• Climber47
    Well I want to love my Plenty, but I just can’t get it to work right, I think. As I mentioned in a previous post, it takes about 15-20 pulls to get the slightest puff of vapor, and then it works okay... but it also takes like 20 more pulls to get the desired effect. Is that common to vaporizers in general, needing a lot of hits? I’m fairly new to vaping, I had a couple crappier portables but they never seemed to work well so I gave up on vaping until recently. But maybe my expectations are off... Do they all simply take a lot longer? I can deal with passively letting it heat up, but hyperventilating before I barely get any vapor is not fun.

    FYI, it works that way regardless of how full the chamber is, with or without the liquid pad, and I also tried it with wax and I had the same issues.

    If anyone knows a solution, great, but otherwise, I need something different. Any ideas for something mid-ish price range that’s “faster”, for lack of a better word? Or does that exist?
  • Mayro
    Id wait to hear from people who have used it but from the videos ive seen that thing should be pushing out a ton of vapor at you to the point of you not needing to suck to inhale.

    Did you buy the unit second hand? It sounds like it is not heating up in a timely manner or you have not set it to a hot enough temp.
  • Futurevapors
    Mate sounds like your plenty has a heating issue from what your saying, that's a vaporises main job so it has to be something to do with that.

    Are you able to put you finger near the heat plate, turn it on to feel how quickly it heats? Be careful not to burn yourself in the process buddy.

    also in regards to getting a new one, you will need to bite the bullet and just buy one or go back to spending 3 times the money smoking you material into thin air, obviously I'd Advised you to buy a new vape and enjoy your herbs without burning through them as Vaporising them is 3 times more efficient.

    If you are looking for a new vape that is literally on demand without any restrictions or batteries/plug and comes with a Lifetime warranty then i'd be more than happy to introduce you to the Sticky Brick Labs range. Currently they have 3 models to choose from and they are all powdered by a Butane Micro Torch witch is 100% the cheapest option to run a Vaporiser.

    OG & JR


    and then they do loads of different Beautiful Exotic Woods :starstruck:
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  • standingsideways
    Sounds like your vape is busted, my plenty takes 3 pulls to pump out thick vapour once it's up to temp and the light flicks off. Keep pulling the trigger and checking the needle for a readout you want it 200 plus into the red to work well. I only use level 6 or 7 on the dial to set the temp high anything lower and I don't get much.
    I agree with @Futurevapors the sticky bricks are a better option I hardly ever use my plenty unless I'm with a few people to pass it round.
  • Magicman
    @Futurevapors did you swipe slowdrawmg job?
  • Futurevapors

    Mid-ish price range that's faster he said :fire:
  • DutchVaper
    Hey I'm pretty new to vaping and the first vape I got was the Vapcap M which I have been using for a while now. It's Torch powered like the Sticky bricks and very easy to use. It gives a pretty strong hit and it extracts fast which is what you are looking for I think. For a fast heat up you can use dual/triple torch lighters. Vapcap is not really a "session" experience (for me atleast) because you have to light it each hit, but it does give you very good hits!
  • Climber47
    Thanks for the advice! I have it set to 6-7 and it certainly seems hot in parts, but the metal coil doesn’t get hot until I inhale the crap out of it. I guess I’ll try to put in a ticket with Storz & Bickel first, but the sticky bricks look interesting.
  • Zep4
    I’ve got a Plenty. I set it to 6 or 6.5 and when it’s ready you should only get first hit with no vapor like most vapes, kinda primes it. You should get great vapor between 6-7.
  • kpx420
    Hmm weird I think I may get like 20 draws in total during whole session.. First, are you drawing when the heater light is off? I set mine to 7 and its non stop coughing :sweat: .. and its exactly what said above ..And second, I like to pack it full but not tight and i use a medium-coarse grind (sw2 grinder)..I have the FP and still reach for the Plenty..I wouldnt give up yet.. good luck
  • Baron23
    I guess I’ll try to put in a ticket with Storz & Bickel firstClimber47

    This ^^ NOW. :yum:
  • Cmatz
    They will take good care of you @Climber47. Def sounds like a defective heating element. I keep mine at 7, and it works well after the first like 6 hits or so.
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