• twhc291
    :cool: :ok:

    best way to learn is to hit it in the dark and dont let any flame past dead mans curve :joke:Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Awesome description dude that makes perfect sense of how much Flame is to much flame
  • twhc291
    Quick up date.

    My local supplier ran out of Flip bricks. However offered me another brick with a reduced price all I have to do is pay the extra.

    Proud to say I now have a walnut Hydrobrick on it's way
  • twhc291
    cheers! I'm hoping it arrives soon. Then the learning begins haha
  • ChlorophyllMan
    Good to hear, I'd rather have the Hydro than the Flip. The Flip is very fussy, almost like a puzzle, and I find myself reaching for more consistent vapes. I dust it off every now and again when I'm up for the challenge! :smile:
  • twhc291
    I'm really keen to give it a run. I hope i can master the technique quickly
  • twhc291

    My new piece. It arrived this morning.

    Just quickly where do most people put their flame tip when using the straight piece?

    Does anyone recommend keeping the carb plugged if i am not intending it to be used with a rig?
  • MothChewMoth
    with my OG I start the flame above the intake and slowly lower while inhaling until I see vapor. Usually the sweet spot is just before the inner flame passes into the intake, but that can be a fine line between massive vapor and combustion. With your black mouthpiece that might be a little hard to judge vapor production.

    I cover the carb with my finger, like a pipe, and uncover to clear the chamber and finish my draw.
  • twhc291
    thank you.

    but that can be a fine line between massive vapor and combustion.MothChewMoth

    I also agree with you in that. I have had a few fantastic hits in my first 2 bowls that where closely followed by combusting. So after the 4th clean my 3rd bowl is going well.
  • Dr green thumb
    my carb is corked and I've never needed the carb. I modify the temp more by the distance of my lighter from the intake.
  • juxt

    I agree with others, inner flame tip should just touch or barely go past the lip of the intake, but you should be moving it toward the intake as you hit so you can tell where the hits begin and get a feel for it. I like using the restrictor disc, it keeps me from combusting completely, which I do the most on the MAXX, but some on the others still without the disc.

    Also, on the carb hole, if you are holding it in your hands a carb hole is good like on a bowl in the old days. If you're using the MAXX on the table I'd recommend just plugging that thing, if you want to clear the chamber just pull the mouthpiece or lift the wood panel where the heater intake is.
  • Baron23
    I plugged the carb hole on my Jr....just too much of a PIA to use without a good purpose, IMO.
  • twhc291
    on the carb hole, if you are holding it in your hands a carb hole is good like on a bowl in the old daysjuxt

    As i am using the brick without water i have noticed that the carb does come in handy.

    Thanks everyone you have been really helpful
  • THeJokEr
    The OG hits harder than Mike Tyson
  • beezee420
    I want a symbiotic tube.. where can I get
  • Trix
    I use the carb on my Maxx. Seems to help by letting some fresh air in there. I also use the restrictor disk lately to avoid combustion. I don’t use the brick Much because of constantly clogging up the screens. I’m always changing and cleaning them.
  • Dr green thumb

    I use a small stiff paint brush to clean my screen. I'm still on my original screen and haven't had to remove it.
  • THeJokEr
    I have no clue what a symbiotic tube is. I do luv my OG. So simple but yet elegant.
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