@Frosty1@okla68m - What you have written reflects my experience too. I take a slightly different step in filling a crucible. I gently but firmly pack the bottom 1/3 of the crucible then fill with loosely packed material and it seems to be giving bigger hits. I use an old framing nail that I cleaned up with a file to pack inside the crucible. I too do the 180 switch at about the half way point.

  • Frosty1
    Nice, I'll give that a try.

    I think problems can also arise because this isn't measured objectively. What some people call a fine grind others might call medium (Ghost should bring out their own grinder?!), what some say is a loose pack others might say is firm. Hopefully this just adds to the fun in experimenting until you find what's right
  • ZRN
    @Frosty1 - You are spot on about being unable to measure the variables. I think how an individual draws on the stem is the variable that may be giving us different results. My heavy draw may be your medium and how does one quantify breathing? I'm certain it can be done but not by most people, not by me for sure.

    About the grind - I experimented with a few different grinds and it didn't seem to make much difference as long as I packed it loosely enough to allow air to pass through easily. I haven't done that with the new heat sink though. I usually use a coarse grind or hand tear and have been getting very good results.

  • ghost-ops
    @Frosty1 @ZRN
    Thanks for posting the tips you've found work for you with regards to grind, loading etc - we trule appreciate the fact that you (and others) take the time to experiment and then write this out. You're spot on with the variables at play - with a true convection vaporizer like the MV1, grind, pack, draw speed, stem height all play much more of a role than in many other devices and the grind (for example) that works for one user might not for another if they use it slightly differently (and a 'GHOST' grinder is very much on the cards :up: )

    The convection nature of the MV1 is also responsible for making the variables hard to measure; start throwing flow meters and temperature sensors in the air path and it just ends up messing things up - believe me, we've been there - but our R&D team are second to none and if it's possible, they'll find a way.

    @okla68m love that you 'LOVE YOUR MV1" :pray: and your comments about the heat sink hole are really interesting. The precise dimensions of the base holes were determined during a very extensive design process which involved considering things I'm simply not qualified to talk about - airflow, fluid dynamics and so on - and it would be true to say that not everything works as you'd expect, although in general it is correct that a slower draw can lead to overheating simply because not as much heat is taken out of the oven as a result of reduced airflow. It's an intriguing hack you've come up with by the way!

    Finally the pricing on the heat sink assemblies is still to be confirmed (it's not straightforward; we know we have some customers who need one and others who would just like to have one to compare) and we'll have this available shortly along with more information about when they'll be ready to ship - as always we'll do everything we can to ensure that all our customers are treated fairly.


  • okla68m
    Thanks Mark. Seems Everyday is a Learning experience with the MV1. SO FAR, any Negative ones, have been Operator Error. Finicky, yeah, like dealing with a Woman at times....But...OHHHH SOOOOO SWEEET, when ya Do It Right ! I think She said that !
  • ZRN
    @okla68m - Nicely put.

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