of my flower to test the coarse grind. I’m sold. Perfect FF2, SBJ grind. Feels solid and nice in the hand. Easy to hold and use. Will post a full review with pics of grinds once I get some flower.






  • Pakalolo2
    Looking good my friend!
  • TreedMonkey
    I finally got my first flower for my new vape setup (thanks again everyone who chimed in) and ground it up in my Ripper. Fan-Tastic!

    Kween, a sticky CDB and Mimosa #1, no issues.

    Never stuck, never hard to turn, was a very sticky bud and man, it just ripped right through it (pun intended). The size is great, fits my hand easily, and the effort to grind up a bud is minimal.
  • nowayout
    After a couple of days of using the new matte version, I've gotta say that it works fantastic!
    Flower no longer just gets easily lodged into the crevices of the teeth and outer areas and it is SMOOTH! I used to have to force to turn it with really sticky flower, and at times I could not get it to easily budge(only because original version needed a good cleaning by then).
    I can easily brush off the bud, with minimal sticking. And if it does stick, it is easier to remove.

    The ONLY bad thing I have to say about The Ripper stainless steel grinder is that.....I accidentally dropped it on top of one of my MV1 crucibles and it shattered it. lol It's not really a con....user error occurrence while baked with a massively solid grinder that just feels right in the hands. lol

    Thanks Kevin, keep it up! :)
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    how full are you loading your ripper? Your coarse grind looks like i would expect. I tried mine and had much different results... I stuffed it as full as i could, and im wondering if thats my issue.
  • EconMan

    Don't really know yet. Been essentially out of flower (except for a bit of nasty shake)
    HOWEVER, am about to score some flower any moment. The Weed Fairy took pity on me and I have an ounce on the way. HerbRipper here I come. Just waiting on my buddy. Carts get old. :nerd:
  • EconMan
    Ok. Here it is. My review of the #HerbRipper.

    Research Design:
    Selected three same-strain sets of similar pre-manicured buds totaling ~.5g each set.
    Three grindings were conducted -- using Fine, Medium, and Coarse (beta) plates -- with pictures taken and observations made.
    Knowledge of reviewer.
    On a 1-10 scale, a 5 (average) when it comes to grinders.
    This is a great all-around grinder in general. Best I've ever used. Solid feel, good action and so very easy to keep clean. I DO wished Coarse was more "coarse" but even here I'm still mostly happy. I'm glad I bought this and like it so much I'm considering buying a couple dozen to be engraved as gifts to our vape and cannabis clients :nerd:

    1. The grinder is awesome and in my view underpriced right now meaning it will be a great value for many.
      [*[ It feels good to me in the hand. Solid in construction and smooth in operation (it is cut from a hunk of stainless -- see his vids he posted. :cool: Because it is SS, its walls can be relatively thin. This is more than an aesthetic because it creates a solid unit that is not nearly as heavy as I thought a pure stainless steel grinder would have to be. This was a lovely discovery. It feels so good :100:
    2. It is indeed dishwasher safe (one of its original demand-inducing features for me).
    3. FINE is what I suspect most people would call a fine grind. Not powderized not chunky at all.
    4. MEDIUM for my tastes is a little "too fine" but my tastes might be unusual since I tend to view all grinders as grinding too fine. Regardless, Medium certainly falls within "medium".
    5. COARSE I think should be significantly more "coarse" and much more differentiated from the medium. I am NOT a machinist, but I suspect the holes in the coarse need to be perhaps 25% larger? in diameter than what is the case on the "beta" plate I received. Seems to me this is more towards "medium" than coarse? Regardless, thanks to @HerbRipper for including the coarse plate, because even despite my criticism here, I'm nevertheless using it pretty much as my default plate on every device I own other than the Omni. I find this grind plate works great in my FF2, SBJ, and even Omni Xl (which I prefer a more medium'ish grind somewhat packed in).

    The Box

    The data -- three ~.5 sets of buds

    The results - Fine, Medium, and Coarse

    Closeup - FINE

    Closeup - MEDIUM

    Closeup - COARSE
  • Pakalolo2
    Great review!

    Good to know that you are pleased with its performance and real value.

    I can’t wait to get mine which will delivered on Wednesday. Christ, I could have driven to Kevin’s shop and back in less than 4 hours and it takes USPS a week!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Spot on review. I haven't had much time to play with the plates i received yet. I just put the coarse plate on and have used it a few times now. Like you its not as coarse as i would expect from a coarse grind. My results have been more of a medium consistency. Its actually a great grind for any of my vapes, but i would say its more of a medium consistency. Larger holes would definitely help. I also wonder if maybe strategically removing a couple teeth from the coarse plate would help. I think maybe the teeth work too well for a true coarse grind. Plus less teeth would make it easier to make bigger holes. I'm no engineer so I'm not sure if any of that works in the real world, but thats my thoughts anyway. All that being said I do love my ripper its a great lil grinder, and the medium plate has served me very well for the past few months, I'm eager to play with the fine plate next.
  • Tdog420
    great write up. I have only used the medium plate and love the grind. I am doing testing over next 2 days w all the plates to give my final thoughts. As of now w the medium plate its great!
  • BobCat
    Excellent review! Add to your CV!
  • Baron23
    Thank yhou for the great review.

    To each their own, but your pic of the fine grind seems like the grind I tend to like.

    Glad you are enjoying your Herb Ripper. :up: :100:
  • HerbRipper
    with the current setup we would have to take out teeth and really do a big change to achieve bigger holes.

    So before I go through all that I need to ask.
    How much courser do we need to get? Are we close or is there still a lot to go? @EconMan@Tdog420@TreedMonkey@Trees138

    Need input on all my beta testers before we decide what to change since it will be a lot of work!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    im at work but will do a side by side comparison with a more coarse grinder in a few hours and post results.
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