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    Hi Bud,
    Sometime around last year, in a thread about the Healthy Rips Fury and the other similar rebranded vaporizers, you mentioned you recieved both the Fury and the Sutra Mini on the same day. You said you started charging them to test them out, but never updated that thread with your results. After reading through forums I still can’t get a good consensus whether the Sutra is interally the same as the Fury or Fury 2, and whether the Sutra has or doesn’t have overcharge protection and helpful safety features like the Fury 2. Have I missed a review or thread of someone directly compring these two near identical vapes? I’ve only seen Wavy Vapes review both the Sutra and the Fury, and his conclusion was that they were the same vape, but I still am not so sure with all the conflicting opinions, and I’m not convinced by Healthy Rips’ statements about the subject in FC threads as it could just be another marketing gimmick.


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  • VapeCritic

    Hey thanks for posting I'm diggin your username :lol:

    Ah yes, my apologies for not updating that! From my limited experience with each I think it's safe to say that they're essentially the same vaporizer. I can't tell you for sure about overcharge protection or anything like that but I would imagine they all have that since they have charging ports.

    From what I gather the Fury 2 updates are mostly cosmetic and don't really influence the performance from the original Fury, but I haven't tried the newer one myself. With the first one I found that it produces good vapor and it's pretty easy to get clouds from but the vapor quality isn't the highest.

    Hope this helps!

    Stay up!
  • ChodieFoster
    That's all the insight I need thanks man! I'll be picking a Sutra mini for $60 then instead of $140 for the Fury 2. & I appreciate your likeness of the name, catch me on r/vaporents @SergeantChode lol. Have a good one man!
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