• waynedog
    Has anyone else had an issue with the IQ mouth piece lid popping open after unit heats up? I just got mine and after first session the mouth piece lid will not stay shut and needs to be held shut to use.
  • juxt

    That happened to me when the little rubbery gasket thing that goes around the CZ mouthpiece isn't seated exactly properly. I actually started blowing it out with an air can when changing batteries ... before I retired the IQ.

    Sounds like the battery door is staying closed?
  • waynedog
    I'll recheck the gasket, but it stays closed after unit cools down and only pops opens after it heats up. DaVinci CS told me its the gasket below flavor chamber that expands during heating due to internal moisture. They said it happens to all units but seems like no one else has seen the problem.
  • Bruce
    its a pain in the neck but can be done. Peace, Love and Vape

    ---^ ^ ^ T h e Vape Master ^ ^ ^---
  • juxt

    They said the gasket below the flavor chamber is expanding, pushing the flavor chamber up, pushing the mouthpiece open? If that is true you can verify it visually. Look at where the flavor chamber is when cold and remember (or snap a pic) then heat it and see where the flavor chamber is. Might try heating with payload and without a couple of times to see if that makes a difference.

    If it's due to moisture you'd think I would have seen it on mine. I'm a heavy eucalyptus user and I basically live in a hellish swampscape and did not experience as you have described.
  • salamandra
    I have the same problem. I'm using the extended mouthpiece and yesterday (my third session on my new IQ) the lid wouldn't stay shut and I had to hold it shut during my session.
  • rjsmedley
    I, too, have had this problem. I assumed the rubber gasket on the mouth piece was swelling with heat but I guess I was wrong. Is there a fix for the gasket below the flavor chamber coming as it is a pain to hold the hot unit closed? And that is the only other problem I'm having - the unit gets very hot after a couple of smart paths (total of 20 mins. for both). I bought an IQ glove to deal with handling the heat. It does the job. Apart from those issues, it's a great vaporizer - the bowl holds plenty (bought spacers for smaller amounts), works great. Mine works just fine with the app, though it's not necessary as the preprogrammed paths do all I need, but it's a novelty. Gives good clouds when turned way up though I like using the lower temp paths as you get the more delicate cannabinoids that are destroyed at the higher Temps. I'm not getting great battery life out of it, about 30 mins, but that's OK with me. I have extra batteries and an external charger. All in all, I like it. It's one of the best overall units I've tried thus far. I have a Pax 3 coming, I'll see how it compares.
  • MacMan

    Mine was like that when I first got the IQ. Not so much anymore.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    My magnet popped off >.<
  • juxt

    They make numbing creams and stuff so you can delay that...
  • davape
    Mine, same thing... i've chatted with Davinci's support page and they tell me about this is an issue found on some Davinci IQ... does anyone know a home remedy? Because i understand the only problem is the gasket under the flavor chambr.. or maybe somebody know how can buy a replacement gasket?
  • Cor0070
    Same thing here. My lid can’t stay closed when the IQ is hot. I had the unit replace with a new one, a week later the new unit started to have the same gasket problem. I talked with CS, they asked me to ship it back....again!

    I just use a rubber band to keep the lid closed.....wow, a rubber band fix for a 400$ or so device.
    I can’t beleive that a 25 cents gasket is ruining my experience.jw84hoy080v25lsa.jpeg
  • RandomHero
    Has anyone else noticed the lack of support from DaVinci especially when it comes to the APP.. It does not even work really anymore.. I love the IQ but I has been doing some really funky crap lately.
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