• Oro
    Hello VapeLife, hello guys !

    I have a comparison question, which one is better (for a portable dry herbs use), what im actually looking for is a bigger chamber than the OmniVap Titanium XL. I already own a Plenty and my Omnivap is ordered, really satisfied with both (got a friend that has the Titanium XL, tried it a lot already).
    I was maybe going to pick the Crafty since its more pocket friendly than the mighty, but what i've read about the battery scares the shit out of me...
    I hope by creating this topic you guys will be able to help me choose :smile:

    - X Max Starry
    - Flowermate
    - Atmos Pillar
    - Arizer Solo 2
    - Ghost MV1

    Maybe there's a vape that hasn't come to my attention, just lemme know if you think so

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts :smile:
  • Oro
    Update : Im looking into the Sticky Brick Jr, im pretty interested in it
    Still waiting for your replies tho :)
  • Vapeaholic88
    Grab you a GH as soon as they get their s**t together which should be soon ........(hopefully)
  • Oro
    GH ? The Mv1 I guess ?
  • standingsideways
    I have a solo 2 and stary. I use the stary out of the house and the solo at home, amoung others. Both are great but the solo is the best, much smother and better with glass. The stary is good especially for the price, portability, suttlety and you can use anything from 0.07-0.35 if you have a concentrate pad/oven spacer, microdose or pack it for long session.
  • metalmancpa
    For one, if you were considering the Crafty, and have a Ghost MV1 on your list, then with that size the Mighty should be considered. But, the Mighty is a session and the MV1 is an on-demand, so that should factor into your choice. I have a Crafty, Mighty, MV1, and Omni XL Ti.
  • Oro
    The Mv1 is as big as the mighty ? My bad then I want something smaller, more pocket friendly
    The sticky brick Jr or crafty seems to be my size limit ?!
  • Futurevapors
    As you mention butane I'd strongly suggest you issue yourself with a Exotic JR, as they have a chamber twice the size of a dynavap but you can used what ever amount of material you like and it will just work. Plus there's no battery to hold you back and they will last your whole life.

    But do you blaze in social areas, if so an electrical vape "crafty" might be I a good option or the new "Tera Bounless" might be worth a shot with its rechargeable batteries
    IMG_6399 (149K)
  • Oro
    I have that one saved in my favorites :D

    Im almost sure i'm going to buy a Sticky Brick Jr anyway. If not today, someday. I like it as much as i like the Dynavap XL Titanium
  • FlameBeats
    I ordered the new Flowermate V5 Nano. Look it up you may be interested. Also has a replaceable 18650 battery.
  • Lucic and Chong
    Of the ones that you mentioned, I have a Crafty, Solo 2, and MV1. My Crafty is getting on in age (almost 200 hours) so I don't use it as much, but I use the other 2 daily.

    They are both great vapes for different reasons, but neither I would consider as a pocketable vape (unless you have yuge pockets). If I'm going out with mine I have a small camera case that can loop onto my belt that fits my MV1, and the Solo 2 comes with it's own belt clip case. So, while not as pocket friendly, they can still be used on the go.

    Of the 2 I'd say that the MV1 is more portable to me. It's a bit heavier, but the convenience of a loaded crucible dispenser makes it easy for on the go. My Solo 2 is more of my cordless at home, or take to a friends place vape. But not a take on the go with me vape.

    If pocketable is what you're looking for I'd suggest also checking out the Argo. I don't have one myself, but I'd sure like one. Small, user replaceable batteries, plus Arizer is known for easy to use vapes that produce quality vapor and are reliable.
  • Alexis

    No, @Vapeaholic88 was referring to the Grasshopper. They have had serious long running reliability issues and have just about kept going as a company I believe. Very many people love their device, but most have lost faith and given up after repeated RMA's (like free warranty repair service).

    Some people have been lucky and had units work perfectly without need of service, Vapecritic included.

    And many are hoping GH labs will fix the issues very soon and offer consistent, reliable devices. Hence, @Vapeaholic88 's suggestion to get one when they finally get it nailed.
    Could be next month...could be never (where my money is Im afraid!)
  • Trix
    Can't go wrong with a sticky brick or a mighty
  • Cmatz

    I have the ghost and the crafty. Neither really good enough in my opinion on their own.

    Crafty owns ghost IMHO, when it comes to easy of use and consistency.
    Ghost wins on speed of use and battery.

    I prefer my crafty day-in day-out. However I use my ghost when I'm in a hurry (usually when I first get home, or right before I leave the house). Outside of that, I go to my crafty.

    I dont own one, but imagine the Mighty is the better choices of the 3.

    Side note:
    Just got a plenty last week. The ghost is a weak version of the Plenty. Considering it isn't plugged into the wall, that's actually a compliment to Ghost.
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah man I love that Fractal in the woodwork! You'd like the JR in you collection along with Dynavap because instead of just heating the end you're using the torch to perfect the hit so there's more connection/finesse/pleasure/skill.

    I'm 100% loving getting to know my Dynavap lately, had some truly killer Hits...... :scream:
  • Oro
    I think im good to go. My collection will be

    Plenty + Omnivap XL + Sticky Brick Jr

    At least for now :)
  • Futurevapors
    Witch JR will you go for with so many option currently? The Black Limba looks off the hook with it's beautiful different colours
  • Oro
    That one or the fractal :)
  • Futurevapors
    Sorry thought the Fractal was someone else's comment. Well these's plenty to choose from. Apparently there's Canary Exoitc JR's coming down the line soon so don't make any rush decision.
  • Oro
    Fractal Spanish Cedar was my first pick... but not available
    I like the purpleheart also
  • metalmancpa
    So many choices. I really had not heard/seen the Sticky Brick until now, and that is a cool device. But it's a balance of home versus portability, powered, vape quality, etc. I have tried many, and still the Crafty/Mighty produce the best vaping experience with the herb, never charring and making a bowl go a long way. And the Crafty fits right in the pocket. I like the Dynavap because I loved dugouts in the past, so for a butane one it's great for me (although that Sticky Brick...I don't have any more vape spending $'s right now).
  • Futurevapors
    Yeah man Purple Heart is Beautiful!!!! Although if you are on the fence at least wait until the Canary JR's are on show else your kick yourself.
    Well they all come with a Lifetime Warranty and I can ensure you that the guys at SBL after care service is 100% legit. They helped me out with issues twice now and both issues "were minor" but resulted in new units posted out.

    That service helped me make further purchases, and I can't sing their praises more.
    Issue 1# OG had a very small crack in the wood work from the Kilm drying process
    Issue 2# JR magnet screws pulled out on both sides and wouldn't stay screwed back in.
  • Oro
    I find the Mighty a bit big... Maybe its just me.. And the Crafty seems to have some issues so idk about that one :s

    Thanks Futurevapors :)
  • Futurevapors
    Wow you're in for a Tasty treat with the SBL Range! Also the Sticky Bricks are instant hits where the Crafty takes 60 secs to heat up and then might turn off in between hits leaving you with more waiting. The JR would never do that to you, it's always ready when you are and has nothing in it's way to go wrong.

    Just always have a spare "Full" Torch handy.
  • Futurevapors
    What I don't like is if you have issues with the battery, and that will die after a certain amount anyway, you will have to post the unit back to Germany and wait like 3 weeks and then have to also pay for the postal there and back and have to pay for a battery and pay for the battery to be inserted by them? No Thank you.
  • Oro
    :rofl: exactly

    Yeah i'll keep what i wanted, no batteries
  • Oro
    i only have a plenty for now, and its already very very nice :)
  • metalmancpa
    I'm learning about the need for a torch with the Dynavap.

    I had one return with the Crafty for a battery issue, but S&B made the process seamless and I think it was less than a week and had my new one (they come from CA) - *knocks wood* mine is running good.
  • Oro
    Yeah no batterie = no issue :grin:
  • Jack-vic
    GH ? The MV1 I guess ?Oro
    No I think he means a Grasshopper.
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