• MothChewMoth
    love this idea! @VapeCritic I smell a new video from you doing a scientific method comparison between all your grinders! First, a nug of dry-ish bud that's the same in all of them (showing results), then a nug of more moist bud. This would be really cool!
  • Futurevapors
    I don't think he's going to be doing that to any other grinders :chin:
  • VapeCritic
    Very few grinders pass this test which is why I only like a few models.

    I explained this in my stream this weekend but if you didn't see it I talked about why I'm harder on this grinder than others, it's because I see potential for it to be really great and I don't want to see it be another product that gets stuck at not being quite perfect and stops progessing.

    It's very close to being excellent but my job is to point out tweaks needed to make it as close to perfect as possible, and this is to the long term benefit of their company, it doesn't help a new business to only get positive feedback from fans.

    I can only name 4 grinders I like and recommend, and this one is pretty close to being the 5th.
  • Futurevapors
    as the Ripper is Dishwashable, I'd love to see how clean it comes out?

    This is the only disheashable safe Grinder on the market I believe
  • LabPong
    as the Ripper is Dishwashable, I'd love to see how clean it comes out?

    This is the only disheashable safe Grinder on the market I believe

    Future.....how come you guys dont just use an old tooth bruch, a little 91% iso and water....and in 2 minutes your done?

    I just do not understand putting mj stuff in your food cleaning devices.....no offense....just seems odd and unnecessary.
  • Futurevapors
    Not something I've ever done, I just remembered in his website/video, something about it being dishwasher proof.
  • Futurevapors
    managed to get to grips with the Ripper and some sticky icky, yes the sticky bud did get a bit stuck as there's no non stick coating, but I have found if I just leave it then the next time I grind it sort of self cleans by knocking the last stuck bits through the holes, so no issue so far for me

    Also I found banging stainless steel on Stainless Steel does damage the body "as Stainless is strong/heavy" so try not to bang the parts together and just let your next grind push though the bits of bud you normally try and bang off with aluminium.
  • Futurevapors
    Loving this beast, I can’t go back to my small space case, the ripper has gripped :starstruck:

    I’ve found the best way to keep it clean is to not overload it and break the green up nicely.

    I’ve had this 3 month and used it daily and not clean it once.
  • Futurevapors
    So I thought I’d clean it to see how easy weed comes off stainless steel.

    Hot water only


    Gunk came off within 10 secs and was sptoless

    I’m impressed
  • Futurevapors
    There’s something funny about this picture? I’ve never clogged as much a that since receiving my Ripper, but when I do get some bits sticking to the sides you can clearly see I’ve used the grinder 100 grinds as there’s no clean shiny stainless steel area’s

    That Ripper is brand new, and has been stuffed with wet weed it look like.
  • VapeCritic
    Can you take a pic of your Space Case so we can make sure you have a real one? I'm skeptical of your negativity towards it now, because IMHO, HO, they still have the 4-piece grinder thing on lock, it still feels da best and most luxurious, IMHO.

    I can understand why you like this grinder but simma down a little bit, you're being a little extra :party:

    The ripper is a boat anchor, it's cool that it's solid but it's too heavy, it won't go mainstream being that dense, IMHO, HO.

    Potential fix - make some lightening cuts.

    The teeth need some tweaking too, it gunks up in scenarios where better grinders don't. Moist bud throws it off, putting in too much bud throws it off, etc

    Please respect the opinions of people who have more than 2 grinders and have been doing this for more than a few months (not just me) :up:
  • Futurevapors
    So you understand, this is what I’m saying.

    I love my SC had it for a year, got the Ripper fell out with a few times over no coating and teeth, after 3 months of ripper use daily I dug out the SC and I couldn’t believe how different it felt in my hands and I now prefer a lot of the features on the Ripper, especially the grind, quicklock.

    This is my experience in I’m not trying to wind people up and I got huge respect for everyone here on the forum.

    I also try to be as positive as I can be and hopefully some people find my content nice and colorful and useful.

    Check theses pics of of the grinds

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