Just like to jump in and offer my jnitial thoughts on my new Evo.

    After reading great reviews I spent everything I had and went for the Turbine Kit.

    It’s beautiful- that was my very first thought, the glass looks & feels great.

    Everything was packaged very nicely, lots of bubble wrap to protect everything.
    Good instructions and a sticker :)

    I took a moment to get everything set up and hit it with some Auto Kush.
    With the dial in the middle It produced great clouds on my very first hit.
    As a beginner, I expected a little learning curve but it was a simple transition from my usual glass bong.

    I feel great - fantastic flavour and result.

    Huge thumbs up, my new favourite item.
  • Baron23
    My EVO gets used way more than any other vape I own for the simple reason you highlighted....it just works, works easily, and works great.

    To me the EVO is a classic example of simple and elegant design without a lot of extraneous bells and whistles but which just does the job in a workman like fashion.

    LOVE my EVO.
  • Karec

    My EVO Rocks!!! keep using it non stop and works great, eventually u will need to clean the bamboo, especially if you use concentrates and put more than the amount.... check this vid for cleaning... uau another channel closed on youtube, this time was Vapefiend account... if you need help on cleaning the bamboo PM ill do my best
  • FLOmaster
    2 minutes on level 10 after each hit in a nail, keeps the part that contacts the oil fresh for each hit. Shaking with iso and salt every few days helps clean up all residue
  • Jcasvt1
    Great tip! I just ordered mine over the July 4th holiday. It lands tomorrow. How does the bamboo get dirty? It seems that any vapor would, by design, come out the top?
  • Karec
    bamboo can get dirty by:
    1- Using to much oil in the nail will spill out
    2- If you use the baskets for too long they start to build up residue oil, in time and with no cleaning will start to go down the bamboo... with heat the residue will follow gravity easier and quicker

    And maybe there ir more ways to get dirty...but these 2 i have happened to me,
    Cheers :cool: :victory:
  • Karec
    mate sorry my late reply i think you are talking about cleaning the nail, that is a standard cleaning operation the same as cleaning a bong or any glass piece, i do that and works greats especially if you do it after using it and still warm.
    I was referring to the bamboo stem that run thru the EVO and deliver the air flow to the unit, this bamboo is made of glass, see below:
    @Jcasvt1 this is the follow up on the last comment i made for you, will help you too

    Cleaned one or new

    this stem will get dirty and to clean it is a little more difficult because any spill can go inside to the electronics and..... :yikes: :scream: :cry: :down: you can get your warranty :fire: we can call it a deep clean to the unit but this take some special attention

    Dirty one

    This stems look different, i think one is from an earlier model...maybe :lol: :rofl: :lol:

    Cheers:cool: :victory:
  • Baron23
    If you use the baskets for too long they start to build up residue oil, in time and with no cleaning will start to go down the bamboo... with heat the residue will follow gravity easier and quickerKarec

    Yeah, but that would take one REALLY dirty ELB, no??

    And my understanding is that yes, the bamboo changed from the Cloud to the EVO and I believe within the EVO line itself.

    I have not needed to clean my bamboo, but I understand you cap the bottom (if you still have the OG caps that came on it, they will do fine), carefully pour some ISO into the top, cap the top, let it sit, and then carefully pour it out. Personally, I wouldn't use anything less than 91% ISO and would not use the stuff that's in the 70's %.

    But I don't use my EVO for concentrates, flower only, so perhaps that and keeping my ELBs relatively clean have done the trick.

    I do indeed have a SH FP, but I still absolutely adore my EVO.
  • Karec
    Yeah, but that would take one REALLY dirty ELB, no??Baron23

    Not one but continued use will eventually build up residue from the ELBs and the whistle will start to fade, if u didnt deep clean it yet i bet u have some residue inside your bamboo. I have my evo for i guess almost 2 years and i only deep clean it twice.
    I did exactly like u describe it with the red OG caps and with ISO 99% for 30m with the EVO upside down (since i poor it from the bottom, i saw it in a vapefiend video that no longer is available on youtube...it was very useful video for EVO users...)
    When i think i almost choose the Herbaliser.... :pray: :pray: :pray: Thanks Jah for guidance :lol: :rofl: :lol:

    Cheers :cool:
  • Baron23
    i poor it from the bottom, i saw it in a vapefiend videoKarec

    Oh, cool....thanks for that tip. :up:
  • Karec
    @FLOmaster @Jcasvt1 i had to find this vid to show you guys, I never found a video so helpful on deep cleaning the bamboo stem on the EVO, so I got in touch with vapefiend guys and ask them where I could get the vid again, the guys over there were pretty quick to reply, now they are over at Vimeo and they sent me the link, check it out.


    Basically is what baron described plus the upside down EVO twist, I made a hole on those cotton lady facial clean cotton pads ( :lol: :rofl: :lol: miss the word) and protect the bottom (where I insert the alcohol) to avoid any spilling over the unit ( don’t know if I made myself clear....if not I will post a photo later when I get home)
    Sometimes it will look like there is no more space inside the bamboo when pouring the alcohol and it’s only due to the small space inside the bamboo (air pockets?), insert something small to help and fill the bamboo, let it rest overnight (I only need 30m with ISO99%) and brand new cleaned stem :up:

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