• Smokin60
    Something went wrong I thought you were the same or that's what google brought me to ......is it similar or should I send it back and get yours ? Is Kanastors S.S ? Give me your link please if there is more benefit to purchase yours
  • Smokin60
    I'm 73 over medicated and a retired Marine .....we all ? make mistakes lol
  • HerbRipper
    The kanastor is not stainless. We believe ours is better, obviously, but they do make a nice grinder.

    Our link is www.herbripper.com

    Marine? I’d be happy to give you a discount. Because of you, I’m able to do this!

    Email me:
    Let’s make this happen.

  • Magicman
    A stoner salesgirl at the local "Starship" once uttered to me these words as I gazed upon a $60.00 Kannastor....
    "It's just a grinder"
  • VapeCritic
    New version, will discuss next stream :up:

  • Vapster707
    As someone fairly new to vape and recreational smoking I must I think tha samething its just a grinder so I dont understand tha high price of most of them ....

    been waiting to hear your thoughts ...
  • Futurevapors
    I got a good feeling about this :fire:
  • juxt
    I just got version 2, much cleaner than V1 overall. I just ran my first payload and the action is working well. I'll probably report back after some use.
  • Namekian
    Like the packaging, looks very professional. :)
  • TheDude422
    All these pictures and I STILL haven't seen a close-up of the teeth. Most important part, please some one give me what I need, lol.
  • Futurevapors
    Yes Juxt!!!!

    Would llooovveee to hear your thoughts, looks sick.

    Loving All the upgrades :fire:
  • slamcmy
    I would love to see some reviews on this Ripper new version so i can decide between the Ripper and the SLX 2.0 .. People who bought the Ripper, please share your thoughts about the grinder .. How good is it at grinding ? .. Is it worth it ? .. Easy to clean ? .. What kind of grind ( Fine, Medium ) ? .. Thanks so much for your help :wink:
  • Kinick23
    @TheDude422 here you go bro

    @juxt what’s the black looking pick thing in your pic? That was left out of my box lol

  • HerbRipper
    hey Nick, that is the Kasher lighter pick we sell also on our site!
  • Futurevapors
    Looks the absolute Dogs Bollocks :fire:
  • juxt

    So I've gone through about 3/4o of my eucalyptus with the new design and have some opening thoughts:

    Much cleaner than the first time, everything is super on tolerance and there's no cleanup necessary. I did soapy washoff the machining oils, but she's a beauty alright!

    Action is good, and the grind is on the low end of medium almost toward a fine. Something else changed in the design though, in the first gen I get a distinct 'helicopter' like whomping sound as you twist, almost like you can feel the SS skirting against itself in the grind action. That's gone on v2, but cleaner and more consistent overall makes it much better in my book.

    I don't like the ball, really, it ends up just mashing my puffy flower into the screen, so after the first grind or so the screen is completely blocked so nothing could get through as you grind more. I took that out, but the basin in there is nice and deep so it does have a good capacity.

    I'll let you know about the pollen collector after a few months ... or a freezer run or two.
  • Futurevapors
    nice one for sharing that dude.

    Like the cricitc said, he listened to his customers and adjusted accordantly, impressive and flexible.

    True lifetime warrenty, no silly quibbles :fire:
  • Futurevapors
    I forgot to mention that Helicopter sounds was because the lid on the first version went inside the walls where on the new version the lid goes on the outside, Huge advantage making that change.

    I'm sure the @HerbRipper might try experimenting with smaller sized ball bearings so it doesn't Mash the material so much. But yeah the Ball bearing isn't 100% needed "I don't use one" but some do like them so it's a good free optional extra IMO but maybe 50% smaller
  • Mtbowls
    Got the Ripper earlier in the week. Thought, I would take a risk on a cool concept, because I love supporting crazy endevour one man operations with unyielding passion ( waiting on a Lil Bud) because that is also how I roll. It is a precisely thought out creation. This is no Hey look its stainless steel isn't that cool, end of interest. This grinder would be innovative even if it was not super heavy and indistructabl. SS. I jumped in when Kevin offered the free bottom piece grinder which allows it to convert to a 2 piece( I don't own a 2 piece thought about a New Vape but never pulled the trigger). The extra $35 item allows this grinder to be 2/3/4 piece grinder, I was already happy with the 3 or 4 piece option. (Super weapon 2 was on to something, underrated grinder cool shit going on there 30$ clearance 420 edc) This Ripper is Extremely versitile. Now, lets get to the matter at hand, grinding the sweet plant. This is a new product not a lot of info yet. I was most worried about the purchase on this issue( picture have been few) was afraid it would be like a Puff it up free grinder, Not at all. He has taken the concept of the smaller needlelike post pattern from The Slx many small blades instead of big one, I like that, thought the holes might be too big causing fall through, not at all. I would say fine to a little medium grind kind of subjective but definitely on fine side, the 2 piece is more fine.
    The three piece mode is my favorite you would think it was a 2 piece looking at it because height profile is very low, side of walls are properly deep.Unscrewing is a non issue if you screw it tight and turn to the right first( maybe if you have hand issues) The threading is awesome just a few turns to open and close( hated how many turns space case required endless) Magnets seem extra strong. The top piece grinder going over the lower grind piece is something I never thought about before, but does make a huge difference preventing side compressed herb jams, very important. This happens in my silver Santa Cruz shredder 3 piece, that looks LIKE clean medical stainless steel , which I love, but this IS medical stainless steel. Screens are changeable via c clip and have varying coarsness options avilable. Screen units walls are very deep and get narrower towards the bottom. The prices is high but it is well worth it , all my grinders have dings and scratches, aluminum is not tough, this is. It is heavy in the pocket, might pull your shorts down if your not using your draw string. Kevin , maybe as you expand your operation make a bigger unit for people who want that, and an anodized aluminium version so you could snag customers who might be scared of the price, but want to experience the nuances of the Ripper. Raaahspect the passionate maniac that dives in and solves problems.
    0717180957a (154K)
    0717180957 (157K)
    0717180956a (121K)
    0717180955a (119K)
    0717180953 (129K)
    0717180951 (123K)
    0717180950 (109K)
    0717180947b (139K)
    0717180944a (131K)
  • Futurevapors
    Loving your Review @Mtbowls You covered everything.

    :fire: Guys Get your Ass's over to the Ripper's Instagram page:fire:


    you can tag as many people as possible and share/repost for extra points.
  • jah420
    Just got my 4 piece grinder in the mail today. I'm in Canada so it did cost me a bit with the exchange rate,shipping and Canadian taxes! That being said:

    Very impressed with the look and quality of the grinder. Groovy logo, nice heft to the weight ... it is just over 12 ounces according to my scale. It is machined precisely. I ordered the fine and course screens in addition to the medium keif screen that comes with it. Haven't tried them yet.

    Grinding action is excellent smooth and solid feeling turns, cuts effortlessly through the herb... nice medium grind on the smaller side ... good for vaping and spliffs. Just a lovely device and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Something you could pass down ... puts aluminum grinders to shame. Stainless steel should be the new standard for grinders really. Thanks @HerbRipper!
  • arcticsaguaro
    Ahhh no :( I am too old and useless for Instagram. I'd love to snag one. (Right now I have a gag gift plastic one with Pope John Paul II on it LOL. And a crappy aluminum one that was like $10.) I don't like to advertise my medical license on social media anyways though, since it's new in the state. I wish we'd just get recreational ugh.

    So do you feel like this grinder goes fine enough for vaping on something like the Summit or the AirVape XS? Also wow there's a ton of options. Would a vaper (and occasional water piper and mini bong) user have a need for kief? Back in the day it was just... Break up a bug and roll. I have a feeling my first trip to the dispensary is going to be intense!

    I welcome any input you might have on your product too! :) And any leads on upcoming sales <3 I'm sticking up on MMJ supplies now that I can live opiate free and have my life back.
  • Futurevapors
    My personal feeling that that your plastic grinder is good enough for grinding material, but every time you twist them plastic parts together you are shaving off bits of plastic into your bowl and that's going into your lungs, NOT GOOD for the body, especially when we're all trying to be healthy, So Yes it's time to throw that plastic thing away IMO.

    This New Ripper is made out of Stainless Steel, witch is actually CRAZY as it's very New to see a 4 piece grinder made out of SS and at that price, if Space Case made a Stainless Steel version it be $200+

    Also if you throw this grinder to the wall it would not damage it where as with my Space Case it be bent all over the shop and threads would be broke and a new one would be needed.

    As for Fine Grind, I believe your Plastic one will out put a finer ground BUT a Medium Grinder is more what you're looking for when vaping, too fine is not good in a way and 2 piece grinders do produce a finer grinder than a grinder with holes for the material to fall through, obviously the holes dictate the the overall size of your grind.

    also the keif department? it's just a nice way to save Keif instead of loosing it, so every couple months check the bottom part and you will see a nice layer of it and you can sprinkle that over the top of a bowl on ya birthday haha, but as it's hard to collect and only last 1/2 bowls for me it's not someone that gets me excited BUT i'd rather it in that bottom part than lost.

    This is going to sound a silly but, like others, I want to use this grinder for the rest of my existence on this planet and the thought of my 2 sons and daughter sitting together using it years after I have left earth really resonates with me, Like i'll be in between the fabric of space with them.

    I was passed down this pocket watch, I've never used it and it lives in a cupboard and it's useless to be honest.

    Stainless Steel is forever

    ps This is also made and designed my Kevin himself "very Talented Machinist" and it just starting out and has a awesome product so a'lot of use from this forum have already very happily purchased one to help support, not that he's going to need help with such an amazing product.

  • HerbRipper
    Hey great to see you posting on here. There are a ton of people with loads of information. Don’t impulse buy! Do your homework and feel comfortable before your purchase, it will save you money in the long run. With that being said, I want to sell you a grinder but I also want to make sure it is what you want. I will tell you that I have received so many compliments on the new version that I ran out of stock in just one week! I was in the shop all weekend replenishing so stock is good now.

    Here is a couple articles that might help you decide.



    I did offer Bud a discount code of “stayup” to offer his readers. I thought he would have liked to put that up on the forum but I can just put it here.

    Anybody can use that code by the way. Use it and advertise it if you like.

    I want to thank you all for your support and positive reviews of the new version. Because of you, I am going to keep chugging along and hopefully develops new things out of stainless!

  • arcticsaguaro
    Hey, I'm an engineer so I appreciate the decision making process behind your choices and your hard work. It's also really a big deal to me to own stainless steel. Years ago I just kept the garbage plastic because there wasn't a better option. The mat sci in me knew what there should be but I wasn't up for fabricating my own nor had the tools/equipment to do so. My big thing is 1) something that lasts (check!) 2) no bits breaking off (check!) 3) good for a vape because I am switching to that as my primary smoke device (probably check from 's super helpful input!)

    Can either of you explain the benefit of the 2/3/4 vs stack options?
  • HerbRipper
    if you just put the product on top of the body where the teeth is, close the lid, and turn it a few times until all the product falls through, your going to get a medium to fine grind. If you put the product on the cap upside down, attach the body, grind several times, flip it over, and twist until the product falls through the holes, your going to get a much finer grind.

    3 and 4 piece and personal preference. 4 piece will yield you kief which will be a lot more potent for like an occasional one hitter. Otherwise you don’t really “loose” it, it is just mixed in with your everyday grind.

    The 2 piece is a cheaper option that also allows you to travel with a much lower profile grinder. It also produces a course to fine grind. It all depends on how much you turn the grinder.

    The cap and bodies are held together by a magnet equally up to a 14lb pull force. Excessive? Maybe but I sure don’t want that thing popping off and kissing product.

    All the other parts are connected by a 4 start square thread to allow smoothness, quickness, and durability to assembly and disassembly. You know how big robust machines use square threads for ball screws because they can hold a crap ton of grime and dirt and still work flawlessly? Same idea here.

    This thing is not cheap to make and my margins are wayyyyy less than any other manufacture. I actually can’t sell wholesale because it would raise the cost of the grinder to over $150. I choose to keep it as cheap as I could, sell on my own, and help the community the best I can. I am just here to make an honest living and make new friends.

    Any endorsements from people on all forums and social media helps me tremendously. Every sale matters! I have actually spoken will 99% of my customers personally and I am always available.

    Keep the questions coming. This is fun! I can actually do a little bragging on the grinder now because people are backing it up!
  • Futurevapors
    Thank you for the kind words @arcticsaguaro! Yes another Futurevapor in the making! Hope you're going in Deep with Butane Power Vaporiser Sir....

    @HerbRipper Yes mate it's 100% time to give yourself a pat on the back, Look what you've only gone and brought to the table, a Flipping Stainless Steel Ripper that's so badass!!!
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
  • juxt

    I'm generally less reluctant to throw accolades around, but after a fair amount of use with the v2 version this is a solid grinder and one that's in my active rotation. I didn't get all the options other folks did, with multiple pollen screens and 2 piece, etc only the 4 piece option.

    There's all kinds of details but the thing that set it apart for me are that it's stainless and that Kevin has listened to the community and is part of trying to make things better. I agree the prices are totally reasonable, and should set him out from the pack.

    Couple of issues, so folks are aware. It's a 2" model, so it seems just a bit smaller than the 2.4" large sizes you'll see on other brands, the depth of the pollen tray makes up for this on the storage front though. Because it's smaller in diameter and it has the quarter turn catch (a good feature so you're not unscrewing all day) and because I have big meaty hands I tend to open the payload chamber a lot when grinding. YMMV.
  • Futurevapors
    Always comes down to that active rotation or not.

    I cannot wait to own one!
  • VapeCritic
    Sorry for the delay posting the code!!
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