• VapeCritic
    Discount code STAYUP for 10% OFF on HerbRipper.com :ok:
  • arcticsaguaro
    Another question then :) How hard is it to turn? I've got arthritis in my hands (not elderly either). My hands are functional, sure, but in the lab for example, I ask folks to tighten clamps because I don't trust my strength and know my bolt twists have been known to fail.
  • HerbRipper
    great question. We have a very nice grip that requires little pressure to keep from sliding. The threads are a loose fit so assembly/disassembly is a breeze. The action is smooth and the metal glides across the Delrin ring. We have the strongest Magnet out of all our competitors with a 14lb pull. Between this and the edge on top of our teeth, this allows for easy closing of the lid with a packed full grinder!
  • Futurevapors
    Guys Guys Guys Guys


    I purchased a Space Case Small grinder 9 months again, it is the current best grinder in the world, IMO and other's has also quote that!

    My Ripper came in today?

    It's been on my work desk since 9 am and i cannot stop playing with it, it feels so right in the hand and because of the Stainless Steel, turning the lid feels silky smooth, not flimsy like aluminium, this is SOLID

    I have to say i did think there was going to be a few flaws with the Ripper purely because it's such a new product, BUT I cannot find 1 flaw in it's entirety, it's a thing of beauty and even holding it will puts a smile on my face!

    I'm more impressed then i thought i was going to be, FACT, Bravo @HerbRipper :pray: Man you deserve a pat on the back dude for your Efforts and Risk bring this to the table, I can only hope i can do similar in the future for the community.

    Another member who bought a Ripper said that he was unsure of the threads BUT I've played all day and cannot see me ever having an issue there and they tighten very well so i can't see it opening accidentally or more than my Space Case does "the very od time"

    This need a review guys, I think once I've had it a month I will put one together, I'd love to do a video but that's new to me but hey you gotta start somewhere i suppose.

    My Gut feeling is anyone out there who's interested in buying products that are made to an Industrial standard, wont break, lifetime warranty will want this if it's in their hands compared to an Aluminium one and i promise you, you'd pick this over everything else out there just from holding it.

    Yes it's heavy Guys, it's stainless steel. you will not need to worry about protecting this in transit or ever worry about breaking it like i do with my space case.

    also i spoken to some friends and they thought it was expensive, Yes it's expensive but it's not as expensive as it should be! i'd say $200+ if other companies copied SS idea. But there is an option for a 3 piece at $80 if you use code: stayup

    If you're thinking, stop! Look at this beast at least before you buy a grinder.

    Right i'm going to do some grinding and I'll update you guys later on that.
  • Schlayer
    getting my 3 piece with extra bottom piece for 3/2 piece combo. Was sold once I seen medical grade stainless steel and the the grind pattern. Also I found it hard to not support a company who actively is asking for feedback and actually does something with said feedback. Kudos herb ripper!
  • Futurevapors
    100% please do share what your think when it's delivered, I cannot put it down
  • BestBuds
    This is next on my list to get. I have to lay low right now because my wife is ready to kick my arse. I bought a eNano and a Milaana in a one week time period. Maybe next month. :joke:
  • Futurevapors
    yeah that's difficult to explain the need, but we all seem to get away with it, just.
  • Smokin60
    I have had the Ripper 2 weeks ...... I love it and only have one arm lol @ herb ripper Great product
  • Futurevapors

    How do you get around twisting it dude, hopefully you have a system Suss'd

    It's a beast ain't it dude?

    I was comparing it to my space case and in a few ways I prefer it and that's saying alot as I deeply love Space Case and now it feels light and weak in comparison.

    Also the grind is so responsive, you can feel 100% what's going on inside while twisting

    I was actually blow away by its flawless finish on opening the box.

    No cons todate I'm in the honeymoon period and she's has my direct attention in a bad way :starstruck:

    I love this Ripper and 100% anyone who chooses one will be greatfully happy for many many years :fire:

    I also didn't fully appreciate how difficult it is to machine stainless so getting the grinder that small and detailed takes skill.

    Nice one Kevin dude :ok:
  • Schlayer
    Photo drop for my 3 piece with 2 piece bottom to convert into a 2 piece as well. I haven’t owned any high end grinder ( just San Francisco’s grinder off amazon, Storz and Bickle plastic on, and some other cheap ones over the years) but this is by far the best grinder I’ve ever owned. I believe the photos speak for themselves but if you asked me I’d say it’s luxurious, top quality, silky smooth , great even consistency , customizable, and just screams awesomeness. Oh and mad respect for the owner recognizing my b-day and throwing in a free lighter and pick tool as well as super fast shipping. Well done !!!
  • darth-vaper
    Hey everyone, first time posting here. I've had my ripper for 2 and a half weeks. I love this thing. I use it with my mv1, solo 2, and vapman. Works great with all of them. I got the 2/3/4 with all three screen, cause I didn't know how I was going to use it. I am currently using it in the 4 piece set up with the coarsest screen, to allow as much through the screen as possible. I sprinkle what comes through the kief screen on top of my bowls on the vapman. Adds a nice kick. With the build quality and the 2/3/4 options, I should be set for life with this grinder, as long as I don't lose it. If anyone wants me to test anything on this let me know.
  • Tigers224

    Hi All! This is my first time posting...Long-time reader though! Just wanted to say that I ordered the 4 piece Ripper (I own a sharpstone and Kannostor Gr8tr as well). The Ripper arrived today and I must say this grinder is far above any of the grinders on the market today. I would definitely put it against space case any day and it kills both of my grinders I own hands down. If you are looking for the highest quality grinder available then look no further than what Kevin has designed, developed and produced. Absolutely remarkable! And the best and most important part was the hands on customer service I received. No one comes close! This thing is the Hulk of the grinders no doubt! Thank you @Herbripper!!!
  • arcticsaguaro
    You're the number one hype man haha love it.

    That one arm could be mad ripped though :cool:
  • Futurevapors
    When I see something that's worth it's weight in Gold, I cannot stop myself :starstruck:

    Really enjoying getting back into Photography and I'm trying to find my Futurestyle

    Loads more to come :fire:
  • arcticsaguaro
    Nah I get that! I'm super picky so I have the same mindset once I love something. Really looking forward to getting one of my own. Sitting in my doc's waiting room right now but probably gonna pull the trigger tonight :victory:
  • Futurevapors
    Each time I pick it up I love it more.

    It's heavy so if you need a grinder for carrying around in your pocket you pants will be at your ankles :rofl:

    I wanted a grinder made from solid material and the Ripper is 100% that plus grinds very well and looks like it will never break! :fire:
  • arcticsaguaro
    Nah I never carry grinders with me. That's what pre-grind or vape with extract is for.
  • Smokin60
    Ya’all don’t get me wrong grinding with one arm takes twice the time than two lol My other favorite pretty easy to use is the Lift BUT for now IMO the Ripper RIPS !!
  • Summer
    @Cl4ud3, not meaning to stick my nose in, but I will. :razz:, Don't you think the thread should be entitled The Ripper Stainless Steel Grinder?
  • VapeCritic
    Couple of tweaks needed to prevent this!

  • Gonzo
    Looks like you were grinding hash
  • Magicman
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  • MothChewMoth
    Seriously! @VapeCritic what were you grinding in there??
  • Futurevapors
    Here's mine after using Cured bud only, next to my Space Case with 12 months use.


    I do love the Titanium coating on the SC but I've recently learnt that that does chip off and end up in your bowls so I'm rocking with the Ripper.
  • VapeCritic
    Sorry I should have provided more info in my previous post!

    I tried to grind up a few little nuggies of some bud that was fairly moist, a little moister than usual even though I had it in my 62% boveda container.

    The real test of a grinder, to really put it through the ringer, you try and grind moist bud in it.

    In my experience space case handles moist bud the best and santa cruz is OK at it, but the ripper had some trouble with it.

    My guess would be that it just has to do with the spacing inside between the cutting teeth?
  • Futurevapors
    If you have photos of the other grinders you preformed this test with I'd love to see the comparison results, I would of like for you to have done that test with say 2 other grinders so we could see the difference and that would of been a bit fairer to Herb Ripper.
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