• Gman
    I try not to be judgemental but I find the older I get the more judgmental I become. Like if someone fails to secure a dresser in their child's room, and their child dies as a result of pulling it down on themselves. I will 100% judge those parents for failure to provide safety to their children.
  • Baron23
    Two words, judgement and discernment. Very much alike in nature, just slightly different context.
  • Bruce
    Do you think the Boveda Packets can do a comparable job to a humidor.

    I have a vac case and Boveda and it seems to make a very good difference.

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • Bruce
    I am with Baron on this one. The power of concentrates is incredible. The ability to take in massive amounts of THC and in the case of e cigs Nicotine. Someone will have a heart attack from overdosing on Nicotine (a heart stimulant).

    I would like to see the future that all Dry Herb be packaged with the same seal and regulations as cigarettes.

    Is this a lack of freedom. Its a step in the right direction just legalizing. Regulation is important because from my own research these unregulated substances can cause major health risks.

    I don't love concentrates and don't use them. I think THAT is when the people who say a Gateway drug are correct. I was totally in. I got the Kandys Pen, and had it all going. But I was addicted and got into a bad mood without it and for many other reasons its NOT good old wholesome dry herb.

    When I was getting concentrates. Who the hell makes them? They are high in demand and cant be made fast enough. In particularly dabs.

    In Moderation - I can see hospitals administering a dab as medicine. But the dangers are someone thinking a little is a lot and then problems start. I am 100% that its an addictive property.

    States across the country have sold contracts to companies that set up the infrastructure for medical and recreational marijuana facilities even before there is a vote. Any smart investor knows its a no brainer. In New Jersey 2 years ago they were selling contracts to growth farms and dispensaries. And now that medical Marijuana is legal in NJ, the faciliies were ready from day 1. So its just a matter of time.

    The quality of legal MJ needs to match the quality of street MJ, and right now from my experience the Street quality where I live is much better than the dispensaries and much cheaper. a half OZ costs 160 (USD) and the dispensaries are $250.

    Funny thought, when the USA is 100% recreational, can you imagine Black Friday!

    Regulate (because of public safety hazard), tax (makes everyone happy) and Peace, Love and Vape
  • juxt

    I may be hijacking here, and if it's passe just tell me to take it to another thread ;)

    Gman as I personally have gotten older I've become much more aware of my own failings and faults and tend to be much less judgmental of others in every situation not just parenting. And flagrant dereliction of parental responsibility is not one of those situations that are easily forgiven, but if that parent had trained their child, chosen a dresser designed not to flip, paid clear and regular attention to the child and what they do and how they act...would you say that parent didn't take proper steps? Or how about a harder one. How about a parent with a pool, and a kiddie fence, where a kid climbed over and died (I know some folks ... FL remember) is that parent free from guilt because they did the minimum required? Those kinds of questions when judging others make it difficult for me to take a hard stand there, and my general 'freedom or death' mentality keeps me from accepting anyone to tell me that I have to do anything because they say so. Funny, this doesn't apply to my religious beliefs...I've tried to examine that about myself but there it is.

    Baron, true that man ... My personal discernment is not to the level where my judgement can be accepted by sane people ;)

    BTW, I love Boveda. I have a wooden locking humidor (which I chose myself) that I use for my stuff and 2 boveda pack holders are built into the lid. I also bought one of those temperature/humidity sensors on amazon for like $20, and the 62% Boveda will keep that entire box between 61 - 63% consistently. Keep in mind I'm in FL so it regularly hits 70 -80% ambient humidity.

    Bruce - you rock, but your position on concentrates cuts me to the core. I'm sorry you couldn't handle it, but that has nothing to do with what I can handle. And yeah, the government cares so much about making safe cigarettes that they allow packaging of higher nicotine cigarettes (a more powerful habit forming compound than crack cocaine) to be labelled as 'lights' and 'natural', and then calls mj a schedule a drug with NO ACCEPTABLE MEDICINAL USE OR INTRINSIC VALUE. That is who you want regulating what goes in your stash?

    If anything it is people like us, the market, the consumer, that will force people to provide what we want.
  • Gman
    How exactly do you tech a sub 3 year old proper climbing safety? They don't understand physics yet. What if you have other kids over? There is ZERO excuse for not properly securing stuff in your home. As for the pool, if you put up a fence, and the child still gets around it, you did try to secure the pool. Sure nothing can be 100% safe, but does that mean you don't put up a fence around the pool?

    And I'm sorry but I am judgemental because I do strive to be the best I can be, which means holding myself accountable. Which means I believe every parent is accountable. It's like the super religious people across the street from me. They let their kids run around alone in the city and in the streets because they think Jesus is babysitting them. If their kids get kidnapped, hit or otherwise hurt from negligence, you best believe I will judge them, harshly.
  • Gman
    I believe your lack of concentrate knowledge is really showing in your posts. You seem to lack the vital information so you seem to make some assumptions. You are still consuming the same amount of THC if you dab vs someone smoking a joint. Only one has to puff for 10 minutes and destroy their lungs while the other puffs once and isn't doing much damage at all.
  • Baron23
    Bovedas work very well and I use them in small mason jars to store flower but the vacuum type containers work very well also. I use 62% but anything close to that should work. As I said, that cabinet was a humidor at one time, but now its just a cabinet I use to store my vape stuff and product.

    Now, you said that "you are with me" on regulation and control of legal MJ. Well, you are to the extent that we both think there should be some controls but we diverge very quickly from there. For example, I do not view concentrates as you do. Just a difference in opinion.

    I think we all would agree that the the mantle of adulthood and maturity brings with it responsibilities. But the hard part is determining exactly what constitutes "responsible".

    For example, here in the socialist nanny state of Montgomery County, Maryland, a couple in Tacoma Park was allowing their 11 y.o. daughter to accompany their 8 y.o. son and the two of them were allowed to walk a few blocks to a local park to play.

    Concerned citizens (busy bodies, IMO) called child services on them for allowing their children to be endangered by walking through their suburban community alone and at one point child services took the kids away (for like a day).

    Now, most folks...including me...were absolutely outraged by the "concerned citizens" and the paternalistic and patronizing actions of child services. Its to the point that what these parents did now has a name...its raising "free range children". What poppycock (to me) and how completely asinine (again, to me).

    However, to the busy bodies, their view was the appropriate and responsible one.

    So, for me...when in doubt, I try to mind my own business and remember that people have extremely different views of what constitutes proper behavior. That and I'm also a total libertarian at heart.
  • juxt

    Gman, don't be sorry bro! I love it, an opportunity to convince someone to be more libertarian! Woohoo ;)

    Keep in mind, in the example stories I was using I made the deliberate point that the parents with the dresser did multiple things, chose a dresser designed not to flip being #1, but they care and discuss and pay attention while in the other example they had just done the minimum of putting a fence. Now I personally didn't judge the folks I know where the toddler drowned in the pool, but they judged themselves very harshly and even ended up splitting up over it. That's a tough thing, and I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, but I guess I use those things to try and remember that no matter what I do, I'm not actually in control over anything except the actions I take personally. I also don't kid myself that if it's someone's time to go that anything I did or could have done would change that. Frankly that probably saved me a bit when my wife drowned a few years ago :/ At the end of the day I would probably use a criteria to judge in those situations whether the parents cared and did anything at all versus not caring or understanding or doing anything. IE, in my examples I would judge both sets of parents less harshly, because in both cases at least they were trying to do something.

    Baron -- that story is freaking outrageous! Did they have a certain # of blocks where it would be ok for them to walk or could the kids not leave the yard...UGH! It's not as bad down here, because it's still so very rural once you get out of the cities, but they have now gotten into the argument about whether to do immunizations, etc. And now they're fighting because of Parkland shooting, and the gov signed a law that all schools have to have armed guards...fat lot of good that did with the actual freaking police officer that was at the school and did nothing, but hey, let's nanny state the hell out if it, woohoo!
  • Gman
    I guess as long as they show some sort of intent to be safe, all situations should be judge on their own. And really, I'm not in the position to judge any of those cases.

    really sad to hear about your wife man :(
  • juxt
    Thanks bro, appreciate it. And for reals, I will snap judge stuff all the time but I do usually end up thinking what if it had been me and then after I freak out I feel much less bad about what anyone else might have done.

    In any case, I'm really encouraged that you love and protect your kids and family, I see too much of where people just drift away and especially in FL there have been a lot of the pain pill addicts that just can't manage life at all and a lot of kids have paid the price for it. Frankly those are the situations around here where I reserve most of my fury. The state AG just filed suit against the pain pill manufacturers like 2 days ago. Those kinds of things are gateway drugs in my opinion...it's OXY and that ilk that lead more people to heroin and morphine and stronger stuff, not MJ. They freaking crush those pills and snort them here like it's cocaine or something. Or crush them, then cook them, then inject. I have never seen the like of it in my life, and I've seen some sick people.
  • Gman
    Ya I'm so scared for the world my kids are growing up in. I was a "raver" so I was around a lot of parties, but now any little pill can be deadly. It was not like that in my day :(
  • slamcmy
    mate the Evo perform great with concentrates but its not a enail... u cannot put that much at a time or you will make a mess so its limited on that side.... just watch some vids and make your own opinion :cool:

    Wow thanks for taking the time to answer @Karec .. I really appreciate it :wink:
  • Baron23
    Yep, Vigilant. They make wine coolers, humidors, used to make gun and fishing cabinets. Very expensive stuff as its all mortor and tenis construction by hand of book leafed wood. I was in the money when I bought it! haha

    If I where you....I would look around for a used armoire or wardrobe and add some shelves to it if needed. Something like that.


    P.S. - sorry for the late response but the notification email was caught in spam folder. :shade:
  • GhostMV1User
    @Baron23 np.

    I decided to go with an slightly inexpensive office cabinet and put a lock on it. Much cheaper lol.
  • Baron23
    MUCH indeed. Their stuff is very expensive.
  • lazylathe

    Do you think this was a shill thread?
    There was a similar one started on the other forum that was deleted pretty quickly.
    basically saying the same thing as here, how great it is, perfect for a parent with kids etc...
    Thread starter has 3 posts all in this thread...
    Just thinking out aloud again...
  • Baron23
    Dunno. This thread was opened about a month ago and the OP hasn't posted in 25 days.

    Both @@VapeCritic and @Cl4ud3 have seen it and not commented.

    I would note that while highly complimentary of the EVO (which I personally agree with) there is no affiliate link or anything like that posted so I believe we are fine with it.
  • Cl4ud3
    Yes I would have said it was close to being nothing more than an advertisement but the topic seemed valid and gained some momentum, it is possible some links were removed though. And it isn't as bad as that vibrator topic/link spam that came up :lol:
  • Baron23
    Hey, I liked the vibrator thread....it got me.....excited !!!! LOL:yum: :rofl:
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