• Jv71481
    Would you guys recommend the prism or prism plus? The $50 price difference is not that big of a deal to me so I just want to get whichever one is better. I think both have pros and cons so I’m interested in feedback on which one you guys think is better.

  • Mturner7
    If you're a heavy-user, def the plus. If this is the case, I'd take a look at the HVT Saionara/Sequoia and the Source Orb XL (both are mod attachments).
  • Jv71481
    thanks. I’m not a heavy user but I want whichever will provide the best quality taste and vapor. I do like that the regular is smaller but I feel it may be inferior.

    . Also I checked those others out. I don’t want a tank for a mod right now but those do look great.
  • Mturner7
    you’re on the right track then :cool:
  • Sean

    I have the Prism+ and I'm not sure how much I like it. Bigger doesn't always mean better. The mouth piece gets way too hot if your hitting it for extended amounts of time. You'll be left with a runny concentrate in the bowl which can be a mess if you don't keep it upright while traveling. Also there's to many flashy lights on the Prism+ (LED battery indicator goes off every time you take a hit). Bud has mentioned that the smaller Prism is just like the Linx Hypnos Zero only it's in black instead of stainless.If your a small user i'd go for the smaller size...you'll like it in the long run I think.
  • VapeCriticAccepted Answer

    I like the regular Prism better and do recommend that one over the Prism+, if you're a light user go with either the Hypnos Zero or the Prism, heavier users I would point towards the HVT vapes.

    There are a few small differences between the two but if a friend asked me which one to get I'd basically say just get the one you like the look of better, because you probably won't notice the other differences.
  • VapeCritic
    Oh and also maybe consider the price of replacement coils too, I think Prism coils might come out to a little less $ per coil if you buy a few because of the discount code I have
  • Jv71481
    Thank you everyone. Everyone is so supportive. I love it.
    Prism plus has larger atomizer capacity and barely a hint less draw resistance, but only uses android charger.

    Prism has iPhone and android charger built in.
    Both have four usable temp settings. I found Linx Hypnos only two (maybe 3rd if packed full) lowest settings usable.
  • Baron23
    I found Linx Hypnos only two (maybe 3rd if packed full) lowest settings usable.AVENTUS

    But in fairness, my friend, wouldn't you say that you are a low temp guy in general?
  • Gman
    I say skip the light pens and go right to the heavy hitter atomizer like the HVT bud mentioned. Unless you are a super lightweight and only want light hits. I found that lasted me about a month or two.
  • Gman
    I'm pretty sure vic at HVT would hook you up with a sweet ref link too. He's pretty easy to work with from what I understand.
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