• Magicman
  • Futurevapors
    Yes mate, how does that perform dude. looks Sick :fire:
  • ChlorophyllMan
    I've ordered a pair of of restrictor discs for my Flip from eBay. They were missing from the envelope when it arrived, been ripped out. Are folk in the UK that desperate to get their hands on these? :rofl:
    Seller says they can only resend one single disc because they haven't got many left?! Ouch man, is it petty of me to make a fuss about that?
    Aaanyway, has anyone tried out one specifically in their Flip yet? Is it worth the (long) wait?
  • Cl4ud3
    If you ordered a pair you should really get a pair. Or failing that maybe they will give you a 50% discount seeing as you are only getting half of what you paid for.
  • bum karacho
    today a vaped my oj brick by mistake without herb!
    and it was great a terpene wonderland much more tasty than with herb crazy.i was doing 3 big hits :sweat:
  • juxt

    Better than eating it ;)
  • Futurevapors
    Do you clean that peice of steel oftern? I like to clean maybe every 2 weeks, takes 2mins to scrap out from under screen then run a Q tip with ISO through that steel part or put in hot water.

    Than unlike Juxt I prefer to just eat the reclaim as it’s just too much fussing around trying to collect it all to vape it.

    Than I do a very big flame dry run and only draw very slow to really get that chamber hot/dry/clean

    There’s also a shit load of good stuff under the intake section steel ring, mmmm tasty :yum:

    When I empty my OG I always suck up the dust particles for that flavor, it’s totally clean to do that and you get this pure cannabis flavor and gets you high.
  • bum karacho

    i vape the reclaim mix it under the herb.i clean the metal part every week and the screen two times a week.scrab it out every week . but the wood soak the oils and terpens inside so my brick gets every load tastyer.
    at the moment its like a lemonea overload never have so much terpens with a other vape,love it!

    did you every try to replace the screen to a finner or coarser?
    it has influence on the airflow
    fine screen less airflow more taste less vapor
    medium screen (orginal) everything works fine
    coarse screen more airflow more vapor hotter little bit harsh ,but i lik it ruff !
  • Futurevapors
    here’s some pics from my clean up thismonrning

    One thing I have never experienced is Any Harsh’ness to using the OG. Mine run cool and I use a bigger torch flame than anyone.

    Yes these Bricks are literally Pure flavor!!

    I only clean my screen like every 3 weeks, check the pics below, that’s all from 3 weeks build up. At the start I did clean weekly but then went to 3.

    Screens, SBL ones are perfect for me.

  • JMH
    What do you guys think between the Hyrdobrick, Runt, or OG?
    I would like to pick up one these.
  • bum karacho

    i would say the junior is to small.
    if you like water hydrobrick max
    without water the og
    have a nice weekend ! :razz:
  • Dr green thumb
    go with the max as it has it all. The flavor through any of the woods is so different than other vapes. I like my junior as everything stores inside the wood and its portable.
  • JMH
    yeah that one is really cool too! Im thinkin the original hydrobrick when I said hydrobrick. Do you think that one is good too?
  • Dr green thumb
    the hydrobrick is good if you are using at home with your glass piece. Bud has a code for 10% off too.
  • JMH
    Okay cool thank you for your help. The whole sticky brick lineup is really cool!
  • Dr green thumb
    they all function very well. You just need to decide if you are going to use it on the go or at home through your glass pieces. It's hard to own just one as they are all fun to use and perform very nicely.
  • JMH
    yeah I want them all eventually haha. I’m going to be using it strictly at home. Not looking to use water filtration but I’m open minded. Any give you bigger hits than the other?
  • Dr green thumb
    I started with the junior it is easy to use and everything stores inside the would. The first one I used was the original and it performs as well. It does take a little practice to find out where to aim your lighter on the intake so you do not combust. I think you will like whichever one you decide to go with.
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