• Chris Larson
    I would like to second the recommendations for these two sites for CBD Flower:


    I have multiple orders from these guys and the flower is always super high quality.
  • Pud
    @Bud I know you were trying many varieties of cbd flower. What brands/kinds were you liking? I saw the discount for hemp haus just wondering what others you are liking? Do you have links for the streams from a while back?
  • Trix
    I’ve really been enjoying https://tokncbd.co/ as well!
    These guys have some very potent CBD and fantastic prices also.
  • SquanchKava
    Revel Valley and CBDhempdirect have some lovely CBD flower strains.
  • Bud
    i've tried cbd flower that I bought from four different stores, a total of 14 different strains, and I'd say so far Cascadia and Tweedle are my preferred from what I've tried. One of these days my CBD guy at Hemp Haus is supposed to come through and have flower on his site with blue genius which is one of the dankest smelling and tasting so far that I've tried, but a handful i've tried have been good.

    So far my fave cbd hemp flower strains are:
    Blue genius

    I also liked Elektra, Key lime pie, sour space candy.

    Hope to have more to offer in this area soon
  • Bud
    Black Tie didnt do it for me but i heard another member likes theirs
  • WOLF444

    I boycott that business due to their practice of making up strain names just for marketing appeal (Bubblegum, Candyland, Blueberry Pie, Cherry Soda, Fruit Punch, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Gelato, Sweet Tarts, Orange Cookies, Lemon Cream Diesel, Bleu Cheese)... I see now that they are also naming strains after established/known THC genetics (Chem Dawg, Skittlez, OG Kush, Purple Haze)....

    As a consumer of both CBD and THC flower - this practice annoys me enough that I will never do business with any companies operating in this manner...
  • Tdog420
    Black tie just won a bunch of awards for best cbd. I hate pushing anything unless its awesome and iv tried alot (20) cbd strains and always like black tie better. Also i have rosin pressed about 8 strains of cbd from 3 sites and black tie yielded the best.

    Im also going off of effects more then flavor. Cascadia and tweedles are good i just found cbd percent and yield for rosin press better and consistent w black tie...... Just pressed some black tie chem today!!


    Also just look at percent of cbd per flower that tells it all. Never order cbd w out checking the cbd percent for that strain and price ratio.
  • Tdog420

    Tweedles, cascadia, black tie, all great and have tried many strains from each. My fav for pressing is def black tie but tweedles and cascadia are both fire. I say pick whatever has the best deal you cant go wrong w these sites.
  • WOLF444

    "Also just look at percent of cbd per flower that tells it all. Never order cbd w out checking the cbd percent for that strain and price ratio."

    Percent of CBD per flower? Do you mean the strain's potency?

    Gosh I would hope every member of this site knows to check the potency of a strain before ordering/purchasing...

    Why are they naming a strain 'Chem Dawg' when that's already an established THC genetic? I don't agree with that practice... It's clear why they're doing it... Same with naming 10 strains with 'fruit' and 'candy' references... People have asked them for the strain lineage on these genetics and they are not forthcoming...
  • Tdog420
    who cares about names. They hybrid different strains to achieve a flavor same as weed plants. I care less about names more about genetics and potency. Call a strain weak sauce but it has a 20 percent cbd or thc and i will try it! The name just means they tried to cross plants to match that flavor. Not trying to false advertise.

    Also they show lineage for most of if not every strain. They also send lab results and will let u contact the testing lab. Total transparency on the tests.
  • WOLF444

    If we shouldn't care about names then ask Blacktie why they are engaging in marketing B.S. just to try to sell more flower?

    I care about naming CBD flower after already established THC genetics... Why would they copy the name 'Chem Dawg' when they can come up with an original name?

    Marketing ploy....

    What will be on their menu next season? Northern Lights, Blue Dream, White Widow, and Ghost Train Haze?

    They are trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting, undiscerning consumer... "Oh that one's named Candyland, it must taste like Candy" *click*order*

    Can you confirm their Cherry Soda actually tastes like Cherries?
    Their Key Lime Pie actually tastes like Key Lime dessert?
    Their Bubblegum tastes like bubblegum?
    The Bleu cheese like blue cheese?

    If you can't taste these exact flavors when vaping these genetics, then what the heck was the purpose of naming these strains as such?

    Marketing ($$$)...
  • Tdog420
    bubblegum is fire.
    Can you name a new name for a strain of weed? Every name is out there already and they say chem dawg because they are trying to match the flavor w hemp. They are just trying to match the flavor of chem or whatever strain of weed w there hemp makes sense. You should also check out how they won awards for there flower. I really hate promoting stuff but this is a solid company w good prices. I only wish to help people out w products i. Have tried. Just like i love puffitup and sneakypete.

    All love
  • Tdog420
    Also most strains of weed w a flavor do not taste like the name same as hemp. They have a slight similarity or sweet note.
  • BestBuds
    I'd say so far Cascadia and Tweedle are my preferred from what I've tried.Bud
    Blue geniusBud
    Thanks for the recommendation! I just got a oz of Blue Genius from Tweedle Farms for $68 with some random code I found. :cool:
  • WOLF444

    Hey man, I'm perfectly fine with you promoting their flower and I'm not at all questioning whether it is well grown or the potency of it... I'm only voicing my personal perspective on the marketing practice of intentionally coming up with strain names to boost marketing appeal... If they just did it here and there, I wouldn't care much, but to say you came up with 10-12 original genetics and all of them have such resonant flavors that it warrants 10-12 strain names all referencing fruit or candy - that doesn't sit well with me as a consumer... Same with copying the names of established THC genetics, if they did it once, maybe twice, okay - but there's presently 5 genetics listed on their site which copy the names of established THC genetics...

    If you were the original creator/breeder of the Chem Dawg genetics, I don't think you would appreciate another business/company using that exact strain name to market their product which does not represent the strain you created even remotely... It's deceptive advertising.... Now they may have taken a low THC producing chem dawg phenotype, and continually bred the THC content down with a high CBD/low THC parent - but if you are changing/altering a genetic and creating something unique - why aren't they giving it a new/unique strain name just as they're doing in other instances? Because they think that by copying the 'Chem Dawg' name, the strain will sell better... I can't agree with that practice...

    If I go to a dispensary and purchase a strain named 'Super Lemon Haze', take it home and vape it, and there's no taste even remotely resembling 'lemon' - as a consumer that causes me to pause and ask questions like: 1) Is this strain actually the Super Lemon Haze genetic or was I sold some other genetic either intentionally or unintionally? 2) Is this strain actually a Super Lemon Haze genetic and did the grower screw up during the cultivation or drying/curing process that has negative effected the quality of the batch and altered the terpene profile?.... So as a consumer, if I'm vaping something with 'Blueberry' in the name and it's taste/flavor doesn't even resemble anything relating to blueberries or similar fruits, I have similar questions... I might even wonder if the seller/vendor simply duped me by choosing a strain name that would be attractive despite the terpene profile not resembling it...

    I hope all or most of their genetics named after various fruits or deserts actually represents those taste/flavor profiles or else that's just a lack of truth in advertising if you ask me... I'd' be interested in hearing Bud's feedback on the taste of the strains he sampled... I know I'm not the only one who has questions/reservations about their strain naming practices because I've seen other consumers voice similar concerns/opinions on other forums...

    I also like the PuffItUp site and SneakyPete's.... The other night I saw some people discussing that something happened to SneakyPete's youtube channel and all of his videos were now marked private? I didn't check to confirm but it was reported to have something to do with some new 'guidelines' that sites like YT are adopting.... Anyway, I hope he doesn't lose all of his content or anything like that... The last video of his I watched a few days ago had some new disclaimer that flashes on the screen just before the videeo...

    I've never ordered from Cascadia but I know that business has a good reputation among consumers.... Looking at their packaged bud photos, it looks like they they do more of 'rough' trim job... Did those of you who have ordered from that company find that to be the case?

  • BouncingOffClouds
    I've ordered from Berkshire CBD a few times and they seem legit
  • WOLF444

    I like the effects of their Remedy offering... I found the Cherry Wine to be so-so (won't be ordering again)... Soon I plan on exploring 1g samples of the Lifter, Elektra, and SSC.... I typically vape CBD flower before work or before leaving the house to run errands on off days... So I'm mostly interested in genetics that are a bit more on the alerting/uplifting side of things in terms of effects...
  • chaos191
    Remember reading this forum a few months ago and I have ordered twice from Cascadia blooms and have been happy... Until recently I've lacked good airtight containers to store larger amounts of Flower. I was on Amazon and found these really nice French canning jars with metal latches that are airtight and grabbed a set and some bovida packs in preperation for a delivery from Starseed Botanicals. I read here that they have nice stuff and ordered a 1/2 to split with my Pops of Sour Space Candy private reserve and an 1/8 of Moonrocks. Holy shit 58% and tasty any tips on how to best vape it? I don't want to grind it all the Keif would probably fall off. Anyhow here some pictures for your viewing pleasure or if anybody's intrested. I forget the code but I got 15% off not by using crypto currency either. So pretty good deal about the The same as Cascadia.

  • BobCat
    I'm with@Trix, TOKN CBD is solid and reasonably priced. The Lifter and Suver Haze are solid.
  • Decki1
    PLAIN JANE best cb- etcetera
  • henrylefleur
    I’ve been liking 8 Horses hemp- just got their C4 and C5 strains. Also Happy Budz, Bklynflwr, Revel Valley
  • Pud
    Starseed Botanical special just received (in case someone is interested) :

  • calebgilk
    Yeah…I also agree that they`re trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting, undiscerning consumer. I once tried Cherry Soda, fell for the trick :( it was total garbage. To tell the truth, I've had enough of "playing" with flavors, and not so long ago I realized that I need to stop it all... smoking addiction was getting in the way of my life. Then I started looking for a replacement and found CBD oil, it has cannabinoids but it's a completely healthy product that has nothing to do with its dangerous "friend".
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