• BobCat
    The gent below seems to think so. He also did the mathematically impossible and hit 20 'greens' in regulation during one round.

    @VapeCritic's Instagram presence has doubled in the past few months.

  • PuffItUp
    Try disc golfing and vaping. That is the best thing ever.
  • EasyToSlip
    Disc golfing and vaping makes sense to me. I did a lot of ultimate frisbee and smoking back in the day...
    But real golf? I am sure I cannot smoke today's strains and golf. Maybe vaping and golfing would work. But I doubt it for me. Too hard to concentrate...
    @VapeCritic How do you play when you vape and golf? What is a typical score for you? Or what is your index?
  • Baron23
    How do you play when you vape and golf?EasyToSlip

    He tries to see how many vapes he can run over with his golf cart! hahaha

    Person who breaks the most glass in 18 holes wins! LOL
  • welshman
    I actually enjoy a light vaping during a round. Golfs a frustrating game and sometimes being more relaxed does wonders
  • EasyToSlip
    Golfs a frustrating game and sometimes being more relaxed does wonders
    Having low expectations also does wonders for golf. I suppose I should try vaping before golf and see what happens.
  • Cmatz
    Throwing a frisbee or a disc with some vapes is always enjoyable. Rain, sun, shoot, even in the snow.
  • Bud

    :lol: :lol: it's VC out in the wild! a rare sight :roll: lol

    Try disc golfingPuffItUp

    WTF i never heard of disc golfing i just googled it!

    How do you play when you vape and golf?EasyToSlip

    I'm a weird dude in that vaping usually gives me energy and helps me focus, so if anything it probably helps my game, BUT my game isn't very good so it doesn't matter LOL

    I'm good enough to be able to Par maybe 2 out of 9 holes, but there will most certainly be a few double and triple bogies mixed in there :lol:

    Beer however always messes me up so now I avoid it on the course :sweat:
  • Bud
    He tries to see how many vapes he can run over with his golf cart! hahahaBaron23

    :rofl: :rofl:

    Inside joke from when I brought my Tubo golfing a few weeks ago and ran my glass stem over with the golf cart after dropping it on the grass :clap:
  • PuffItUp

    Throw me your address in a PM. I'll send you a disc so you can try it at some point. The professionals are crazy. Jomez Pro and Central Coast Disc Golf providethe best coverage of it.
  • Bud
    I'm playing 18 holes tomorrow at 10:30am with my dad and bro, I usually can only handle 9 before I crap out, gonna have to very carefully plan out my vapage for this :death:
  • Bud

    oh man it's like a real sport with spectators?? lol cool
  • PuffItUp
    Yup! Pretty awesome. It's still a little 'underground' but adidas started investing in it this year.
  • EasyToSlip
    Though I don't vape and golf, I have been known to use a little "swing oil". Sometimes I bring a bottle of Tito's with me and turn that Arnold Palmer that I usually have into a John Daly... especially if my golf round is already screwed up.
    I have found a little alcohol is good for golfing, but it is difficult to stop in time to avoid it being an impairment.

    I am going to experiment with vaping small amounts of some nice sativa while golfing... microdosing and golf.
  • rft360
    i hear Ultimate frizbee with dab hits its all the rave these days... :sweat:
  • PuffItUp
    I don't think I could do that, way too much running while stoned LOL
  • Bud
    Bud's Pro Golf Kit :lol:

  • Gonzo
    That makes me want to dust off the clubs and get back into it....looks awesome!
  • Baron23
    Well, heck boy...ain't hardly any breakable glass in there. What you doing?? LOL :wink: :rofl:
  • Dr green thumb
    This sounds like the best idea. What are the rules? A session per hole?
  • twhc291
    I'm averaging 4 mighty's per 9 holes if I'm not playing Comp lol
  • UbarDog
    Yea I never understood golf. Just had to Research it.
    There is somthing called PAR , It means you have to complete that hole and at least X amount of crusables. The Harder Coarses have Par 5- meaning basicly you gotta Vape a hole G.
    Not a lot of people do all 18 holes :D Takes a 1/2 a Zip!
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