• waynedog
    Has anyone else had an issue with the IQ mouth piece lid popping open after unit heats up? I just got mine and after first session the mouth piece lid will not stay shut and needs to be held shut to use.
  • juxt

    That happened to me when the little rubbery gasket thing that goes around the CZ mouthpiece isn't seated exactly properly. I actually started blowing it out with an air can when changing batteries ... before I retired the IQ.

    Sounds like the battery door is staying closed?
  • waynedog
    I'll recheck the gasket, but it stays closed after unit cools down and only pops opens after it heats up. DaVinci CS told me its the gasket below flavor chamber that expands during heating due to internal moisture. They said it happens to all units but seems like no one else has seen the problem.
  • Bruce
    its a pain in the neck but can be done. Peace, Love and Vape

    ---^ ^ ^ T h e Vape Master ^ ^ ^---
  • juxt

    They said the gasket below the flavor chamber is expanding, pushing the flavor chamber up, pushing the mouthpiece open? If that is true you can verify it visually. Look at where the flavor chamber is when cold and remember (or snap a pic) then heat it and see where the flavor chamber is. Might try heating with payload and without a couple of times to see if that makes a difference.

    If it's due to moisture you'd think I would have seen it on mine. I'm a heavy eucalyptus user and I basically live in a hellish swampscape and did not experience as you have described.
  • salamandra
    I have the same problem. I'm using the extended mouthpiece and yesterday (my third session on my new IQ) the lid wouldn't stay shut and I had to hold it shut during my session.
  • rjsmedley
    I, too, have had this problem. I assumed the rubber gasket on the mouth piece was swelling with heat but I guess I was wrong. Is there a fix for the gasket below the flavor chamber coming as it is a pain to hold the hot unit closed? And that is the only other problem I'm having - the unit gets very hot after a couple of smart paths (total of 20 mins. for both). I bought an IQ glove to deal with handling the heat. It does the job. Apart from those issues, it's a great vaporizer - the bowl holds plenty (bought spacers for smaller amounts), works great. Mine works just fine with the app, though it's not necessary as the preprogrammed paths do all I need, but it's a novelty. Gives good clouds when turned way up though I like using the lower temp paths as you get the more delicate cannabinoids that are destroyed at the higher Temps. I'm not getting great battery life out of it, about 30 mins, but that's OK with me. I have extra batteries and an external charger. All in all, I like it. It's one of the best overall units I've tried thus far. I have a Pax 3 coming, I'll see how it compares.
  • MacMan

    Mine was like that when I first got the IQ. Not so much anymore.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    My magnet popped off >.<
  • juxt

    They make numbing creams and stuff so you can delay that...
  • davape
    Mine, same thing... i've chatted with Davinci's support page and they tell me about this is an issue found on some Davinci IQ... does anyone know a home remedy? Because i understand the only problem is the gasket under the flavor chambr.. or maybe somebody know how can buy a replacement gasket?
  • Cor0070
    Same thing here. My lid can’t stay closed when the IQ is hot. I had the unit replace with a new one, a week later the new unit started to have the same gasket problem. I talked with CS, they asked me to ship it back....again!

    I just use a rubber band to keep the lid closed.....wow, a rubber band fix for a 400$ or so device.
    I can’t beleive that a 25 cents gasket is ruining my experience.jw84hoy080v25lsa.jpeg
  • RandomHero
    Has anyone else noticed the lack of support from DaVinci especially when it comes to the APP.. It does not even work really anymore.. I love the IQ but I has been doing some really funky crap lately.
  • Curt
    When I saw your pic, I literally laughed because I'm doing the same exact thing with one of my wife's elastic hair bands. It works just fine now. It bothered me at first but I got over it. But honestly IMO, $275 and you need a rubber band to hold the lid?....FAIL
  • Corrbello
    SO i just got my IQ today, and on the first session my lid did the same thing. I am already bummed out if this is an ongoing defect. just as Curt said, HUGE FAIL.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    My magnet fell out of the top lid, same nonsense...
  • etham
    Hi guys. Same lid problem. Opens when IQ heats up. Hope @davincivapor gets a repair kit soon. This is just poor design for a hi-end device.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    What sucked for me the most is forgetting about the magnet and flipping it upside down after use and having the whole stupid hot metal chamber bullet come bounding out and into either my hands or lap. Wakes me up real fast >.<
  • Lars
    Hi everyone, I had the same issue with the opening lid. Send my IQ back, but expect the same with the new one coming this week. Does anyone have experience without using the flavor chamber? Without the lid stays close, but I expect some payload will be sucked directly from the oven through the mouthpiece. What the CS mentioned about moisture ist wrong, the lid opens with and without a filled oven. Greetings from Germany, Lars.
  • Protectenator
    I think I've found the solution to the door pushing open when hot problem, at least in my case and hopefully for a few others as well.
    If you carefully inspect the lid of the flavour chamber, between the o-ring and the top ridge, it has 2 small ridges from the moulding manufacturing process, running vertical, one on each side.
    The one ridge on mine had a small bit of left-over ceramic, just enough to prevent the lid from pushing down as deep as it should into the top of the flavour chamber.
    And although there is no screw mechanism here, you have to turn and push the lid down while you turn it, otherwise it does not go deep enough.
    I removed the bit of ceramic with the edge of a broken diamond saw blade, like you would with a bit of sanding paper.
    Now the lid push-turns just a fraction deeper into the chamber and I have a door that stays shut when hot.
    Keep in mind that the round protruding piece of the silicon mouthpiece gasket needs to fit snug into the top part of the flavour chamber.
    If the small lid does not twist in deep enough into the chamber this silicon piece will push against the lid and when the bottom silicone gasket swells up during high heat it pushes the door open.
    If you want to remove the chamber completely the IQ will work just fine. Note that you need to push down a bit on the mouthpiece when the door is closed so that the silicon gasket seals off the gap where the outer top edge of the flavour chamber used to be, otherwise no draw resistance.

    Also, my IQ resets itself when I swap out batteries, unless I keep it plugged into a USB while swapping, then all the settings remain.

    I've modified one of my smart paths to be combination on smartpaths 3 & 4"
    Start at 199 C, then ramp up quickly for the next 4:20 (haha it's how I like it) till you reach 221 C, continue to end.
    Hope this helps someone.
  • Abstrakt
    Hi Protectenator,
    I tried your solution but it didn't work. A quick way to see if it will work for anyone here is to take the top off the flavor chamber and then put it back inside.....without the top of the flavor chamber the lid still couldn't close. It's a look that Davinci should really sort out as it takes away a lot from the usually sleek good looks.

    I had to change my first Davinci IQ after 4 months when the pearl post broke off. I can't state enough that the pearl is best left alone as I found that once I'd taken it off (for cleaning) it was never quite the same and the actual post wears quite easily. Customer services was a long thing but once I'd been waiting a couple weeks I got in touch with them on Facebook and a rep there sped everything through......I have the feeling I just chanced upon a lax representative initially which may have slowed up the process. Be aware though that you have to hit them up on the Davinci website first.

    Would I recommend it? Yes I would although it has it's quirks which I'm sure many other vapes do as well. But the good by far outweighs the cons and I'd happily buy another.

    Btw seen a couple of people saying their LED were not working or fading.......try a little iso on a brush as that worked for me.
  • catfish
    I just posted about the same f.chamber raised problem in the IQ issues thread. Sent it in the SECOND time for same problem. We'll see if they fix it. Didn't the first time they had it! Grrr...

    Mike ...
  • TeabaggingAnthills
    Just wanted to say I'm having the same issue. It's been a problem ever since about a month after I got it. Can confirm that getting it swapped for a new one does not appear to solve the problem.

    Honestly I'd settle for a stronger magnet.. like the side has lil grip dots, man, I can get it open if I need to. I just want it to actually stay shut during normal use. But ideally they'll eventually just admit that it's a design flaw (ha ha ha) and offer to swap everyone's cases/shells for ones with a little latch to keep the top shut or something.
  • Mrcurisan
    Hey guys, first post! Finally decided to comment. I just got the Davinci IQ and I am experiencing a few design flaws as you guys have pointed out. I've found a few peculiariaties I wanted to mention for those who have not purchased an IQ.
    1) The silicon gasket expands after a session, causing the Flavor Chamber to come up a little bit. This causes difficulty removing the battery. All you have to do is push the F.C down gently with one hand and the other gently pushing back the battery door to remove said battery. Make sure it doesn't scratch on the way out.
    2) The top lid sometimes gets difficult to pop back in because of factors like the weak magnet, expanding silicon gasket, among other things. Luckily I just have to push it down a little and it pops right back down.
    3) The Flavor Chamber tends to pop out if you have both lids open and are not paying attention. I've dropped it a few times but it has not broken luckily. There should be something that locks in the F.C.
    4) Sometimes the IQ just turns off while in the middle of a session, with a charged battery using the included external charger. I don't know why it does this sometimes but if it continues I will have to start a Return for Warranty.
    5) IQ does get hot but the Glove works to keep it cool. Should be an included accessory honestly since the Vape without it is not recommended for people who are temperature sensitive. I believe as the consumer we can in a way force Davinci to give it to us included with the vape, I say we write a strong woreded letter!!! (JK) It tends to slip when IQ is hot.
    6) Glass spacers help a lot since the ceramic heater of the IQ consumes a lot compared to other vaporizers like the MFLB or EVO. This is due to the big bowl and having to lightly tamp down your buds to make sure it is fully contacting the conduction ceramic heater. Stirring is necessary for big bowls but not so much with the glass spacers. I bought them from the website to make sure they're really glass; I performed a scratch (with a metal nail cutter) and bite test (with my teeth) to see if it was real glass, it is.
    7) Another flaw I see with the IQ is the short distance between the heating element and battery. I messaged Davinci asking about any worst-case scenario testing (Like running the IQ at 430 degrees Fahrenheit for extended amount of time) but apparently I must speak with a technician. I was afraid of the 18650 battery of overheating and possibly venting (exploding), which should never be heated to the temperature of the IQ. I believe they could have possibly tried to widen the design a few millimeters and see how the temperature of the battery differed with the original design.
    8) In Davinci's website they advertise a battery with full specifications, showing you where the positive and negative sides are, etc. The extra batteries I purchased from Davinci do not show this important information. I don't trust too much the quality of the batteries and had to chat with a representative to get some information on the device. Here are the specs the rep gave me but even he is unsure. Who the hell gives me information then says that his answer is inaccurante (WTF)? He has a afterhour representative, but all this info should be PUBLIC on website or at least ON HAND for every employee. At the end there's some advice for you guys who have units that are very hot.
    Gayle: Capacity: 1200mAh.
    Nominal Voltage: 3.7V.
    Continuous Discharge Current: 7A.
    Max Discharge Current: 10.5A.
    Dimensions: 34.7±0.3mm Length, 18±0.2mm Circumference.
    Operating Discharge Temperature: -10 to 60 Degrees Celsius.
    Standard Charge: 0.2C CC/CV to 4.2V, current ≤ 0.02C cut-off.
    Gayle: This is all I got but of course, I don't want to disclose this as I want to be accurate on the resolution I will be giving
    Gayle: As it could harm your device and you if I made a mistake.
    Gayle: The device must be in constant use while it is on, otherwise it will become very hot. If you have to pause while vaping or set the unit down at all, we recommend putting the unit in standby mode so it ceases to produce vapor. To do this, press and hold the power button so it heats up. You can then take a hit and release the power button so the unit cools back down until you are ready to vape again.
  • Gryfin
    Yikes.. Can't imagine a vape where buying a glove is necessary. Along with all the other issues. Pass!
  • Mrcurisan
    @Gryfin we might be listing some minor issues but in all honestly I am loving my Davinci IQ, it works amazing with the little bandit water piece (Don't buy the honey nectar tool its too pricey for $70 + fragile) and glass spacers. It's a good portable, you just need to follow my instructions to have a good session. If the price is too bad for you, find and apply the price match on their website. In all you'll be saving, you'd be able to get a few batteries, glass spacers, water tools, everything you need. I just wish they came with these extras or at least have a starter kit that costs a little more? I picked it over the mighty due to discreteness cause in my case I need it, otherwise it is a vape that needs love and a certain amount of care and respect. Loving it though!
  • Gryfin
    those are pretty fair reasons to pick one upk but I just dont think this one is for me. I want my vape to not require tinkering to function as wanted and i dont see anything particularly unique to the IQ despite the flavour while being a conduction vape. Not worth it in my opinion, I'd rather pick up a mv1
  • lll13
    I’ve owned the DaVinci IQ for about a month now and have had the same issue. Here are my thoughts though. I’ve only found it to pop up around max temp which is only when I’m using the water adapter because personally I use it on a “water bubbler”. Other than that Im hitting my sweet spot on the smart path with 390 degrees Fahrenheit and then around 5 minutes stay at 410. I’ve found that running my 4th smart path at 415 to 429 only gives a bowl one 10 min session as to my 3rd smart path giving me two sessions. If you look in the manual, it says that running max temp for 2 mins is it’s burn out mode. Does that say enough?
  • Mrcurisan
    I reason I did not choose the MV 1 was that:
    1) They're still a new company tinkering out the details of their vaporizer. I know about the Customer Service, etc but I'd rather not!
    2) The green silicone is right next to the heating coils that has a range from 300f and 470f, according to the Ghost Vapes site. I'm just doubtful of the long term durability of the silicone itself being so close to the heating element. The davinci IQ's vapor path only touches the silicon gasket after passing through the cooling chamber. Add water filtration and "any" silicon that leaches off will stick the water.
    3) The learning curve that comes with the MV1. I've owned a bunch of vapes and I had to learn the tricks of each one of em. And I can't do long draws for 10-15 seconds so one that is easy to use.
    4) Price. If you were buying things on Black Friday perhaps the $300 dollar deal was okay but I wasn't convinced.
    5) I can use any 18650 battery, while with Ghost I have to use their original battery pack which is costly.
    6) The ghost is huge! I need discreteness, perhaps not in your case and that's okay.
  • lll13
    This is in Fahrenheit and it’s running fine.
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