• Futurevapors
    I've not tried that personally because I can't get hold of quality concentrate's, but I've heard of people using Pads

    I believe that will work just as good as flower, I'm sure someone else with experience might be able to advise you further dude, I know it won't gunk up the unit though, only low quality Hash will do that IMO

    Let me know how it goes :starstruck:
  • Futurevapors

    Check out them huge clouds from very little effort :starstruck:

  • claudz
    that is AWESOME. I love the MAXX I got from you guys, but I was combusting hella lot, then it's in my apartment, in the hall, neighbors sniffing outside my door haha.... this is GREAT NEWS.
  • warren0728
    does using s & b dosing capsules achieve the same thing? or should the new accessory be used even if using the dosing capsules?
  • bum karacho
    you are s & b dosing capsulas and sticky brick , in which one ? and it fits 100% ?
  • mustypipes
    Yes i would like to know as well as i have a Sticky OG set to arrive today. Which Sticky is compatible with the S&B's? I know its not the best for portability however if i could use those capsules pre loaded that would make it much more of a breeze if if and when i take it out and about. Im buying a fanny pack for it, there i said it.
  • StickyBrickLabs
    Our new Restrictor Disc allows for a bigger flame to be used and should work just fine with the capsules. Bowl depths vary per unit, but diameter does not so the capsules should work with all units (though this was an unintentional coincidence and we have limited experience with those capsules).
  • mustypipes
    Hey thanks guys when u will these guys be available and for what price? I read in a form online that you guys were going to be offering a discount possibly for those of us who owns sticky bricks already is this true ? Also is pricing available? thanks again guys.
  • Futurevapors
    Try placing your concentrates on top of a normal flower load

    :rofl: Fanny pack? That's absolutely hilarious dude, I'm all in with you. SBL fanny packs! I can't believe I had never put them 2 things together. YES all my portable issue sorted in 1 fanny pack, thanks dude. Could do with Dynavap plastic tubes for protecting the glass mp/intake zpwqick3lamd6usx.jpg

    Imagine if you had the OG in ya fanny pack but your intake/mp was made out of Titanium :scream: that would be so so so cool for being portable/unbreakable and it would look super :fire:
    I love glass so much but when it comes to being outside it needs protecting and I'm clumbsy.

    Inside my fanny pack be like 4tgyggbyv8gim430.png

    Check these pics I found on the net, ways to concentrate with a SBL OGsfylfz6v7dhdl6jh.jpg
  • BobCat
    @mustypipes From page 5 of this thread. (No mention of price tho) :victory:

    All new units will ship with the new Restrictor and we will be offering a good deal to existing customers for the first month after release. Hopefully they will be in this week and will be available on our site by the following week.
    Thanks everyone! Kenny- SBL
  • Futurevapors
    Aluminium Glass?
    Now there's a cool concept

    Ha you could put that MP in the freezer for frosty Rips :scream:
  • bum karacho
    Imagine if you had the OG in ya fanny pack but your intake/mp was made out of TitaniumFuturevapors

    good idea if you order a handmade single one is like 100-200€ thats a lot. if you find a normal that fits maybe 20 bucks...maybe ecigarette titan drip tip
  • warren0728
    i don't have one yet but am thinking it will be my next ... found the dosing cap info while researching somewhere on the interwebz!
  • Futurevapors
    Something like this, I'd personally want Titanium just because I like pushing boundaries z6espb7qtm1bjmw5.jpg

    Also what about quartz glass MP/intake, would that be super strong glass?
  • Futurevapors
    Maybe wait to see SBL New Product as I have this feeling the wait won't be much longer :starstruck:
  • VapeCritic
    We will be offering a Restrictor Disc that goes below the flame intake and should fit almost all existing units. The Restrictor Disc allows for bigger flames and less technique while controlling combustion incidents.StickyBrickLabs

    Very cool :ok:
  • Rstootalow
    I just ordered a sbj today and they mentioned they are going to throw in the restrictor disc. They said I would be one of the first customers to get it. I’ll definitely follow up and let you know how it turns out.
  • Baron23
    Please post a pic of the restrictor when you get a chance. :up: :grin:
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