• To the Cloud
    For some reason the X Max Starry is rated better than I would have thought. I have tried it and it tastes, feels like just another crap Chinese vape that is getting way too much marketing dollars put into it. Flowermate, Starry anything else that you can buy around $100 (or $50 from China) and requires burn off sessions, no thanks. With the SOLO 2 and the GHOST you are getting two very different vapes. Sounds like you are into vapes, SOLO 2 would be something to get if you don't already have a collection as it's like a jitterbug phone for an old person, Does the trick very good , but not much different from what you already know. I would go with the Ghost. People who don't like their Ghosts have been selling them on Ebay for the same price they bought em for.
  • SunnyHours

    Not new to vapes but new here...
    I'd either get a Solo 1 because planetvape.ca has their PVHES stems which makes the Solo even better. Or wait till Planetvape offers PVHES stems for the Solo 2...
    The stems are more expensive but makes the airflow 30% better and produces and extracts more efficiently so more vapor production...
    And for the 150$CAD they are asking for the first Solo + 30$CAD for the PVHES stem+ they also have PVHES glass on glassto connect to a glass piece ...
  • Oro
    My choice is made :)

    Sticky brick jr + Omnivap XL :D
  • Futurevapors
    I'm still a little confused over the OmniVap XL, what does the extra length do? Also If you're buying the SBL JR what about saving yourself some Cash and getting the M 2018? I have that and it's does 100% what you want and it's so cheap to replace if you break or loose it.

    I'm Very Tarty when it comes to Vapes or Exotic woods and I'd love to have that Titanium instead of the Stainless steel M 2018 body but for what I use it for i honestly think the only thing I will upgrade is my SS Tip to a Titanium one? the Bulk of you money will be going towards that Titanium Body? Also not trying to put you off, just thinking about funds.
  • Oro
    I want the XL because thats the one i had in hands and i tried it so many times.
    Its the perfect fit for me. I've been offered to go with the M too, and im not sure about it.
    The friend i have who bought it really advised me to go with the titanium xl.
    I mean... if you're not looking over the price, i think its their best product...

    I find that the OmniVaps (all products) have a tiny chamber, i want more. Thats why im looking into the Sticky Brick Jr
  • Futurevapors
    It's funny you talking about bigger chambers as in Ireland the prices are so eye watering for material that I've got too used to me OG Chamber that I'm now having to use my Dynavap M to stop me blazing 0.2g in one sitting lol.

    I'm actually loving my Dynavap M now where at the start i just didn't get it, think that was because I had a dodgy cap and the it's weren't all that, but the good guys as Dynavap sent me a new cap and fuck me it get it now, I had such a hit off ti last night when my eyes went funny and watery.

    Do you see yourself using the JR out of the house much? I ask this because you are looking at buying 2 vapes, you could kill 2 birds with 1 stone here and buy the Omnivap XL & SBL OG giving the very best of both worlds, Literally the best vape on the market for home and one of the best vapes for portability!

    With a gun to my head i'd pick the OG over JR if i was using it at home more than outside. The OG is very portable just not in a back pocket sense like the JR. either one will make you happy for sure and both hit just as hard as you can control the torch! But having the Dynavap Omni means that could be your portable.
    heard of Sezzle.com spread you payments over 4 month and buy JR/OG/Dynavap :starstruck:
  • Oro
    Funny thing, today that friend came to my house and we were talking about how its smart to first get a "M" and then if you really like it and you want something bigger cooler, you buy the Titanium XL

    So im ending up buying a Dynavap M instead of the XL (im sure i'll buy it in the next 8 months lmao)

    And i think im not going to pick the Sticky Brick Jr, i really like it its not the issue here but i've heard again that 2018 is supposed to be the year of the Grasshopper, so im waiting for some updates on that topic
  • Rockytdogg

    What, the year GHL goes outta business...?

    I’d get the M only if you think for sure that will satisfy you... the Ti tip is a must, imo, tho I admit I haven’t tried the ‘18 ss tip. The ‘17 ss tip is absolutely horrible.

    But honestly, if you know you like the XL, why mess around with the M...? I mean, unless you want to ultimately end up with 2 or gift it...
  • Oro
    I kind of know i want 2 maybe more :rofl:

    And no the opposite, when they get their shit together

    "May 1, 2018
    Hello Hoppers! It’s been without a doubt a tumultuous 6 months. As you all know, over this period we've had to delay our operations due to issues arising with our previous manufacturer. This has angered a fragment of our new/existing user base because we’ve been unable to fulfill both new orders and RMA’s in a timely manner, and for that, we’re truly sorry. Nonetheless, we’re continuing an ongoing effort to share what has transpired and where we are headed next."

    "What’s Next?

    Hopper Labs managed to complete all lab facility upgrades in late-February. After producing hundreds of components and running tests, we’ve had a much higher success rate. Our team began working on RMA’s and fulfilling new orders in March. We began shipping to customers again in mid-March and are gradually regaining our composure after suffering the manufacturer setback.

    We don’t like any of these developments more than you do. It’s been a tough and stressful start to 2018. It pains us to have delays, and it is even worse to have poor customer service. Nevertheless, we are confident in our abilities to meet these challenges, maintain positive morale and work as hard as we can to regain your confidence. Hopper Labs is not trying to survive, we strive to thrive in what we set out to do: build the best portable vaporizer on the market and provide a top-notch experience for our customers."
  • Futurevapors
    Good choice my friend, I tried to tell you about the M, lol Jokes!!!
    But at the end of the day with Dynavap, you just put green in, torch it and inhale, that's as technical as it gets so you don't need anything fancy there, it's just a one hitter.
    But maybe you like the Titanium one and i understand as i mentioned earlier, I'm a massive tart myself was wanting the best of the best all the time.

    and yeah you will love the JR, but that is a little more technical than Dynavap but it's not hard to use either, just more fun in the sense that you're surfing the vapour waves.
  • Baron23
    So im ending up buying a Dynavap M instead of the XLOro

    Make sure to get the Ti tip on it. Very different thermal transfer characteristics between SS and Ti with Ti the winner IMO.

    If you do get a VC, consider investing $10 in this. Just put your tip and cap on this glass stem and run it through water. Works wonderfully and DDave is a very cool guy.


    i've heard again that 2018 is supposed to be the year of the Grasshopper,Oro

    Don't hold your breath....Hopper is notorious for not getting anything done in less than a geological era. They have had my GH in on RMA since Feb and no sight of it yet.
  • metalmancpa
    I think the Omni XL Ti is a perfect length. I can't vouch if the hit is cooler as compared to Dynavap's shorter models, but for me that's irrelevant.
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