• thathitta
    I smoke in my basement by the HVAC and need a desktop vaporizer that produces the least amount of smell. I’m interested in the EVO & Extreme Q.
  • okla68m
    I would think "smoking" By the HVAC (which Recirculates Air) would Spread the Odor Throughout the Entire system. ..?
  • Futurevapors
    That's possible why he's looking for a low odour vape :rofl:

    Thathitta: I have this imagine of you smoking near the HVAC and then you going upstairs and there being smoke everywhere. Laughing with you not at you bro.

    I have to ask, when you say SMOKE in the basement do you means smoking joints? That's sounds like the worst place to smoke! Outside or out of a window would surely be a better place for the smoke to escape?

    I was in the UK not long ago and visited a friend, we sat in a room with the windows closed to keep smell in and smoked about 6 joints with tobacco and I have to say It was horrible, I couldn't get back use to the feeling of smoking and the smell of tobacco was rank! i came out of there in total disbelief that I used to do that day in day out for nearly 10yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think if someone gave me joint i'd take it home and remove all the tobacco and put it in my Brick!
  • Cmatz

    I have a plenty, and it makes the apartment stink of herb.
  • Futurevapors
    maybe look at Dynavap M, you could use that anywhere in the house and just blow the vapour out of a window and I promise no one would ever smell green from the Dynvap it's self, well minimal small. But anyvape will be 10000% less than smoking herb? Just exhale out of a window and no worried man.
  • Karec
    cultivar will be the key....i have a EVO and i can vape a lot with almost no smell with a strain and next i got a stinky strain and only a sesh will contaminate my all apartment....threre is no comparison with smoking old school and vaping regarding smell... smoking will stink everything with no cultivar whatsoever....
  • juxt

    Smoke buddy is good but if you're using a hybrid season vape like the plenty you still stink up the place. I like the New vape FlowerPot, Glass Symphony or Sublimator for big hitter single draw desktops, or a Ed's TNT WoodScents which is a heater for the DynaVap line.

    If you add activated carbon filtering (like a smoke buddy) on exhale you get the best results.
  • Baron23
    EVO with Smoke Buddy. EVO is super simple to set up and turn on (vice a FP or Sub) and is no more stinky than any other vape (which is WAY less than smoking).
  • Lucic and Chong
    I don't even go as fancy as a smoke buddy, just the old school sploof with paper towel roll and fabric softener sheets. Vapor exhales smell like "spring breeze" or "mountain fresh", you just have to remember to change the sheets from time to time. I'll use this with all of my vapes if I'm using them inside.

    I also vape by a window with a fan blowing outside that I exhale into. It also catches most of the extra vapor coming from the vape too. If I'm having friends over, and we're sessioning, I'll sometimes even add a fan by my door to help prevent any odors from escaping to the apartment hallways.

    As much as I love the smell, I know that others can find it quite offensive. Not unlike I do with cigarettes. And landlords aren't always the most tolerant, so I would rather not advertise my use.

    So I either vape outside, or with a sploof and fan when indoors. And I haven't had any problems/comments/complaints for years.
  • juxt

    Again, I somehow always leave off the EVO... It's a great vape and if you remove the screen between draw it does a good job of staying discrete.
  • Alexis
    Herborizer XL is a pretty low odor vape. All aspects- bowl and abv, vapor in room etc.
  • SunnyHours

    Really, the NewVape Flowerpot is low odors? Yeah!
    Mine's practically at my doorstep :)
  • Alexis
    IME the Flowerpot creates a rather strong but lovely and distinct cannabus pong in the water tool. It also definitely creates quite a strong and noticeable vapor aroma in the house. When my mum has had it on downstairs, I have smelled it up here from just a very small bowl, OAP style hehe!

    In my mind the FP is one of the smellier vapes I experienced. I do believe though that the Herborizer Ti does not have this trait to a noticeable degree that I can remember taking note of.

    I used the Glass Symphony for 1 day and found it did not create an odor in my water tool at all. The FP does so instsntly. IME the GS vapor was very non-odorous. The FP ABV smells very strong to me too. The GS ABV had no odor.

    Herbo Ti ABV has its own distinctive odor signature, as does FP, but is less strong.
  • Cl4ud3
    I agree with you, the Flowerpot can stink and it does a lot more than the Glass Symphony. I've noticed I need to clean my dropdown and glass more often with both vapes but the FP seems to cause more odour in that glass, not sure why though.
  • Alexis
    the FP vapor is literally a different substance effectively, crested in a different manner by a different process. Its own unique one. I apply this principle to vapes generally, but some ate more outstanding in their unique and more different nature.

    This is also at the heart of why I have these illogical adverse reactions to certain vapes which are not material based (specifically FP and GS), but not to Herbo Ti or Elev8r.
    Thanks for sharing your own experience with the FP water tool ador. I have not heard anyone elsreport or acknowledge this to date, even after I tossed it out there. To me it was a very obvious trait which I noticed from the offf, and I only used the FP for a smidgen.

    A trait I did like though for sure, lovely cannabis cologne the FP makes.
  • juxt

    So in my experience when discussing 'does this thing smell' generally means is there enough ambient smell thrown out by just the device to be a problem/noticed by others. Obviously if you are breathing out vapor without active carbon filtering, you are out-gassing much more smell than a convection device that isn't actively heating just from what you are breathing out.

    The FP is a bit different in that some folks leave it on the bowl and let it conduct heat also, this is the same thing as a lot of folks do with the sublimator and it can have the same problem. This will obviously cause more active vapor and smell production that simply drawing through the device during a hit.

    The Glass Symphony is different in that you only leave it in the bowl while drawing (at least that's exclusively how I use it).

    In any case though, no matter what device you're using, the smell will get into a water piece. I fully appreciate that folks love the FP (so do I) but it's not magic. Any vapor that goes through a waterpipe (even ones with no water as bud likes) leaves residue on the glass (or awful pinkish boogers in water) and it has a smell. The convection vaporizers (primarily convection as I mentioned there issome conduction with sublimator and FP) are generally better at giving lower ambient smells ... but if you're breathing your output in someones face they're going to know what you were vaping no matter what device you were using.
  • Alexis
    @juxt you are dead right. The Flowerpot is just a material device from the world of physics. Just scrap metal ultimately.
    However the magic is in the herb. But there is alchemy taking place in the extraction process which can be vastly different between vapes, resulting in a different substance literally.

    Those boogers on the glass- I also noticed a much faster and more instant visible build up in my pipe from the FP, compared to every other vape I have used. Together with the stronger pong in the bubbler from hit one. And Im certain these characteristics are evident regardless of bowl heat conduction aspects.

    Its all in the unique alchemy of the extraction. Not disagreeing with you btw @juxt just expanding my thought line.
  • juxt
    I love you man, never worry about disagreeing with me :D

    and I totally agree it's all in the herb too. My GS stinks the glass though, and even after I switched to vapor distilled CPAP water in all my glass the GS, FP and Sub still produce boogers. I am going to try to post some pictures later of how the honey looks from the GS, I just really don't want to discount the device. I really hope those guys succeed in every way with this thing.

    And keep this on the down low bu I bought the Sublimator from bud, and when I received it I was amazed and humbled to discover the sweetest after smell of any device I've ever personally experienced. I mean just wow, you know that had to be that FIRE paprika.
  • Alexis
    ↪Alexis I love you man, never worry about disagreeing with mejuxt

    Thanks a lot man, but Im gonna have to disagree lol!

    Interesting about the Sub, considering it has received some criticism for killing the flavour of the herb. It must be zapping out those flavour compounds from the vapor but creating that lovely essence you speak of or something.

    Never tried the Sub and sure I never wil probably. Almost guaranteed I would not be able to tolerate it very probably. I hear it is indeed very hesvy though, maybe as heavy or more than the other contenders?

    Juxt you have already such a great line up of mighty powerful extractors, which makes you an invaluable resource for all our comparison fun, which I personally enjoy immensely.

    Enjoy your weekend bro.
  • Saeed
    this is easy; volcano
  • juxt

    One other thing I think I should mention, and maybe it's just me personally, but when I get started on a session and I'm using a lot of eucalyptus you know, after the first few hits I get a little phlegmy reaction and a kind of unpleasant tinge to my throat and I wonder if that happens to folks and they just don't notice. It does not take away from the herb for me personally, as I can distinguish the tastes pretty well and understand it, but not sure what others think.

    The sublimator tastes good to me bro, but I did switch to Ti screens.
  • SunnyHours
    @juxt You speak a lot about Eucalyptus (which if I'm not mistaken is toxic when eaten therefore I'd make sure it's not toxic when Vaped...) AND about the weird grime or stuff on/in your glass pieces...

    Are you sure they aren't related? As in the Eucalyptus makes the weird stuff?

    Also, lucky you with all those Heavy Hitting Vapes! I wish I could get a Glass Symphony...really like the idea of the glass beads to retain and store heat longer as well as creating turbulence.
    Makes me think of the Vriptech Heat Wand with the glass air intake that "twisted" the air and the Venturi effect...

    I think to satiate my VAS I'd need a Glass Symphony, a Mighty and perhaps another Arizer portable w/PVHES Stems or another powerful Portable vape...

    To satiate my GAS I'd need to win the lottery so I won't even get started LOL
  • Baron23
    it’s a euphemism. Not real eucalyptus.
  • VapeCritic
    this is easy; VolcanoSaeed

    Agreed, the vapor and odor stays very contained inside the bag when filling and in between draws, so the only smell will come from when you exhale the vapor, and since you basically have a portable bag of vapor you can take your draws and exhale wherever most convenient.
  • Bruce
    Great answer, I have the Extreme Q and it gives off a strong smell.
  • juxt

    Right sorry, I live in a place where certain growing things are forbidden, and in a vain and totally selfish attempt to feel more protected I always say I'm using eucalyptus.

    I love the Glass Symphony though, totally kills it, but Bud was right when he said somewhere that one vape isn't going to do it for you. As you experience new stuff and try new types of vaporization you will find (or at least I did) that not one single thing can really satisfy, but mixing a lot of things in.

    I think it was Sneaky Pete that talks about the 'full spectrum heating' that some vapes get that allow more release of lower temp chemicals instead of just burning everything off at 385 or whatever. That makes sense to me too.

    I also heard that you are able to metabolize a lot more of the payload when vaping, because so much gets destroyed when combusting, that it can mess with your tolerance levels, and I can absolutely attest to that.
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