• Mayro
    Wanted to see what tips the community had for dynavap usage.

    • Using it through a very small bong with no water makes it cool enough, but the flavor goes down considerably and is wispy at the end of the hit.
    • Scissor cutting the herb seems to produce best flavor and best first two hits but seems to be VERY difficult to pull air through for me. *Used to think my lungs worked well, but seeing two other people have no issues but me feeling like im pulling through a straw (which I am)*
    • I had heard about the suck it like a straw method for packing it and that does seem to work well, but I still feel like it may clog on occasion cus sometimes its really hard to pull it.

    I like using it best I think so far for flavor and such with no piece attached but its really hard to tell when im hitting just hot air VS the good stuff.

    Ive probably repacked this cap 20 times or more today. Ohio needs better #$@ing herbs lol. Literally sitting here chain vaping. lol

    I am bound and DETERMINED to get this thing working perfectly. Ill be writing george and them at dyna in a week and so far I have a good list of info to give them.

    The number one thing I want them to build me, is one of these units that's 3x bigger. I need a bigger surface area and a easier (lower draw) resistance version. I'm thinking 3x to 4x the current size would be perfect. Keep the chamber length the same, just increase its radius as well.

    I would also like to see glass pieces specifically designed to function with these in a dry manner. I know some folks use a J hook and some use a whip (god that must suck ass to clean or replace after a bad pack/session)

    The plastic/rubber/silicon piece they sell for the mouth piece is kinda meh. I prefer just holding it directly on the glass 14m male hole as thats the only way so far ive been able to get it to do it without having any extra air (which is why its so hard to pull lol)

    I would have bought a stash with this if they had the XL's in stock but I really liked the stash design the other guy was doing with the glass tubes for holding the herb. My OCD loves the idea of the glass tube cus that would keep the trichomes in the glass and off that wood and with that straw sucking method for packing the tip - it just seems like the way to go. [HINT HINT MANUFACTURES THINK OF OCD PEOPLE - lol]
  • Mayro
    and let me tell you after 20 dynavap packs, my damn tongue even with the 2 liters I be packing away of water is still got a dry/burnt spot from the amount of times ive heated and hit this thing. lol
  • Mayro
    Also I know they make the vong stems.
  • Rockytdogg

    I use it with a cheap j-hook or I’ll connect the j-hook to a cheap percolated ash catcher. Works great, especially with a Ti tip... super easy to clean quickly, no carb hole or condenser tube necessary!
  • Baron23
    I too have a DDavemods vapcap stem. Its cheap and it works wonderfully.
  • Heroin Batman
    man the dynavap can get you raw, twenty hits you're john wayne. I recommend holding it up to a light and make sure you can see thru the whole filter. It's deceptive, looking into it, it looks clean as hell. Hold it up and it's all clogged. Personally it worked first try for me with a flame lighter, and I have never looked back (obv I use butane now)

    Source : had a vapcap m for over a year, probably had a few hundred packs...
  • katdaddy
    Use a 10mm adapter instead of your 14mm. It fits great.
  • Futurevapors
    You know I'm actually new to Dynavaping myself, I only bought one because of the hype. The first couple of rips I had were pants, I was kicking myself for buying it but after an unhappy start I decided to go back with a fresh open mind and am so glad I did because now i understand/learnt how to use it and can constantly achieve 2 big rips and 1 last ok hit and every time I blow out my spent material it's Dark Dark Brown :up: and the chamber is always whistle clean inside through using the blow out method.

    You mentioned 20 rips in one sitting? you need to stop buying material from a 30 mile radius of where you're getting it as 0.08g in my M has me contemplating handing in my notice to go work for a amazing company that only exists in my head. And I also think this is one of your issues too as when i was starting with my M my material at the time was extra dry and didn't work well in my JR either, I actually email SBL thinking there was a problem with my new JR but it turned out my material was Dry Shite! So If you can get your hands on 15% up THC material and pack that Dynavap full to the top, don't worry too much about air being able to pass through trust me it will, it's about 0.08/0.09g of material, it should feel packed/tight. then heat like you have been until the second Click, then you can take one long drag witch should 100% tickle your throat and make your eyes water or you can take like 2,3 nice quick "Easy" Pulls witch i only found out 1 week ago, also there's no need to be pulling extra hard and doing that will in turn cool the oven down faster so before you heat it up just do a practice inhale with the carb covered you will notice even now the chamber is loaded more then you have it normally that there isn't any real restriction so you know now when the second click goes you can just inhale normally, I think it must be a natural instinct to try and draw hard and fast with these and I have to remind myself about that also but there's no need to and that becomes clearer as your relationship grows further.

    I'm sure George has had to go back to the drawing board hundreds of times while trying to get the design to where it is day, I know it's small and simple but I bet there were a few headache while perfecting his Dynavape so I don't feel he needs to change the size of it, Trust me borrow some normal material from friend and 0.8g will blow you into the future, then do 4 bowl more that evening and you will be singing Dynavape whilst you friend is peeling you from the ceiling.

    so just to re cap, try getting use to just using it on it's own and without any dry bong attachment, personally i struggle with the dry bong theory, my mouth is my dry bong but we are all different, thankfully. Load that thing up!!!!!! and enjoy you 3 heat cycle. and cover the carb hole, you can occasionally do a quick BLIP with it to let some extra air in but it's not really needed.

    I'm willing to bet that in 1/2 weeks from now you will have some good rips under your belt and will be inseparable from it.
  • Mayro
    Im already down to the 3-4 hit max when using it. Just need to get some better meds in Ohio. I actually emailed 'Yuko' who is a marijuana congress person and suggested to them that they go ahead and buy some of that glut of marijuana in Oregon. My state is supposed to have the dispensaries open on the 8th of sept but they havent even approved a growing facility yet, let alone put a seed in the dirt/medium.

    So, I told him at less than 4$ a gram, our state could BUY from Oregon - cus we dont want that shitty Michigan weed. lol
  • Futurevapors
    I'm thinking your Cannabis issues might be how it was stored and then sold to you, it might have been in a glass jar in sun light for a few months thus leaving it looking normal but then with a very very low THC??? Can you just order online weed, i can buy cali cannabis her in Dublin but i just can't afford it it's so expensive. Maybe you need to source some illegal weed hehe......
  • Mayro
    Back when I used to get it on Campus from people growing it on Campus it was great. Problem is, everyone has sourced the 100-150$ ounces from elsewhere and bring it in here to sell for 325-350$. A lot of what they bring in, doesnt even have a name with it.

    So I went to the dispensaries in Mich and found that the dispensaries that service Ohio customers have BUNK shit. I couldnt even find meds I wanted to get to bring back [which I couldnt bring back due to the laws anyway]. They had more than 40 different kinds of herb on the shelf, but they are exploiting the people of these states. They provided me with led glasses after I complained of spider mites being on one of the buds.... Told me I would need to use those to ensure what I was looking at didnt have bugs.... That's when I left. Also the store didnt smell like Marijuana because the herbs in the store had VERY little smell.

    I'm sure Michigan has dispensaries that are more on the up and up - but they will not assist Ohio Patients at this time. The laws are so fuzzy over here that doctors are raking in profits and the state is raking in fees from pulling people over in Toledo (@#$@ You state troopers, you know what you are doing is immoral. - You shouldn't enforce laws that the public doesn't want enforced.)

    Seriously, Michigan seems to funnel all its shit weed and oil into two stores and then sells it to Ohio Patients. They make their weedmaps score go hella high by offering free quarters for reviews. Its bull shit. They confirm you have left them a nice review and you spin a wheel to get free shit.
  • Futurevapors
    Sounds like you're having the same issue as i had when i was 16, trying to located a reliable dealer. But what you're saying sounds CRAZY, like how can you struggle to buy weed in a place that's legal to buy weed?????

    If I was in your shoes I'd be taking my Sticky Brick into the shop and literally sampling everything until i found weed that is capable of getting me high in 1 bowl and then buy an once of that.

    and if someone gave me a Q for free to review, if it was shit so would be the review.

    locate a good dealer of normal standard green and you will be giggling after 1 bowl my friend.
  • Mayro
    It's 'Quazi Legal' at this point.
    House Bill 523 gave us the right on sept 8th 2016 but the state wont issue id cards until after July of 2018. So, in the states eyes, we are only quzi legal if we have the doctor rec from a valid doctor currently because we havent been approved by the sate (havent paid the state the 50$ for the card).

    The Doctor that I have that gave me my rec is one that was rec to me by our state medical board and the Cleveland clinic which is why my current 'rec' carries a bit more weight but is still not valid in the eyes of the police. It will be completely valid within in the next 30 days. My Doc already has the certificate to recommend cannabis - he just cant give the hard plastic card from the state with our photos on it yet.

    The state has not opened a dispensary yet, that was supposed to happen the 8th of sept but they havent even started growing weed in this state yet. (They are currently keeping moms illegally in peoples homes as they didnt approve a legal method of bringing the mothers into the state - dumb ass bureaucrats making laws they know nothing about)
  • Baron23
    If I was in your shoes I'd be taking my Sticky Brick into the shop and literally sampling everything until i found weed that is capable of getting me high in 1 bowl and then buy an once of that.Futurevapors

    No you wouldn't. Not very many states allow consumption in dispensaries. Just saying, it would be nice to have tasting rooms, but alas....
  • Futurevapors
    and it be even nicer not to have to worry about the quality of material as @Mayro is saying her med's stores all have very low THC material to buy.
  • Gonzo
    A good reason for legalizing the ability to grow your own!!
  • Baron23
    Which is surprising to me as Momofthegoons is an MI resident and knows MJ quality but gets good product.
  • Mayro
    Thats the problem - It appears that there are dispensaries in Michigan that do have higher quality meds but they will not sell to Ohio patients at this time. They want us to have the hard plastic card from Ohio and not our doctors recs.

    There also appears to be two boards in MI that do marijuana. So like on 6-1-18 LARA sent out an email blast to all dispensaries telling them to make sure NOT to sell to ANY ohio patient. Then on 6-8-18 Lara sends another email blast saying, Well - Actually - If they have legit doctors recs you can sell to them, but make sure they know they are #@$@ed if they drive back into Ohio.....

    So most dispensaries will not assist an Ohio Patient at this time as they figure the legality of it is at such a grey area that its not worth their time. I would say it's not worth an Ohio Patients time or worth the risk to drive to the two dispensaries that will deal with us at this time as you will get better medication from your local street dealer.
  • Mayro
    • They dont update the product page on weedmaps enough to accurately show whats in the store.
    • All the oil is shit... Complete and utter shit. People have spent 1k on different oils to get nada but bunk (from reviews, I was smart enough not to touch the shitty looking oil)
    • The buds are at best from the bottoms of the plant and they shake them around in a cullender with bigger holes in it to de-crap the little buds and try to pass you an ounce at 350$ of stuff smaller than half a popcorn..
    • Dude told me when I asked for any marijuana that smelled strong enough to be smelled in the next room that I was in the wrong place - that I have to go to the west coast for that.
    • Asked to smell a kush - it had no smell - they closed the lid on the 2 oz jar and shoooook it like mad to try and produce a smell.
    I could go on and on and on... I notice all this kind of stuff...

    Edit: Had to add in that the .5 gram oil sheets dont weigh out to .5 they usually are .25 at best. The butane evaporates from what ever mess they blasted on the sheet and they have 0 oversight.
  • Mayro
    They also all love to peddle the THCA crystals that are made with uber shitty product and then oozeing them with either real teps or some kind of sauce product to add flavor to the rocks. This practice makes me absolutely sick - and they charge a premium for this shit.

    They also are selling those brass knuckles with the poison in them at 100$ a gram.
  • AnVom
    Responsible Ohio scared our legislators, once it was struck down they immediately started what would be HB 523. It wasn't written to solve anything, but draw the process out.
  • Futurevapors
    It's nice knowing you extracted 100%

    This is also the same colour my material is when using SBL Bricks.
  • Microvaper
    holy shit! That's some dark ass avb!! I never go nearly that dark. Maybe I'm wlbeing wasteful!! :chin:
  • Gonzo
    What is the flavor like going that dark?
  • Baron23
    Maybe I'm wlbeing wasteful!! :chin:Microvaper

    I don't think so.
  • Cl4ud3
    Maybe I'm wlbeing wasteful!! :chin:
    — Microvaper

    I don't think so.

    Too soon to make comparisons to the Switch?

    You are taking it a shade too far there probably and will get unwanted compounds released at temps you are hitting. Still it's healthier than smoking.
  • Futurevapors

    Ok so that's from 3 heat cycles and the first 2 pulls are always tasty but the 3'd is just to totally finish what's left in the material as I've stopped saving AVB.

    Sometimes when i blow my load "that doesn't sound right" and the puk is brown i'd crush it on my hand, suck it back up for one more heat cycle witch isn't really worth it but why leave 10%, that's a whole bowl every 10 bowls??? and i'm not combusting either there, you know when you've combusted due to the smoke cloud you in mouth and the material sticks to the bowl and melts.

    I feel with Butane the first couple of hits are always tasty in any unit and in my SBL Bricks my material doesn't even start to go brown until the 3'd hit, unless you char witch means you are doing it wrong and wasting your bowl.

    Charring is caused when you're drawing slightly too hard and intern you use a larger flame to overcompensate your draw, then when you change your draw speed at anytime your flame charr's the materiel. I find to combact Combustion on the first 3 hits 100% you need to let the Torch do the work, as in, lowing it with any size flame to the point you see vapour, and while that's happening you are literally allowing the butane & vapour to fill into your mouth using the slightest Pull inwards not Drawing through. when you get used to this you can actually feel your mouth/throat expanding with vapour so by the time I've had that hit there's still plenty of air left in my lungs to clean to bowl, where as before i used to do this i'd literally be out of breath at the end of the hit through drawing hard, also i'm blown away at how difficult it is to combust this way, loads of butane going in, very little drawing and no combusting, YYYEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! But after them 3 hits you're now staring to see brown material and that is also the most easy time to combust. So now you have had your nice flavour hits it's time to get the last 20% out of what's left in your material, is it worth it, possibly no but at €180 a half oz I can't sleep well thinking i'm not using up my material.

    So to answer your question after going around the world, from start to finish each hit becomes less tasty so it's up to you how far you wanna go and as you can see Futurevapors goes all the way baby.

    ps I only ever combust now when i'm on my last hits due to them being super dry and mostly plant matter. IF you are combusting on your first or second hits of a fresh bowl hit me up and we can talk through how you haven't burned ya house down yet :fire:
  • Futurevapors

    I feel with the Dynavap i have little control on the 3'd heat cycle where with SBL Bricks i can keep hitting and checking my material's colour for what i call, Dark Dark Brown and not black.
  • Baron23
    Its very hard to see what you really have from posted pics. Between the camera, the compression, and the displaying monitor its very hard to judge color.

    From what I can see...which doesn't make it real...that AVB looks black and I believe that's what prompted @Cl4ud3 also.

    Now, I don't mind anybody else pocketbook. Not for me to say how to people should spend their money or how fugal or not to be. We are all different.

    But I have become convinced via my personal experience that there ain't nothing left in that last draw that's worth the added heat and possible compounds resulting from pyrolysis.

    I think this is true with my VC's and my SB Jr. With the Jr, I have concluded the key is when you think there is a wispy draw left....think again and toss it.

    But others legitimately view it differently. Ain't my vape, ain't my dough, ain't my lungs.

    Now, if your AVB in person is dark brown...definitely brown and not black...well, that's where I like to drive to particularly with my EVO. I get nice even dark brown with no nasty charred taste and to me that's as far as I can take flower.

    Have a great day.
  • Futurevapors
    thanks for replying and going into it further for me.

    I have to admit that in the photo that has gone past dark brown by a shade 100% but with my SBL bricks I'm looking to ditch the bowl when it's really dark brown, Not black.

    Now me personally would do that last rip thinking it's worth it, but I'll take your advice and ditch when I think there's one more whisp left as I'm no expert and am continuously learning from people like yourself on here.

    I am trying to not be wasteful but I did start vaping for the Heath reasons so I'll try that and come back to you dude.

    Off subject slightly but I'm also so so thankful for finding vaping as I haven't couched my lungs up in over a year now and I'm not getting red sore eyes anymore and I'm feeling the healthiest I've ever been!

    Even my partner who doesn't use cannabis said when it's legal she will use daily.

    Ps shes missing out, but she will at least continue having sex with me until she discovers legal weed :rofl:
  • Baron23
    Now me personally would do that last rip thinking it's worth it, but I'll take your advice and ditch when I think there's one more whisp left as I'm no expert and am continuously learning from people like yourself on here.Futurevapors

    I would rather suggest that you just trust your own judgement and experience. If you think you are getting something valuable out of that last draw...then by all means do so.

    My experience is that this last wispy draw is pretty much empty of value.

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