• Mayro
    Hello All you knowledgeable Cannabis Vape aficionados!

    As you may have seen from my previous thread, I've been trying to compare and contrast the benefits and cons of a few different types of vape units. I currently have probably about a 8-10 second draw time (probably will get longer after I stop smoking an eight a day as bowls).

    My Original idea was to get the NewVape Vrod for my desktop driver and to get a TI VapCap for on the go. From reading forms and watching video reviews, it would almost seem like people prefer the Sticky Bricks for the more on demand nature of the device, full extraction and taste. What I am hearing about the VapCaps is that they are nice if you arent used to killing an eight a day, but if you are killing an eight a day you are going to go nuts having to heat this thing up over and over (without having an induction coil) and then to top it off, the low load pack size may mean that someone with a high tolerance like me would need to pack this thing like 8 times for a session.

    No one has yet told me to get a flowerpot. I would have thought from what I saw on fukC that folks were really starting to like the flowerpot but I keep seeing people who arent liking the flavor of it - which puzzles me. I can only think that because the OG Sticky Brick and the TI VapCap by default dont 'need' to go through water, that maybe people who aren't liking the Flowerpots is because the water is taking to much out of the vapor?

    What are your guys opinions? I'm probably going to end up owning two of these... Its picking the two.... lol
  • welshman
    In my humble and probably biased opinion (i have all the flowerpot heads and an omni xl) the flowerpot is in a completely different league to the other two and can be set for practically any draw length based on the controller temp. Taste is basically down to the glassware you use, with smaller and less water being better tasting.

    So I’d get the vrod and then decide if there’s any other use cases it doesn’t cover and then get something to fill those scenarios. Probably something super portable, which for me is the omni xl or in a less pocketable sense the ghost mv1
  • MothChewMoth
    OG Brick is stupid easy to use, clean, and fill with virtually any amount of herb. It's definitely an at-home portable device, but suits me perfectly.
  • Mayro
    Its 40 days and less than 12 hours until the 710 sales that all these companies are going to have. I may end up waiting till the sale and getting all three. I have a really hard time making up my mind when I dont have the ability to try something and knowing that they will have 20-40% off possibly on some things makes 40 days still seem SOOO LONG. lol

    *I guess I dont know for sure they will have 710 sales... lol Aqualab and everyone else usually does.
  • Futurevapors
    Mate if your smoking an 8th a day, buy all 3 and you will have saved twice that amount back by 710 sale through Vaping you material instead of burning it into a cloud of smoke.

    0.1g Vaped will have you as high as 0.3g Smoked. FACT

    I have a friend who's trying to get into vaping because he smokes a half once per week but he's says the Sticky Brick OG I sold him makes him cough so much that he can't use it?????????????? I don't have 1 issues with taking huge rips then coughing so I can only imagine that he's fucked his lungs up with unfiltered Tobacco over the last 20yrs. To me a big rip of the brick is the smoothest exhale i've ever experienced.

    So i'm trying to introduce the Dynavap M to him but confessed he's addicted to the Tobacco but will give it a go to try and help him gets as high without using so much material.

    so i explained the Dynavap hold 0.08g and you get 3 heat cycles out of it and just the 1 bowl will wipe the smile of your face, I also asked him to weigh one of his joints, the papers/roach, materiel and then the tobacco. this is what i got.

    0.5g material in each joint? that's 28 joints per half ounce, Jesus Christ!!!!!! If he smokes 5 of them a day "witch he does" no wonder he's burning though 2 ounces per month!

    I buy a half ounce every 2.5 months and I can hand on heart can say I vape daily in the evenings and I can never remember going to bed i'm so High off 1/2 bowls per night, so there is a humongous difference between Smoking and vaping and a massive waste for the smokers.
  • kpx420
    I Have the 2017 M with Ti tip and recently got the FP on 420.. I totally feel ya on the re packing as I burn thru 1.5 oz per two weeks...The vapcap to ME is best use for a "one hitter" and yes also the flowerpot flavor I did not love at first.. not saying I love it now but its better.. I aint no pro on this but I feel like the conduction of the Ti of the FP masks some of the flavor of the material.. Trust me I vape alot, I think the Plenty should have a bigger bowl.. And also I find it a little tedious to keep loading and unloading the FP in session but in saying that it does fully extract once you dial down the temp to draw speed ratio.. But after saying all this.. I still been reaching for the Plenty these last few days but to be clear I come from 20 yr of combustion and im just almost 1 year into vaping.. I would ask how you like to vape? I used to love burning fat blunts/joints so the Plenty to me is what i still prefer, load and rip for 15-20 mins.. And to the post above me I vape 3 oz a month!
    BTW I use no Water! never!
  • Mayro
    I had tried the volcano back in the day and couldn't achive the same high/medicated level that I could achieve from smoking back to back bong rips. So for the longest time I actually put off the idea of vaping. It wasnt until I saw the videos from 420vapezone and Vapecritic of them blowing huge thick clouds that got me interested again (and my shitty state requires you to vape to be legal and even then the @#$@s are still suing us with a medical card...OHpulloverIO)

    I should have my first of these new vapes within a few days as I just ordered the Omni TI XL from Dynavap as I figured since I needed something for in the car/on the go and figured it with an induction unit would work perfectly for that.

    I also keep thinking The mighty folks will finally take all these emails I keep sending them bitching about me wanting a mighty with a less shitty plastic shell and the ability for it to reach 450+ degrees so that it can actually make the AVB not worth reusing.
  • Magicman
    This is an easy thing to settle...
    Get them all.
  • kpx420
    I stil say Plenty if u want some dense vapor.. key word is DENSE, you wont get the biggest clouds with the Plenty but it always makes me cough..still
  • Mturner7
    If I had to go back and do it again, I would have waited for the VROD and not gotten an EVO. I love vapcaps personally and think ever should own a one variant of them. But the sticky brick seems like it would suit you best for on demand + bigger hits. If you don't mind elaborating what your portable needs are, I'll throw in another 2 cents.

    For the heaviest of users though, Storz & Bickel should be the first stop imo.
  • Mayro

    But its made of plastic and the batteries should be easily replaceable but are not due to either bad design decisions or specifically designing the product to hamper the customers ability to repair/enjoy the product. I cannot support a company that doesn't consider these things.

    The sticky brick is solid. The Dynavap is solid and NewVape products appears mostly solid (kinda question some business decisions) but atleast the only thing thats going to break is the controller which you can fix.

    With the mighty, it cant reach the temps the other three can. It has a lot more maintenance to keep functional. My OCD would not allow me to use the mighty for the simple fact that the AVB from the mighty still looks like it could be used for something - the avb from the other three devices look like you'll be eating pencil shavings. With how much a 0 still cost here in OH pullover IO and the crap quality of the herb - you'll want to extract every bit you can from it cus your already going to be smoking for a long time to reach the desired effect (if you can without getting a head ache).
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